Green Bay Smackers

The Green Bay Smackers are a men's roller derby league, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The league consists of a single interleague team.

Founded in 2010 by Paper Valley Roller Girls coach Attractive Nuisance, the league has been working on both their roller skating abilities and their after party antics. On July 25, 2012[1] the league was accepted into the Men's Roller Derby Association.

Green Bay Smackers
CountryUnited States
Track type(s)Flat


  1. ^ "MRDA Now Expands to 25 Leagues", MRDA, 25 July 2012
List of roller derby leagues

This is a list of notable roller derby leagues, and may include those that are no longer in existence. Existence dates, where known, are included to provide a timeline charting the sport's growth cycles. The list may currently make distinctions according to each organization's professional/amateur business structure and active/defunct status, and is subdivided by gender (female or male-only, or co-ed) and age (adult versus junior). Within each subcategory, leagues are then listed according to region, by country and city. Countries with larger numbers of leagues, such as the United States and Canada, are further subdivided by state and province.

Men's Roller Derby Association

The Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is the international governing body of men's flat track roller derby. It was founded in 2007 under the name Men's Derby Coalition (renamed to Men's Roller Derby Association in 2011), and currently has 60 men's leagues under its jurisdiction. MRDA member leagues play using the rules of Flat-Track Roller Derby originally designed by the WFTDA.

Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg

The Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg are an all-men's flat-track roller derby league located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg, founded in 2009, are the first all-men's roller derby league established in Wisconsin.

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