God Bless the Grass

God Bless The Grass is a 1966 album by Pete Seeger and was released on Columbia Records as CL 2432 (mono) and CS 9232 (stereo).

God Bless the Grass
God Bless the Grass.jpeg
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 17, 1966
RecordedJune 21-22, 1965
ProducerTom Wilson
Pete Seeger chronology
We Shall Overcome
God Bless the Grass
Dangerous Songs!?

Track listing

  1. "The Power and the Glory" (Phil Ochs) 2:28
  2. "Pretty Saro" (Public Domain) 3:03
  3. "70 Miles" (Malvina Reynolds, Seeger) 2:22
  4. "The Faucets are Dripping" (Malvina Reynolds) 2:00
  5. "Cement Octopus" (Malvina Reynolds) 2:21
  6. "God Bless The Grass" (Malvina Reynolds) 2:00
  7. "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood" (Richard Fariña) 4:00
  8. "Coal Creek March" (Pete Steele) 1:15
  9. "The Girl I Left Behind" (Public Domain) 1:16
  10. "I Have a Rabbit" (P. Eliran) 1:56
  11. "The People Are Scratching" (Ernie Marrs, Harold Martin, Seeger) 3:38
  12. "Coyote, My Little Brother" (Peter La Farge) 2:50
  13. "Preserven El Parque Elysian" (M. Kelian) 3:14
  14. "My Dirty Stream (The Hudson River Song)" (Seeger) 2:30
  15. "Johnny Riley" (Public Domain) 0:52
  16. "Barbara Allen" (Public Domain) 1:10
  17. "From Way Up Here" (Malvina Reynolds, Seeger) 3:00
  18. "My Land is a Good Land" (Eric Andersen) 2:19

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