General Council of Bucharest

The General Council of Bucharest (Consiliul General al Municipiului Bucureşti in Romanian; Consiliul Popular al Municipiului Bucureşti from 1968 to 1989) is the legislative body of the Municipality of Bucharest, and is made up of 55 councillors elected every four years. Together with the Mayor of Bucharest and the Vice-Mayor, the General Council makes up the General City Hall of Bucharest, which is responsible for citywide affairs, such as the water system, the transport system and the main boulevards. Bucharest is also divided into six sectors, each of which has their own 27-seat Sectorial Council and Mayor, and is responsible for local area affairs, such as secondary streets, parks, schools and the cleaning services.

In 10 June 2012, the General Council was made up of the following party composition. The Social Liberal Union formed a majority in the Council, holding 67.3% of the seats. The alliance supported the former Mayor of Bucharest, the independent Sorin Oprescu. The last elections were on June 5, 2016. [1] The new mayor of Bucharest is Gabriela Firea, elected with 42,97% of the vote. The runner-up was Nicușor Dan with 30.5% from the Save Bucharest Union party which later became the Save Romania Union.

    Party Seats Current Council
  Social Democratic Party 22                                                                          
  Save Romania Union 15                                                                          
  Partidul National Liberal 8                                                                          
General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest
Romanian: Consiliul General al Municipiului Bucureşti
Coat of arms or logo
Gabriela Firea, PSD
Since June 2016
Deputy Mayors
Badulescu Aurelian (PSD) Florescu Michaela Tomnita (ALDE)
Since June 2016
Seats 55
General Council political groups
     PSD (22)
     USR (15)
     PNL (8)
     PMP (4)
     ALDE (4
General Council voting system
Closed party list
General Council last election
5 June 2016
Meeting place
The General City Hall of Bucharest

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