Gamezebo is a website that focuses on editorial coverage of the mobile gaming industry, offering interviews, reviews, previews, strategy guides, and news. It had been centered on casual games, but after a redesign in 2014, the site changed direction to primarily highlight mobile games.

The site has featured games from studios and publishers including PlayFirst, Big Fish Games, Oberon, RealArcade/GameHouse, MumboJumbo, Playrix, Gogii Games, Sandlot Games, Reflexive Entertainment, Row Sham Bow, Inc and Last Day of Work. The site also spotlights new web games, casual massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games, and casual console video games.

The site is also referred to by casual game developers and publishers, in regard to their reviews, news and walkthroughs.[2][3][4][5]

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Gamezebo was founded in 2006 by Joel Brodie, former head of business development at Yahoo! Games, and over the years has grown to become the leading medium on casual games, with up to 3.5 million page views per day. To cope with the shift from casual games to social games, the Gamezebo-website was given a large update in February 2010.[6]


Besides owner Joel Brodie, and editor-in-chief Jim Squires, Gamezebo has a freelance network of about 20 people covering the casual and social games industry. Current and past contributors include Marc Saltzman, Scott Steinberg, David Laprad, Justin McElroy, Kyle Orland, Chuck Miller, Margie Bissainthe, Meryl K. Evans, Vinny Carrella, Andrew Hayward, Erin Bell, Andrew Webster, Christina Winterburn, Lisa Haasbroek, Martijn Müller, Brandy Shaul, Talor Berthelson, Tawny Müller, Nick Tylwalk and Brian Anthony Thornton.

The Zeebys

In 2007, Gamezebo and the Casual Games Association jointly launched the Zeebys, a set of awards recognizing the best in casual games each year. The awards are divided into two categories: the People's Choice Awards are voted on by the general public, while the Craft Awards are voted on by registered members of the Casual Games Association. The Zeeby award winners for 2006 were announced in Amsterdam, Netherlands as part of CGA Europe: West 2007.[7]

Awards and industry involvement

In 2008, Gamezebo was nominated for a Webby Award by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences in the category of Best Video Games-related website.[8]


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Alpha Kimori

Alpha Kimori is a trilogy of episodic sprite-based role-playing video games. Its art style is anime-inspired. It markets itself as having a highly philosophical plot combined with a traditional Japanese RPG turn-based battle system. Alpha Kimori is independently developed by Sherman Chin and Sherman3D. It was produced using the RPG Maker engine.


Awem Games is a casual games developer based in Mogilev, Belarus. Awem Games are distributed by key digital game sellers such as AppStore, Google Play, Bigfish games and GameHouse and many others. Besides on-line distribution, games are available on CD in 24 countries such as the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland and other. Games are translated to 15 languages.

In 2011 Awem Games started developing free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets.

Bonnie's Bookstore

Bonnie's Bookstore is a word-forming puzzle video game developed by New Crayon Games and published by PopCap Games. On each level, tiles containing one (or in some cases, two) letters are arranged in a specific structure. As in the similar title Bookworm, players use adjacent letters to form valid words, with points being awarded based on the length of the word. In most cases, once a letter is used, it is removed from the board, with existing letters moving downwards and new letters filling in from the top.

Casebook (video game)

Casebook is an episodic interactive movie point-and-click adventure game developed by New Zealand studio Areo Cinematic Games and published by Big Fish Games.

Casual game

A casual game is a video game targeted at or used by casual gamers. Casual games may exhibit any type of gameplay or genre. They are typically distinguished by simple rules and by reduced demands on time and learned skill, in contrast to more complex hardcore games. They typically impose low production and distribution costs on the producer.

Casual games are often played on a personal computer online in web browsers, but are also popular on game consoles and mobile phones. Casual gamers are typically older than traditional computer gamers, and more often female, with over 74% of casual gamers being female as of 2007.

Chocolatier (video game)

Chocolatier is a casual strategy video game with action game elements, developed by American studio Big Splash Games and published by PlayFirst. The game was released as a download on May 1, 2007 and was followed by CD-ROM release on September 27, 2007. Players assume the role of a young Chocolatier, who must navigate 14 cities around the globe while buying ingredients, manufacturing chocolates, and selling them to chocolate shops. Two modes of play are available: in story mode the player must rebuild an almost bankrupt chocolate empire and acquire 64 chocolate recipes from around the world; in free mode players start out with scant resources and must become successful chocolatiers.

Chocolatier was the first game developed by Big Splash Games, a trio of video game designers, who remained employees whilst developing a prototype game in their spare time. This prototype was rejected by publishers, but after coming up with the premise of Chocolatier the team was signed-up by PlayFirst and completed the title. The game received a mostly positive reception: reviewers enjoyed the action mini-game which is played when chocolates are manufactured, and the game's graphics, sound, and Victorian-era presentation.

Chop Chop (series)

Chop Chop is a series of iOS video games developed by Gamerizon since 2009. The games in the series cover a wide variety of game types, primarily action and sports games, though they generally share a common art style. According to Gamerizon, 15 million "Chop Chop" games were downloaded by 2011 on the App Store and six of those have been downloaded a million times each.

Dream Chronicles

Dream Chronicles, originally titled Dream Chronicles: The Endless Slumber, is an adventure, hidden object, and puzzle casual game developed by KatGames and published by PlayFirst. It is the first installment in the series. The game was pitched to PlayFirst at the first Casual Games Association event in Amsterdam in February 2006, and became the first adventure game to hit the mainstream casual game industry. The prototype was initially rejected by publishers, but after coming up with the premise of Dream Chronicles, KatGames was signed-up by PlayFirst and completed the title. Set in a mystical world of realistic fantasy where mortal and fairy realms collide, the game tells the story of a mortal woman named Faye who is the only one being able to awaken from a powerful fairy's dream spell. She embarks on an adventure through a dream world to find her fairy husband and save her hometown. To solve the mystery, players must complete challenging puzzles and search for subtle clues leading to the whereabouts of Faye's husband.Dream Chronicles was released worldwide through download on June 12, 2007. It became a best-selling game topping seven major casual game charts, and charting top ten on many other charts. It won a Zeeby Award's "People’s Choice Award for the Best Hidden Object & Adventure Game of 2007" in July 2008, and nominated for Big Fish Games's "2nd Runner-Up Best Puzzle Game of 2007", losing to Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate. It was critically appreciated by casual game critics, with reviewers complimenting its creative yet approachable gameplay, which is a well blending of adventure and hidden object games, while some deemed it as "a casual cousin to epic, hard-core adventures like Myst and Uru." Along with Azada and Mortimer Beckett, it marked the birth of a new merged "Hidden Object & Adventure" genre in casual games. As the first part of the first trilogy, Dream Chronicles spawned two direct sequels, Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze and Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child, which were released in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

On December 12, 2011, a high-definition version of this game was available via App Store for iPad.

MacRumors is a website that aggregates Mac and Apple related news, rumors, and reports. The site was launched February 24, 2000, in Richmond, Virginia, and is owned by Arnold Kim.

By consolidating reports and cross-referencing claims, MacRumors attempts to keep track of the rumor community. The tagline of MacRumors is "News and Rumors You Care About". The website is updated weekdays with new rumors, with most updates starting in the morning of east coast United States time. During breaking news, updates are posted during the weekend and afterhours.

Monty Python's Cow Tossing

Monty Python's Cow Tossing is a catapult-physics game. It was developed by South African studio Luma Arcade and released by Zed Worldwide on February 3, 2011 for Android, iOS, and J2ME. The game is similar in style to Angry Bird and Crush the Castle, and includes the premise of firing cows at Englishmen who are located in structures built of concrete, wood, and other materials. It is based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail "in which French militiamen hurl a heifer onto a band of English relic seekers", and to further tie-in to the movie, "funny quotes from the movie appear in bubbles over the characters".

Mystery Case Files

Mystery Case Files (also known as MCF) is a video game series originally developed by the internal studios of Big Fish Games. New installments are currently developed by Eipix Entertainment, replacing Elephant Games who developed sequels from 2013 to 2014. The Mystery Case Files series is known for its ‘Hidden Object’ puzzles where, in order to progress through a game, the player plays the role of a Master Detective and must find a certain number of items hidden somewhere on a painted scene.

Big Fish Games "estimates that 100 million people have at least sampled trial versions" of the Mystery Case Files games since the initial launch of Mystery Case Files: Huntsville.

The latest installment in the series, Mystery Case Files: The Countess, was released on November 21, 2018, and is the 18th game in the series.

Pet Society

Pet Society was a social-network game developed by Playfish that could be played on Facebook. The game ranked as one of the most popular Facebook applications. Players could design their pets by choosing genders, names, colors and altering appearances. The user interacted with their pets through washing, brushing, petting and feeding.

The game was launched August 8, 2008 by Playfish and at its "peak had 50 million monthly players, 5 million daily players and made as much as $100,000 a day by selling in-game items." Electronic Arts acquired Playfish in November 2009. The game was scheduled to close on June 14, 2013; the server shut down on June 18.An iOS version, Pet Society Vacation was released in 2011 with similar gameplay, but set on a tropical island with new settings like an underwater reef.


PlayFirst, Inc. is a Delaware based publisher of casual games founded in 2004 by industry veterans. PlayFirst produced the Diner Dash series, which won the 2008 Annual Casual Game Awards. and has seen over 550 million downloads. The popularity of Diner Dash series prompted spin-off series like Wedding Dash and Cooking Dash. The company’s game portfolio also includes the retro-style strategy-based Chocolatier series, and the adventure/hidden object-mixing Dream Chronicles series.From 2005 to mid-2011, PlayFirst have released 72 casual games for PC and Mac, counting extra 7 Collector's Editions and Strategy Guides, thus they have 79 games in total in their game categories.

Sorcery! (video game)

Sorcery! is a series of text/graphic adventure video games developed by Inkle for iOS, Android, and Steam having been first released on May 2, 2013. The games are based on Steve Jackson's Sorcery! gamebook novels: a four-part spin-off series of the larger Fighting Fantasy series.

Triple Town

Triple Town is a freemium strategy puzzle video game with city-building elements. It is available for social networks and mobile devices and was developed by Seattle-based Spry Fox.

The casual game was originally released for the Amazon Kindle e-reader in 2010, and was ported to the Facebook and Google+ social networks in October 2011. It was published in January 2012 for iOS and some Android devices. It was released for Windows and Macintosh through Steam on December 6, 2012.

Worms 3

Worms 3 is an artillery turn-based tactics video game, in the Worms series developed and published by Team17 for iOS on August 8, 2013, and released for Android devices via the Play Store and Mac OS X computers in 2014 .

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