Germa (Mysia)

Germa or Germe (Ancient Greek: Γέρμη) or Germae or Germai (Γέρμαι),[1] or Hiera Germa or Hiera Germe (Ἱερά Γέρμη), meaning 'holy Germa', also known as Germa in Hellesponto to distinguish it from several other towns named Germa, was a town of ancient Mysia, situated between the rivers Macestus and Rhyndacus.[2][3] It appears in episcopal notices as a archbishopric.[1] No longer the seat of a residential archbishop, it remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.[4]

Its site is located near Kiresun in Asiatic Turkey.[5][6]


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Coordinates: 39°22′07″N 27°41′26″E / 39.36872°N 27.690683°E

Germa (disambiguation)

Germa is an ancient town now in Libya.

Germa may also refer to:

Germa (Galatia), a town of ancient Galatia, now in Turkey

Germa (Mysia), a town of ancient Mysia, now in Turkey

Black Sea
Central Anatolia
Eastern Anatolia

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