Gene Kirby

Eugene "Gene" Kirby (died April 27, 2011, at St. Petersburg, Florida)[1] was an American Major League Baseball announcer and front office executive. Kirby was one of the key play-by-play announcers for the Mutual Broadcasting System's Major League "Game of the Day" broadcasts during the late 1940s and 1950s, along with Dizzy Dean, Al Helfer, Art Gleeson and others.[2] According to his obituary in Baseball America, Kirby worked with Dean for almost 20 years at Mutual, ABC and CBS.[3]

Kirby also spent part of his career in baseball administration, serving as traveling secretary of the Montréal Expos beginning with their founding in 1969, vice president, administration, of the Boston Red Sox (19751977), and director of broadcasting of the Expos and Philadelphia Phillies. While known largely for his work in baseball, Kirby also broadcast American college football and professional and college basketball.[3]

In retirement, he lived in Treasure Island, Florida, where he was a longtime friend of veteran baseball man Don Zimmer. Gene Kirby died at the age of 95 on April 27, 2011.[4]


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Huntsville, Ohio

Huntsville is a village in Logan County, Ohio, United States. The population was 431 at the 2010 census.

Kirby (surname)

Kirby is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Abner Kirby (1818–1893), mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Adam Kirby (born 1980s), jockey

Alan Kirby (born 1977), Irish former footballer

Alex Kirby (disambiguation)

Alister Kirby (1886–1917), British rower who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics

Andy Kirby (1961–2002), stock car driver and motorcycle racer

Bill Kirby (born 1975), Australian swimmer

Bruce Kirby (disambiguation)

Bruno Kirby (1949–2006), American film and television actor

Charles Kirk Kirby (1826–1910), American architect

Chauncey Kirby, Canadian ice hockey player

Claire Kirby (born 1987), New Zealand beauty queen

Clay Kirby (1948–1991), Major League Baseball pitcher

Dale Kirby (born 1971), Canadian politician

David Kirby (disambiguation)

David Kirby (journalist), journalist

David Kirby (judge) (born 1943), judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

David Kirby (poet) (born 1944), American poet

Dean Kirby, American politician

Dorothy Kirby, American professional golfer and sportscaster

Doug Kirby (born 1957), American author

Douglas Kirby (1943–2012), research scientist

Durward Kirby (1912–2000), television personality

Edmund Kirby (1838–1920), English architect

Edward Kirby (1901–1968), American athlete

Eric Kirby (footballer) (born 1926), English professional footballer

Fran Kirby (born 1993), English footballer

Frank E. Kirby (1849–1929), Detroit designer of steamships in the early 20th century

Frank Howard Kirby (1871–1956), British soldier

Frank Kirby (disambiguation)

Gary Kirby (born 1967), Irish hurling manager and former player

Gene Kirby (?–2011), American Major League Baseball announcer and front office executive

George Kirby (1923–1995), comedian

Gerald Kirby (disambiguation)

Halder Kirby, Canadian ice hockey player

Harold Kirby (zoologist) (1900–1952), Canadian-American zoologist and protistologist

Harold James Kirby (1895–1956), lawyer, real estate agent, and political figure in Ontario

Jack Kirby (1917–1994), comic book artist

Jake Kirby (born 1994), English football midfielder

James Kirby (died 1915), American labor leader

Jane Kirby, Canadian figure skater

Jay Kirby (1920-1964), American actor

Jim Kirby (1884–1971), inventor

John Henry Kirby (1860–1940), American businessman

John Joshua Kirby (1716–1774), British landscape painter, engraver, and writer

John Kirby (artist) (born 1949), British painter

John Kirby (attorney), US attorney involved in some famous trials

John Kirby (Canadian politician) (1772–1846), Canadian businessman and politician

John Kirby (disambiguation)

Josh Kirby (1928–2001), British illustrator known for his Discworld covers

Kathy Kirby (1938–2011), British singer

Kayle Kirby (born 1998), professional Australian rules footballer

Kier M. Kirby, singer of Deee-Lite

Lee-Ann Kirby (born 1987), Trinidad and Tobago cricketer

Luke Kirby (actor), Canadian film actor

Luke Kirby (priest) (1540s–1582), Catholic Priest and martyr

Micajah W. Kirby (1798–1882), New York politician

Michael J. L. Kirby (born 1941), former Canadian senator and current Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Michael Kirby (judge) (born 1939), Justice of the High Court of Australia

Pauline Kirby (1905–1981), American army nurse

Peadar Kirby, Irish author and academic

Rene Kirby (born 1955), American male actor

Robert Kirby (1948–2009), British-born arranger of string sections for rock and folk music

Robert Kirby (cartoonist) (born 1962), openly gay cartoonist

Robion Kirby (born 1938), American mathematician

Ryan Kirby (born 1974), English soccer player

Sandra Kirby (born 1949), Canadian academic and rower

Steve Kirby (cricketer), English cricketer

Steve T. Kirby (born 1952), Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota

Stuart Kirby (born 1981), race car driver

Sylvia Kirby (born 1956), American country singer

Will Kirby (born 1973), Big Brother contestant

William C. Kirby (born 1950), Historian at Harvard University

William F. Kirby (1867–1934), Senator from Arkansas

William Forsell Kirby (1844–1912), later English entomologist

William Kirby (author), Canadian author of The Golden Dog, etc.

William Kirby (entomologist) (1759–1850), English entomologist

List of U.S. radio programs

The radio programs listed below are all from the United States.

Major League Baseball Game of the Week

The Major League Baseball Game of the Week (GOTW) is the de facto title for nationally televised coverage of regular season Major League Baseball games. The Game of the Week has traditionally aired on Saturday afternoons. When the national networks began televising national games of the week, it opened the door for a national audience to see particular clubs. While most teams were broadcast, emphasis was always on the league leaders and the major market franchises that could draw the largest audience.

Major League Baseball on ABC

Major League Baseball on ABC is the de facto title of a program that televises Major League Baseball games on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). The program has appeared in various forms c. 1953-1965 (ABC Game of the Week), 1976–1989 (Monday Night Baseball, Thursday Night Baseball, and Sunday Afternoon Baseball), and 1994–1995 (Baseball Night in America). ABC has not televised Major League Baseball since Game 5 of the 1995 World Series (October 26).

Major League Baseball on CBS

Major League Baseball on CBS is the branding used for broadcasts of Major League Baseball (MLB) games produced by CBS Sports, the sports division of the CBS television network in the United States.

Major League Baseball on Mutual

Major League Baseball on Mutual was the de facto title of the Mutual Broadcasting System's (MBS) national radio coverage of Major League Baseball games. Mutual's coverage came about during the Golden Age of Radio in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. During this period, television sports broadcasting was in its infancy, and radio was still the main form of broadcasting baseball. For many years, Mutual was the national radio broadcaster for baseball's All-Star Game and World Series.

NewAlliance Bank

NewAlliance Bancshares, doing business as NewAlliance Bank, was the second largest Connecticut-based savings bank. It was formed in 2004 through the union of The Savings Bank of Manchester, New Haven Savings Bank, and Tolland Bank.

First Niagara Bank announced its acquisition of NewAlliance in August 2010.

The Adele Clark Show

The Adele Clark Show was a musical variety radio series which aired on ABC from 1945 to 1946. It was sometimes known as Songs by Adele Clark.

Ex-WAC Adele Clark was the host and vocalist on the 30-minute show which featured Jack Kelly and His Orchestra. The program's announcer was Gene Kirby (1909–1985), a well-known sportscaster (Big Moments in Sports) who also announced for such shows as The Clock and The Fat Man.Adele Clark recorded for Decca. Her 1947 tunes for Decca were "You've Changed" and "But None Like You."

The radio program began August 10, 1945 and continued until September 21, 1946.In 1948, Adele Clark was heard on ABC's Sound-Off.

Interest in this radio series continues to the present day, as indicated by its inclusion in Handbook of Old Time Radio: A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Age Radio Listening and Collecting (Scarecrow Press, 1993).

The Fat Man (radio)

The Fat Man, a popular radio show during the 1940s and early 1950s was a detective drama created by (or at least credited to) Dashiell Hammett, author of The Thin Man. It starred J. Scott Smart in the title role, as a detective who started out anonymous but rapidly acquired the name 'Brad Runyon'.

Broadcast from the studios of WJZ in Newark, New Jersey, the series premiered on the ABC Radio Network on Monday, January 21, 1946, at 8:30 p.m., as part of a block of four new programs (I Deal in Crime, Forever Tops, and Jimmy Gleason's Diner) and ran until 1951. While the basic concept was credited to Hammett, The Fat Man was developed by producer, E.J. ("Mannie") Rosenberg. The program was directed by Clark Andrews, creator of Big Town, and Charles Powers. The main writer was Richard Ellington, with other scripts by Robert Sloane and Lawrence Klee.


WDEQ-FM (91.7 FM) is an educational radio station in DeGraff, Ohio, United States. The station is owned by the Riverside Local Board of Education in Logan County.


WQTT (1270 AM) — branded Classic Rock 96.7 — is a commercial radio station licensed to Marysville, Ohio. The station primarily serves the Union County region, with limited coverage in the Columbus market. The station is under ownership of Brent Casagrande through licensee Delmar Communications, Inc, and features a locally programmed classic rock format.


WRPO-LP "Indian Lake's Greatest Hits" (for Russells Point, Ohio, its city of license) is an American non-commercial and educational low-power FM community radio station at 93.5 mHz licensed to the Ohioan village of Russells Point which up until early 2008 aired a Big Band and Adult Standards format. The station then aired a smooth jazz format from that point until May 9, 2009 when it switched to an oldies format. Its studios and transmitter are both located in the city of license and serves the communities of Russells Point, Lakeview, the perimeter of Indian Lake State Park, and surrounding portions of west-central Ohio.

WRPO-LP is simulcast on WOHP-LP at 101.3 MHz. Each station is owned and operated by their respective communities and is managed by Gene Kirby under the umbrella of "Gray Fox Broadcasting."

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