Ghaziabad District, Kunar

Ghaziabad District is situated in the northern part of Kunar Province, Afghanistan.[1] It was created in 2004 from the northern part of Bar Kunar District. It was named after the Khan of Ghaziabad, Amir Muhammad Ghazi Khan Shaheed. Its population is 7,500 (2004).[2]

The district center is the village of Ghaziabad (34°42′57″N 70°45′33″E / 34.7158°N 70.7592°E) at 1,271 metres (4,170 ft) altitude. The area is mountainous and there is little arable land. Many people work in Pakistan.


Ghaziabad District borders on:[1]


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Ghaziabad may refer to:

Ghaziabad District, Kunar, situated in the northern part of Kunar Province, Afghanistan

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Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, an industrial city, headquarters of the district nearby Noida, Delhi

Ghaziabad Junction railway station

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Ghaziabad, Karachi, a neighborhood of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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