Gonzo pornography

Gonzo pornography is a style of pornographic film that attempts to place the viewer directly into the scene. Jamie Gillis is considered to have started the gonzo pornography genre with his On the Prowl series of films.[1][2]

The name is a reference to gonzo journalism, in which the reporter is part of the event taking place. By comparison, gonzo pornography puts the camera right into the action, often with one or more of the participants filming and performing sexual acts, without the usual separation between camera and performers seen in conventional porn and cinema.[3]

Gonzo porn is influenced by amateur pornography, and it tends to use far fewer full-body/wide shots in favor of more close-ups (See: reality pornography). The loose and direct camera work often includes tight shots of the genitalia, unlike some traditional porn.

Erik Everhard
Gonzo pornographic director Erik Everhard in 2005

Similarities to point-of-view (POV) pornography

POV pornography; One of the actors (left) films the sexual act, which results in a point-of-view shot (background).

Point of view pornography (POV) is adult entertainment filmed to look as if the watcher were experiencing the sex act themselves. In POV porn, the shooting style is generally similar to gonzo pornography, with the person receiving sexual gratification holding the camera him or herself—aiming it down at the actress or actor who is performing the sex act. This style of filming is in contrast to having a separate, third-person camera crew filming all the action. The effect is to give the viewer the sense that they are experiencing the sex acts that they are watching, as opposed to simply watching others as a voyeur.

POV porn sometimes breaks the strict point-of-view convention. For instance, Amateur Allure has a trademark shot where the sexually performing cameraman circles a handycam around the sexually performing model's head. This yields a view that would not be obtainable directly through the eyes of a person while experiencing the sex act. There is, however, no third-party camera work involved.

POV pornography in Japan

In Japan, point of view pornography is referred to as hamedori (ハメ撮り). Hamedori is a genre of Japanese pornography in which a male adult video (AV) actor or director serves as the camera operator. Hamedori-type videos were produced from the beginnings of Japanese AV in the early 1980s. The term "hamedori" came into use about 1988–1989, but it was only a small niche area until it was popularized at V&R Planning by director Company Matsuo.[4]

Matsuo started working in the genre in 1991, saying that this intimate technique was a natural way for him to shoot in order to show his feelings for the woman and to "get her to open up about herself, to show her true emotions". Matsuo used amateur actresses in his videos, and he usually traveled to their hometowns for the filming. He talked to them extensively on camera so that both he and the viewer can come to know them before any sex scenes. A large part of the popularity of these videos is seeing how regular and normal the women are in real life. As amateurs in a single segment of a multi-part video, the actresses are typically paid about ¥50,000 (around US$500).[4]


The X-Rated Critics Organization has had a "Best POV Release" award (2005–2009) and a "Best POV Series" (since 2010) in their annual XRCO awards. The AVN Awards have "Best POV Series", "Best POV Release" and "Best POV Sex Scene" awards.

Notable gonzo pornography directors

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Further reading

Anabolic Video

Anabolic Video is an American pornographic movie studio headquartered in Chatsworth, California. The studio was a pioneer of gonzo pornography, and is considered one of the most successful gonzo producers.

Devil's Film

Devil's Film is an American pornographic film studio, based in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California. Launched in 1997, the studio continues to specialize in swinger and gang bang oriented gonzo pornography and niche product centered on such popular fetishes as interracial pornography, transsexual pornography, and MILF pornography.

Diabolic Video

Diabolic Video Productions is an American pornographic movie studio headquartered in Chatsworth, California. The company was originally a sister-studio of Anabolic Video. During their partnership the studios were a pioneer of gonzo pornography, and are considered one of the most successful gonzo producers.

Donkey Punch (2005 film)

Donkey Punch is a 2005 American pornographic film directed by Grip Johnson and starring Deja Dare, Rachel Luv, Alex Divine, and Haley Scott.

Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel Productions is a pornographic film studio located in Canoga Park, California and owned by Patrick Collins. The company is considered one of the early pioneers of gonzo pornography, and its films have won numerous awards.

Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard (born December 2, 1976) is the stage name of Mitchell Hartwell, a Canadian pornographic actor and director, known for gonzo pornography films.

Evil Angel (studio)

Evil Angel is an American production company and distributor of pornographic films, founded and owned by John Stagliano.

Stagliano and Evil Angel pioneered the Gonzo pornography genre in the late 1980s. Several of the most acclaimed pornographic film directors have worked for Evil Angel, and its films have won numerous awards.It has been described as "the top porn-film producer" in the U.S, as one of the handful of companies which dominate the distribution of hardcore pornographic films in the U.S., and as one of the most profitable porn studios.

Forced Entry (2002 film)

Forced Entry is a 2002 pornographic film written and directed by Lizzy Borden, produced by Rob Zicari, and released by Extreme Associates. The film is loosely based on the crimes of California serial killer Richard Ramirez.

Lost in the Hood

Lost in the Hood is a 2009 gay pornographic film directed by Edward James.

Mike Adriano

Mike Adriano (born 30 June 1980) is a pornographic actor and director. He has been nominated for best director awards at several recent AVN Award, XBIZ Award and XRCO Award ceremonies.

Mitchell Spinelli

Mitchell Spinelli is an American pornographic film director and producer. Son of porn director Anthony Spinelli, he has directed films in series such as White Panty Chronicles, All Natural, and Taped College Confessions.In 1995, he won the AVN Award for Best Screenplay, Video for The Face. In 2003, he founded the film company Acid Rain Productions, which specializes in gonzo pornography. He has previously owned the company Plum Productions. He is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

On the Prowl (film series)

On the Prowl is a series of pornographic videos filmed by Jamie Gillis in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The video series is considered to be a watershed entry in the pro-amateur field and is credited as one of the first gonzo videos ever shot. The series is the basis for one of the scenes in the 1997 film Boogie Nights. The basis of the films centered on Gillis approaching random men with the invitation of free sex with a professional pornographic actress or paid escort. Filming locations would range from limousines to adult bookstores and the series was noted for its degradation of the women filmed during the series, who would take part in various elements such as golden showers, analingus, and occasionally physical violence.The first video, shot in 1989, was set in North Beach, San Francisco and starred Gillis along with adult film actress Rene Morgan (sometimes spelled as Renee Morgan) and cameraman Duck Dumont. On the Prowl 1 was shot in one night and was sold for $20, which Gillis claimed was twice what the normal asking price was for other adult tapes. The first film received some attention for one of the male performers, a sailor that was placed in the brig and threatened with a military discharge from service.Of the film series' depiction in the Boogie Nights series, Gillis was unhappy and dismissive, saying that he felt that they "took it and made it into a very depressing and kind of ugly thing .... I mean, I've done a lot of sleazy movies and things in my life, but I never felt dirtier than after I saw Boogie Nights. I said, Oh my god, they're taking my little joy, my little treasure, and shitting on it, making it ugly and stupid and violent."

Pink Visual

Pink Visual is a reality and gonzo pornography film production company, based in Van Nuys, California, United States. It began as an Internet pornography provider before eventually moving into DVD production. Pink Visual also licenses adult content to cable, satellite, pay-per-view, hotel chain channels, and other Internet content licensees. Currently marketing their content with the tagline of "Raw. Raunchy. Real.", Pink Visual content is largely reality-based, taking inspiration from reality television. Pink Visual's porn productions typically utilize amateur performers and are shot in a 'Pro-am' style, utilizing digital video, including the high definition format.

Ramón Nomar

Ramón Nomar (born 9 January 1974) is a Venezuelan pornographic actor. He started his pornographic career around the age of 23, and he has worked with pornographic film producers Reality Kings, Brazzers and New Sensation.Nomar got his first break in hardcore with the Italian director Luca Damiano, who organized a casting at the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival. Nomar eventually broke into both the European and U.S. industries. He has stated in the past that he had always been in favor of well-scripted features as opposed to gonzo pornography, although he had no objections to appearing in films of either style.

Reality pornography

Reality pornography is a genre of pornography where staged scenes, usually shot in cinéma vérité fashion, set up and precede sexual encounters. These scenes may either have the cameraman directly engaging in sex (as in Gonzo pornography) or merely filming others having sex. The genre presents itself as "real couples having real sex". It has been described as professionally made porn which seeks to emulate the style of amateur pornography.The niche's popularity grew significantly in the latter half of the first decade of the 2000s. Examples include the Girls Gone Wild and Girls Who Like Girls Series. The work of Bruce Seven has been called reality porn, due to his lack of using scripts and asking his performers to act naturally in their own character.In order to comply with the industry's requirements for sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, the vast majority of reality porn involves professional actors and actresses posing as so-called "amateurs." Even though the performers who perform in these films typically appear on many reality websites within a short span of time, most of these websites claim that each of them is an amateur.Another variant of reality pornography consists of normal couples that are filmed by professionals, in which case the only obvious distinction from amateur pornography is the higher quality of production, filming and editing.

Red Light District Video

Red Light District Video (RLD) is an American pornographic film studio headquartered in Chatsworth, California.

Third Degree Films

Third Degree Films is the umbrella name for the American Los Angeles-based heterosexual pornographic film studios Zero Tolerance Entertainment (ZT) and Black Ice Films, both of which produce gonzo pornography.

Zero Tolerance Entertainment

Zero Tolerance Entertainment is an American pornographic film studio. The studios Third Degree Films and Black Ice are sister companies of Zero Tolerance. The studio's films are generally classed as Gonzo pornography.

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