Governorate of New Andalusia (1501–13)

The Governorate of New Andalusia (Spanish: Gobernación de Nueva Andalucía, pronounced [ɡoβeɾnaˈθjon de ˈnweβa andaluˈθi.a]) was a Spanish colonial entity in present-day Venezuela, from 1501 to 1513.

Governorate of New Andalusia (and Coquivacoa)

Tierra Firme
Flag of New Andalusia
Coat of arms of New Andalusia
Coat of arms
Tierra Firme: Castilla de Oro and New Andalucia (with Coquivacoa)
Tierra Firme: Castilla de Oro and New Andalucia (with Coquivacoa)
StatusGovernorate of Castile (Spanish Empire)
CapitalSanta Cruz
Common languagesSpanish
Roman Catholicism
List of Castilian monarchs 
Historical eraSpanish Empire
• Established
• Creation the Great Governorate of Castilla de Oro.
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Province of Tierra Firme
Castilla de Oro


In 1501, Alonso de Ojeda colonized the mainland of present-day Venezuela, and received the Governorate of New Andalusia (Coquivacoa), between Cabo de la Vela and Isla Margarita (island). This was territory originally seen by Christopher Columbus.

On May 3, 1502 Ojeda founded the town of Santa Cruz in the Guajira Peninsula, the first Spanish colony in the future Province of Tierra Firme. The settlements were later abandoned for new explorations.

In 1509, authority was granted to Alonso de Ojeda to colonize the territories between Cabo de la Vela and the Gulf of Urabá as part of the Governorate of New Andalusia.

The Governorate of New Andalusia territories were further unified in May 1513 with the Governorate of Castilla de Oro.

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Governorate of New Andalusia

New Andalusia Governorate (Spanish: Gobernación de Nueva Andalucía, pronounced [ɡoβeɾnaˈθjon de ˈnweβa andaluˈθi.a]; 1534−1542) was one of the colonial governorates of the Spanish Empire, located in southern South America.

Guayana Province

Guayana Province (1585−1864) was a former province of Spanish Colonial Venezuela and independent Venezuela, in northern South America.

The province was part of the Spanish colonial New Andalusia Province and Captaincy General of Venezuela from 1585 to 1821, and of independent Venezuela from 1821 to 1864.

Trinidad Province

The Province of Trinidad (1525−1802) was a province of the Spanish Empire which was created in 1525. It occupied almost the whole territory of the modern republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

From 1591 to 1731 it was merged with Guayana Province, as Trinidad-Guayana Province. It was lost to the British in 1797, a loss recognised by the Treaty of Amiens in 1802.

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