Giles (given name)

Giles is a masculine given name.

Giles [dʒaɪlz] is the Medieval English form of the name of the French hermit Saint Giles,[1] which itself is the Old French form of the Latin name Aegidius. The modern French forms are Gilles and the less common Égide.

PronunciationFrench: [ʒij]
Word/nameFrench form of Aegidius
Region of originmedieval France
Other names
Related namesGilles, Égide

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  1. ^ "qui avoit nom Giles de nos avons ceste vile conquise par la dieu Landas, et fu feruz par mi l'ueil.."

Egidio - personal name, may refer to:

Egidio (saint) (circa 650-710), Christian hermit saint

Egidio Colonna, Giles of Rome (circa 1243-1316), European intellectual, archbishop

Egidio da Viterbo, Giles of Viterbo (1469?-1532), Italian theologian and humanist

Egidio Forcellini (1688–1768), Italian philologist

Egidio Romualdo Duni (1708–1775), Italian composer

Luis Egidio Meléndez (1716–1780), Spanish painter

Egidio Vagnozzi (1906–1980), Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church

Egidio Calloni (born 1952), Italian former football striker

Egidio Notaristefano (born 1966), Italian football player and manager

Egidio Arévalo Rios (born 1982), Uruguayan football player

Egídio Pereira Júnior (born 1986), Brazilian footballer

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