Graeme Ferguson

Ivan Graeme Ferguson, CM (born 7 October 1929 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian filmmaker and inventor who co-invented IMAX. Ferguson was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada in 1993. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor's degree.


Graeme Ferguson was one of four co-founders of IMAX Corporation and thereby one of the creators of the IMAX. A film-maker from his childhood in the 1930s, he was still making films in 2010, with an executive producer credit on Hubble 3D. In 1971, Ferguson produced, directed and shot North of Superior, the first official IMAX film, which is still shown on IMAX screens.

Ferguson is also notable because of his involvement a landmark 1983 lawsuit brought by his ex-wife, who had been part of the founding team of IMAX. The claim involved a series of oppressive acts by Ferguson and his colleagues including a resolution to discharge her from the company and being pressured to sell back her shares. Brooke JA writing for the Court of Appeal found that the acts were tantamount to oppression and the resolution was barred. The court found that majority shareholders owe a duty of fairness to minority shareholders. Ferguson v. Imax Systems Corp. (1983), 43 O.R. (2d) 128 (C.A.).

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IMAX is a system of high-resolution cameras, film formats and film projectors. Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw developed the first IMAX cinema projection standards in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Canada. Unlike conventional projectors, the film runs horizontally (see diagram sprocket holes) so that the image width is greater than the width of the film. Since 2002, some feature films have been converted into IMAX format for displaying in IMAX theatres, and some have also been (partially) shot in IMAX. IMAX is the most widely used system for special-venue film presentations. By late 2017, 1,302 IMAX theatre systems were installed in 1,203 commercial multiplexes, 13 commercial destinations, and 86 institutional settings in 75 countries.

IMAX Corporation

The IMAX Corporation is a Canadian theatre company which designs and manufactures IMAX cameras and projection systems as well as performing film development, production, post production and distribution to IMAX affiliated theatres worldwide. Founded in 1968, it has headquarters in the Toronto area, and operations in New York City and Los Angeles.

As of September 2017, there were 1,302 IMAX theatres located in 75 countries, of which 1,203 were in commercial multiplexes. These include IMAX variations such as IMAX 3D, IMAX Dome, and Digital IMAX. The CEO is Richard Gelfond.

List of Canadian inventions

Canadian inventions are items, processes, or techniques which owe their existence either partially or entirely to a person born in Canada, a citizen of Canada or a company or organization based in Canada. Some of these inventions were funded by the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC), which has been an important factor in innovation and technological advancement.

North of Superior

North of Superior is a 1971 Canadian IMAX film directed by Graeme Ferguson. It is a travelogue of the area of Ontario, north of Lake Superior. It was commissioned for the then-new Ontario Place and was one of the first IMAX films made.

Designed to show off the large size screen and detail of IMAX images, the film continues to be shown in IMAX festivals, and has been exhibited internationally. It used extensive flying scenes that provide an in-flight effect that would become widely imitated in future IMAX films.

Robert Kerr (politician)

Robert John Kerr (August 28, 1929 - April 29, 2010) was a Canadian politician and businessman, most noted as the second mayor of Cambridge, Ontario in 1975 and 1976, and as a cofounder with Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor and William C. Shaw of the IMAX company.The owner of a printing business, Kerr served as mayor of Galt, one of the towns that would later be amalgamated into Cambridge, from 1964 to 1967. Late in Kerr's term, Ferguson, a childhood friend, approached him for assistance in producing the experimental documentary film Polar Life for Expo 67, with the collaboration ultimately leading to the development of IMAX technology.As mayor of Cambridge, Kerr was noted for his prominent role in the development of the city's Mill Race Park, following the disastrous Grand River flood of 1974. According to Claudette Millar, Kerr's predecessor as mayor, while her council had voted to support the initial motion to create the park, its successful construction and opening owed much more to Kerr's efforts; according to Millar, "if it weren’t for him it could have been a blank wall".Following two years as mayor of Cambridge, Kerr devoted his efforts to the IMAX company rather than continuing in politics. From 1967 to 1994, he served as chairman, chairman emeritus, president and chief executive officer of IMAX. After his retirement, he endowed bursaries for high school students at all of Cambridge's high schools, as well as the Stanley Knowles Visiting Professorship in Canadian Studies at the University of Waterloo.Following his death in 2010, Cambridge, Ontario City Council approved the placement of a memorial stone to Kerr in the park, and the city's Grand River Film Festival paid tribute to his role in film history by staging a special gala screening of the Cambridge-shot film Saint Ralph with guest speakers including Ferguson.

Roman Kroitor

Roman Kroitor (December 12, 1926 – September 17, 2012) was a Canadian filmmaker who was known as an early practitioner of cinéma vérité, as co-founder of IMAX, and as creator of the Sandde hand-drawn stereoscopic animation system. He was also the original inspiration for the Force , popularized in the Star Wars series.

He studied philosophy and psychology at the University of Manitoba and then worked for the National Film Board of Canada, first as a production assistant and then as a film editor. He directed his first film, Rescue Party in 1949. He wrote the NFB animated short It's A Crime (1957), produced Propaganda Message (1974), and produced and directed In the Labyrinth, released as a theatrical film in 1979.

Special Achievement Genie

The Special Achievement Genie is a special award given irregularly by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television at the Genie Awards. It is mainly a Lifetime Achievement Award but can also mark a career milestone.

The Dream Is Alive

The Dream is Alive is an IMAX documentary film, released in June 1985, about NASA's Space Shuttle program. The film was narrated by Walter Cronkite, and directed by Graeme Ferguson.

The Wonderful Chance

The Wonderful Chance (also The Thug and His Wonderful Chance) is a 1920 American silent crime drama film produced by Lewis Selznick and released by Select Pictures. This picture stars Eugene O'Brien in a dual role and was directed by George Archainbaud. While this film survives today in several archives, it is best known for featuring Rudolph Valentino in a villain role rather

than the hero. In the 1960s scenes from the film were used in the documentary The Legend of Rudolph Valentino (1961) narrated by Graeme Ferguson.

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