Germa (Galatia)

Germa (Greek Γέρμα) or Germokoloneia (Γερμοκολώνεια, from Latin Colonia Iulia Augusta Felix Germenorum) was an ancient and Byzantine city in the Roman province of Galatia Secunda. The Byzantine writer Theophanes informs us that at a later period Germa took the name of Myriangeli.[1] The few archaeological remains lie close to present-day Babadat in Eskişehir Province, Turkey.[2][3]

When between 25 and 20 BCE Augustus made Galatia a Roman province, he founded Germa as a Roman colony. The city was situated at the point where the road from Ancyra forked, one branch going to Dorylaeum, the other to Pessinus. From the time of Domitian it had a mint. Its Christian bishopric was a residential see until the 12th century and is now, as "Germa in Galatia", a titular see of the Catholic Church.[4]

AUGUSTUS RIC I 221-77000861
Aurea of Germa bearing head of Augustus


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Germa is an ancient town now in Libya.

Germa may also refer to:

Germa (Galatia), a town of ancient Galatia, now in Turkey

Germa (Mysia), a town of ancient Mysia, now in Turkey

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