Gemstone Publishing

Gemstone Publishing is an American company that publishes comic book price guides. The company was formed by Diamond Comic Distributors President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Geppi in 1994 when he bought Overstreet.[2]

Gemstone published licensed Disney comic books from June 2003 until November 2008. The company has also reprinted EC Comics of the 1950s.

BOOM! Kids acquired all comic publishing licenses regarding Disney characters in the second half of 2009.

Gemstone Publishing
Gemstone Publishing
StatusDefunct in November 2008 as comic book publisher; continues to publish the comic book price guide Overstreet
FounderSteve Geppi
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationTimonium, Maryland
DistributionDiamond Book Distributors (books)[1]
Publication typesAnnuals

Disney comics

Gemstone's flagship publications were comic books featuring Disney characters; particularly the Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge comics of such Duck artists as Carl Barks and Don Rosa, and the Mickey Mouse comics of Floyd Gottfredson, César Ferioli, and Romano Scarpa, among others.

While popularly known as a reprint house, Gemstone's comics were actually dominated by stories that were new to United States audiences. Vintage material, though popular with readers, was not the majority of the content.

Name Number of pages Format Status Stories featuring
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 64 (68 w/covers) Prestige Ended Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Big Bad Wolf, Brer Rabbit, Bucky Bug, Fethry Duck, Grandma Duck, Jr. Woodchucks, Scamp
Uncle Scrooge 64 (68 w/covers) Prestige Ended Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, Beagle Boys, Launchpad McQuack, Magica De Spell, Fethry Duck, Donald Duck
The Barks/Rosa Collection 72 (76 w/covers) Prestige Ended Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck
Donald Duck Adventures 128 (132 w/covers) Digest Ended Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Mickey Mouse, Duck Avenger
Mickey Mouse Adventures 128 (132 w/covers) Digest Ended Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Ellsworth
Donald Duck and Friends 32 (36 w/covers) Standard Ended Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy
Mickey Mouse and Friends 32 (36 w/covers) Standard Ended Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto

Gemstone issued annual editions of Christmas Parade, Vacation Parade, and Spring Fever; a giveaway for Free Comic Book Day; and occasional special editions (including comic adaptations of Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas).

Gemstone's first large-size book collection, Mickey And The Gang: Classic Stories In Verse, was issued in November 2005. It was a compilation, edited by David Gerstein, of Disney cartoon story pages published from 1934 to 1944 in Good Housekeeping magazine. Gerstein later edited two Gemstone softcover books that were official tie-ins to the Walt Disney Treasures DVD collections: Disney Comics: 75 Years of Innovation (2006) and Uncle Scrooge: A Little Something Special (2008).

Russ Cochran and EC Comics reprints

Gemstone has also published reprints of EC Comics. Gemstone's Comic Book Marketplace-editor Russ Cochran had previously published (in 1973) a dozen reprints of EC titles including Crypt of Terror, Weird Science, The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror, etc., before moving to Gladstone Publishing and then to Gemstone, which has been the home of Cochran's EC reprints for over 15 years.

Reprinting the Cochran/Gladstone-reprints of The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror and Weird Science (all 1992), Gemstone also republished (in single issue and 'annual' - four issues per 'annual' - format):

Oversize, hardback, slip-cased collections of these comics had been previously published in black & white by Cochran during the 1980s as "The Complete EC Library". This Library was then added to by Cochran/Gemstone with 2005's Picto-Fiction collection, comprising the EC comics: Confessions Illustrated, Crime Illustrated, Shock Illustrated and Terror Illustrated, along with "18 previously unseen stories, never published before".[3]

Full-color hardbacks

In 2006, Cochran and Gemstone began publication of a series of full-color EC Archives editions. Promising that "[e]ach EC Archive volume will reprint six complete issues (24 stories)",[4] the first volumes of Weird Science and Shock Suspenstories both saw print in December, 2006, with forewords from (respectively) EC fans George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Ostensibly beginning to publish two volumes every two months, the schedule changed to one-per-month and recently one every couple of months.

In addition, "Deluxe" versions of Weird Science Vol.s 1 & 2 (both signed by artist Al Feldstein), Shock Suspenstories Vol. 1 and Tales From the Crypt Vol. 1 have been published.


In early 2009, the future of Gemstone Publishing was unclear, after reports of unpaid printing bills, particularly from the EC Archives.[5] In April, Geppi responded to the uncertainty, noting that while there had been "a reduction in staff at Gemstone," such moves did "not [signal] the end of Gemstone Publishing."[6] Seven months after Geppi's optimistic statements, the last batch of Gemstone's Disney comics appeared in November 2008, complete with previews for next month's issues that Gemstone was to fail publishing. BOOM! Kids acquired all comic publishing licenses regarding Disney characters, and started publishing comic titles previously owned by Gemstone in the second half of 2009.


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Aces High (comics)

Aces High was a short lived comic book series published by EC Comics in 1955 as the fourth title in its New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic was published by Bill Gaines. It lasted a total of five issues before being cancelled, along with EC's other New Direction comics.

Aces High was dedicated to tales of air combat and front line service of Allied airmen during World War I and World War II. Many of the stories were in an anti-war vein.

Contributors to Aces High include George Evans, Wally Wood, Jack Davis and Bernie Krigstein.

Aces High was reprinted as part of publisher Russ Cochran's Complete EC Library in 1988. Between April and August 1999, Cochran (in association with Gemstone Publishing) reprinted all five individual issues. This complete run was later rebound, with covers included, in a single softcover EC Annual.

David Gerstein

David Gerstein (born February 6, 1974) is a comics author and editor as well as an animation historian. Gerstein has five books and countless comic book credits to his name. He has written many Disney comics stories. Past employments include Egmont Creative A/S, a Danish comics studio, and Gemstone Publishing. His current work is with IDW Publishing, various affiliates of Egmont, and Fantagraphics Books.

Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. (often called Diamond Comics, DCD, or casually Diamond) is a comic book distributor serving retailers in North America and worldwide. They transport comic books and graphic novels from both big and small comic book publishers, or suppliers, to retailers, as well as other pop-culture products such as toys, games, and apparel. Diamond distributes to the direct market in the United States, and has an exclusive distribution arrangements with most major U.S. comic book publishers, including Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and more.

Diamond is also the parent company of Alliance Game Distributors, Diamond Book Distributors, Diamond UK, Diamond Select Toys, Gemstone Publishing, E. Gerber Products, Diamond International Galleries, Hake's Americana & Collectibles, Morphy's Auctions, the Geppi's Entertainment Museum, and Baltimore magazine,

Diamond is the publisher of Previews, a monthly catalog/magazine showcasing upcoming comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop-culture merchandise available at comic book specialty shops. The publication is available to both comic shop retailers and consumers.

Donald Duck (American comic book)

Donald Duck is an American comic book magazine starring the Disney character Donald Duck and published by various publishers since 1952.

EC Archives

The EC Archives are an ongoing series of American hardcover collections of full-color comic book reprints of EC Comics, published by Russ Cochran and Gemstone Publishing from 2006 to 2008, and then continued by Cochran and Grant Geissman's GC imprint (2011-2012), and finally taken over by Dark Horse in 2013.

The output of Bill Gaines' EC Comics line in the 1940s and 1950s is one of the most critically acclaimed of the pre-Comics Code comics publishers (and one of the major casualties of the Comics Code). Such EC Comics titles as Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror and Weird Science are known even to people unfamiliar with the source material, due to movie and television adaptations.

Numerous reprints throughout the decades have also kept EC alive on book store shelves, starting with Nostalgia Press's EC Horror Comics Of The 1950s tome (1971), followed by publisher Cochran's six EC Portfolios (1971-1977), but primarily because of his Complete EC Library, printing all of the 'New Trend' comic titles (although missing the unique stories from the three 3-D EC Classics issues), as well as all of the 'New Direction' and 'Picto-Fiction' titles, and some of the 'Pre-Trend' title issues, in a series of 18 b&w boxed-sets (19 if you include the fact that the Mad set was done as both color and b&w editions) containing a total of sixty-six hardcover books, all shot directly from the original art, mostly published from 1979 to 1996, with the Picto-Fiction box being delayed until 2006. Between 1992 and 2000, Cochran and Gemstone Publishing also produced 295 different full-color individual issue reproductions of all the "New Trend' (except Mad) and 'New Direction' EC Comics, and subsequently sixty-three "EC Annuals" which glued together titled chronological overstock copies of those individual issues in a new outer wrapper, in a nod to the original unsold-stock content of the EC Annuals of the 50s, although back in the fifties there was no specification as to what issues may have been contained inside the covers to those various annuals, which could vary from copy to copy.

Extra! (comics)

Extra! was a short-lived American comic book magazine published by EC Comics in 1955 as the third title in its New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic was published by Bill Gaines and edited by Johnny Craig. It lasted a total of five issues before being cancelled, along with EC's other New Direction comics. Extra! was dedicated to stories about the adventures of various journalists, who alternated as protagonists: Keith Michaels, Steve Rampart and Geri Hamilton. The rotational use was similar to the Ghoulunatics in EC's three horror comics. The contributors to this title include Craig, John Severin, and Reed Crandall. Craig was responsible for the art on the Keith Michaels stories. Severin handled the Steve Rampart stories while Crandall covered the Geri Hamilton ones. Craig was responsible for the art for all five covers.

Extra! was reprinted as part of publisher Russ Cochran's Complete EC Library in 1988. Between January and May 2000, Cochran (in association with Gemstone Publishing) reprinted all five individual issues. This complete run was later rebound, with covers included, in a single softcover EC Annual.

Gary Leach

Gary Leach (born 1957 in Columbia, Missouri) is an American comics writer, translator, art director, production manager, letterer and colorist who has worked for several Disney-licensee publishers since the 1980s, namely Gladstone Publishing, Gemstone Publishing and IDW Publishing.His first three Disney comics were illustrated by Don Rosa and published in 1988: they are the Scrooge McDuck story The Paper Chase, the Donald Duck story Rocket Reverie and the Scrooge McDuck story Fiscal Fitness. Subsequent stories written by Leach featured artwork by various artists, including William Van Horn who drew three of them. All of Leach's comics take place in the Donald Duck universe. Leach wrote several articles about Disney comics, and is credited for the ideas of several covers.He has edited several manga titles for VIZ Media. Partial list: Red River, Arata: The Legend, D.Gray-man, Istuwaribito, O-Parts Hunter, Cheeky Angel, Uzumaki.

He is married to Susan Daigle-Leach, who has also worked for Disney-licensed comics as colorist and letterist.

Impact (EC Comics)

Impact was a short-lived comic book series published by EC Comics in 1955 as the first title in its New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic, published by Bill Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein, began with an issue cover-dated March–April, 1955. It ran for five issues, ending with the November–December, 1955 issue. The sub-title "Tales Designed to Carry an" ran above the title Impact. The book was dedicated to stories with shock endings, and was seen as a toned down, Comics Code era version of EC's earlier Shock SuspenStories. Front covers were by Jack Davis, and the stories were illustrated by Davis, George Evans, Jack Kamen, Graham Ingels, Joe Orlando, Reed Crandall and Bernard Krigstein.

There are two versions of the cover to Impact # 1. One logo is yellow and the other is white.

Impact was reprinted as part of publisher Russ Cochran's Complete EC Library in 1988. Between April and August 1999, Cochran (in association with Gemstone Publishing) reprinted all five individual issues. This complete run was later rebound, with covers included, in a single softcover EC Annual.

Mickey Mouse Adventures

Mickey Mouse Adventures was a comic book first published by Disney Comics from 1990 to 1991. It featured Mickey Mouse as the main character along with other characters from the Mickey Mouse universe. Somewhat similar in style to the animated series DuckTales, it was based on the continuity of earlier print material starring Mickey, mainly Floyd Gottfredson's stories in the comic strip. These stories usually featured Mickey, with the help of longtime friends Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Minnie Mouse, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow, having adventures in or out of Mouseton against adversaries such as The Phantom Blot, Big Bad Pete, Emil Eagle, and even newcomer villains like Wiley Wildbeest, Ms. Vixen, and Prince Penguin. The main feature was written by contemporary writers such as Michael T. Gilbert, Marv Wolfman, and others. The back-up features were reprints of classic Mickey Mouse comic stories. The comic ran for 18 issues from April 1990 to September 1991.

From August 2004 to October 2006, Gemstone Publishing published a smaller, digest-sized series of Mickey Mouse Adventures, alongside Donald Duck Adventures. The bi-monthly book was 128 pages and usually contained three or more longer stories that featured Mickey and various other Disney characters. The issue numbering of the original Disney Comics series was ignored, the digests being numbered issue 1 through 12 (issues 13 and 14 were announced, but cancelled).

Mickey Mouse Adventures was the only comic book that was originally published by Disney Comics that was published again by Gemstone but was never published by Gladstone.

Piracy (comics)

Piracy is an EC Comics title published in the early 1950s. The bi-monthly comic book, published by Bill Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein, began with an issue cover-dated October–November, 1954. It ran for seven issues, ending with the October–November, 1955 issue.

Front covers were by Wally Wood, Reed Crandall, Bernard Krigstein and George Evans. The stories of adventure on the high seas were illustrated by Wood, Crandall, Krigstein, Jack Davis, Al Williamson, Graham Ingels and Angelo Torres.

Piracy was reprinted (in black and white) as part of publisher Russ Cochran's The Complete EC Library. Between March and September 1998, Cochran (in association with Gemstone Publishing) reprinted all seven individual issues. This complete run was later rebound, with covers included, in a pair of softcover EC Annuals.

Russ Cochran (publisher)

Russ Cochran (; born July 3, 1937) is a publisher of EC Comics reprints, Disney comics and books on Hopalong Cassidy, Chet Atkins, Les Paul and vacuum tubes. He has been a publisher for over 30 years, after quitting his job as a physics professor.

His EC Comics reprints include the black-and-white The Complete EC Library, the four-color EC Annuals, and the full-color hardcover EC Archives.

Cochran has been associated with Another Rainbow Publishing, Gladstone Publishing and Gemstone Publishing.

Steve Geppi

Stephen A. Geppi (born January 24, 1950) is an American comic book distributor, publisher and former comic store owner. Having established an early chain of comic shops in Baltimore in the mid-late 1970s, he is best known for his distributing business. Geppi founded Diamond Comic Distributors, the largest comic direct distribution service in 1982, and has served as the company's head to the present. Diamond Distribution became the successor to direct market pioneer Phil Seuling's distribution dream when Geppi took over New Media/Irjax's warehouses in 1982. He further bought out early-distributor Bud Plant in 1988, and main rival Capital City in 1996 to assume a near-monopoly on comics distribution, including exclusivity deals with the major comic book publishers.

Geppi became part owner of the Baltimore Orioles in 1993, and in 1994 purchased Baltimore magazine. He is president and publisher of Gemstone Publishing Inc., through which he publishes Russ Cochran's EC Comics reprints, Disney comics and Blue Book price guide The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.In 1995, he founded Diamond International Galleries, which acquired Hake's Americana & Collectibles auction house (2004), and in 2005, Pennsylvania-based Morphy Auctions. In 2006, Geppi founded Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore.

Susan Daigle-Leach

Susan Daigle-Leach (born 1960), also known as Susan F. Daigle and Sue Daigle, is an American comic book and cover colorist, letterist, production manager, illustrator, and fine artist, known mostly for her work during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s with Disney licensees Gladstone Publishing (1987-1998) and Gemstone Publishing (2003-2008) where she was the main colorist next to her husband Gary A. Leach and Scott Rockwell.

In 1983, Daigle-Leach graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and in 1987 began working for Another Rainbow and Gladstone Publishing.

While at Gladstone and Gemstone, Daigle-Leach colored 17,000 pages of the entire Disney comics by Carl Barks for the 141-volume Carl Barks Library in Color (1991-1996) alone (not to be confused with Another Rainbow's earlier, 30-volume Carl Barks Library published 1983-1990 in b/w), as well as the North-American editions of most of the Disney comics by Don Rosa. In 1995, Daigle-Leach was nominated for the prestigious Will Eisner Award - Best Colorist for her work at Gladstone. In 2007 and 2008 respectively, she was nominated for a Harvey Award in the same category for her work at Gemstone.She is married to Gary Leach, who has also worked for Disney-licensed comics.

The Barks/Rosa Collection

The Barks/Rosa Collection was a series of prestige format comic books published by Gemstone Publishing containing adventure stories by Carl Barks and Don Rosa featuring Disney characters such as Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck. Three issues were published and a fourth was planned but never released by Gemstone. The stories published were all Barks' original duck stories together with their freestanding sequels by Rosa. The contents of the planned fourth issue were later taken up and released by Boom! Studios.

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion is a 2006 trade paperback by Don Rosa published by Gemstone Publishing for The Walt Disney Company.

It is a companion to The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck volume that was made in 2005. A lot of the characters in the companion were used in the original volume.

Characters: Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Magica De Spell, Fergus McDuck, Matilda McDuck, Hortense McDuck, Howard Rockerduck, Rachet Gearloose, Angus "Pothole" McDuck, Glittering Goldie O'Gilt, Soapy Slick, The Beagle Boys, Gyro Gearloose, Downy O'Drake.

Uncle Scrooge

Uncle Scrooge (stylized as Uncle $crooge) is a comic book starring Scrooge McDuck ("the richest duck in the world"), his nephew Donald Duck, and grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and revolving around their adventures in Duckburg and around the world. It was first published in Four Color Comics #386 March 1952, as a spin-off of the popular "Donald Duck" series and is still presently ongoing. It has been produced under the aegis of several different publishers, including Western Publishing (initially in association with Dell Comics and later under its own subsidiary, Gold Key Comics and its Whitman imprint), Gladstone Publishing, Disney Comics, Gemstone Publishing, Boom! Studios, and IDW Publishing, and has undergone several hiatuses of varying length. Despite this, it has maintained the same numbering scheme throughout its six decade history, with only IDW adding a secondary numbering that started at #1.Besides Scrooge and his family, recurring characters include Gyro Gearloose, Gladstone Gander, Emily Quackfaster, and Brigitta MacBridge. Among the adversaries who make repeat appearances are the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, John D. Rockerduck and Flintheart Glomgold. Uncle Scrooge is one of the core titles of the "Duck universe".

Its early issues by famed writer/artist (and creator of Scrooge McDuck) Carl Barks formed the inspiration for the syndicated television cartoon DuckTales in the late 1980s. Several stories written by Barks and published in Uncle Scrooge were adapted as episodes of DuckTales.

Uncle Scrooge Adventures

Uncle Scrooge Adventures was a comic book published by Gladstone Publishing under license from the Walt Disney Company. It features the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. It was usually distinguished from the main Uncle Scrooge title in its focus on longer, full-length stories, often in the pulp adventure style.

The first series ran for 21 issues from 1987 to 1990, when Gladstone Publishing's license with the Walt Disney Company ceased. Disney Comics chose not to continue the series from 1990 through 1993. When Gladstone renewed their license in 1993, they resumed the series, picking up with issue 22. The series continued until 1997, when it fell victim to the "Gladstone implosion" and ceased publication following issue 54. The series was not subsequently revived by either Gemstone Publishing (who held the Disney comics license from 2003 through 2008) or Boom! Studios (who held it from 2009 through 2011).

The story Horsing Around with History in issue 33 of the second series won the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Comic-Book Story for 1996.

Valor (EC Comics)

This article is about the EC Comics title. For the DC Comics character, see Lar Gand.Valor was a short-lived comic book published by EC Comics in 1955 as the second title in its New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic was published by Bill Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein. It lasted a total of five issues before being cancelled, along with EC's other New Direction comics.

Valor was dedicated to tales of action and adventure in various period settings, including Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic era. It was similar in vein to the historical stories that previously appeared in EC's Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat from 1950 through 1954.

Artists included Reed Crandall, George Evans, Gardner Fox, Graham Ingels, Bernard Krigstein, Joe Orlando, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson and Wally Wood.

Valor was reprinted as part of publisher Russ Cochran's Complete EC Library in 1988. Between October 1998 and February 1999, Cochran (in association with Gemstone Publishing) reprinted all five individual issues. This complete run was later rebound, with covers included, in a single softcover EC Annual.

Weird Science-Fantasy

Weird Science-Fantasy was an American science fiction-fantasy anthology comic, that was part of the EC Comics line in the early 1950s. Over a 14-month span, the comic ran for seven issues, starting in March 1954 with issue #23 and ending with issue #29 in May/June 1955.

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