Gibson Les Paul bass

The Gibson Les Paul bass is a bass guitar first manufactured by Gibson in 1969, just after the relaunch of the Les Paul guitar in 1968.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass
Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass (based on Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass (hollowbody))


The first model simply called "Les Paul Bass", had a few interesting features, most notably low impedance circuitry, especially designed for recording in the studio. It had a Honduras mahogany body with a three-piece mahogany set neck with 24 frets, and a 30 1/2" scale. Besides volume and tone control it had a number of tone-shaping switches (passive circuitry) and two oval humbuckers.[1]

The original Les Paul Bass turned out to be a flop, and in 1971 the model was redesigned and renamed name Les Paul Triumph.[1] This model had built-in switching to change from low to high impedance, but was, in essence, much the same, using the same woods and construction.

A hollow body version was created in 1973, named the Les Paul Signature bass. This was a long scale bass (34½") with double cutaways. Very different from the preceding models, but still bearing the Les Paul name.

All Les Paul Bass models were once discontinued in 1979.

In recent times Gibson has concentrated on its classic designs, and in the early 1990s decided to give the Les Paul bass another chance. Offerings included flattop versions (Deluxe and Special) and a carved-top Standard model. Les Paul basses were available in 4 or 5-string models. The first 1990s version of the Standard model featured Bartolini electronics and pickups. This version is recognizable because there is no pickup selector switch.

The most recent incarnation of the Les Paul Standard bass, introduced in 1997, featured a chambered body which reduced the weight. This Standard model also featured a carved maple top and saw a switch to passive electronics with TB Plus pickups, which are very high output humbuckers with ceramic magnets. This version features a three-way pickup selector switch. The Les Paul Standard bass was discontinued in 2006.

In 2011, the Gibson Les Paul Bass Oversized was released. The difference from the Les Paul Standard Bass is that it has a larger body and stoptail with tune-o-matic bridge.

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