Gallien-Krueger, also referred to as 'GK' (as in their logo), is a bass amplifier and speaker cabinet manufacturer. The company is based in Stockton, California, and was founded in 1968.

FoundedSan Jose, California, United States (1968)
FounderRobert Gallien and Richard Krueger
United States
Key people
Robert Gallien and Richard Krueger


Robert Gallien started his company, then named GMT, from his garage in San Jose, California, while working as an engineer for Hewlett-Packard. His first amps were the GMT 226A and 226B (named after their power output) and were unconventional in their design because they were built around transistors instead of tubes. Carlos Santana was one of the first to buy a GMT 226A (serial #6) and it can be clearly seen in the Woodstock movie.

In the early 1970s Bob Gallien teamed up with fellow HP engineer Rich Krueger and the company was renamed from GMT (Gallien-Martin-Taylor) to Gallien-Krueger. Although Rich Krueger is no longer involved in the company it has retained his name. In 1983 Gallien-Krueger launched the bass amplifier that would define the future of the company,the 800RB. The GK sound is defined by a dry "growl" and a quick reaction from the class H power amplifier. The company stopped producing electric guitar amplifiers in the early 1990s but continues to make bass amplifiers and bass cabinets. In November, 2013, the company paid a fine to the FCC for producing non-compliant digital radio products.[1]


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Dave Dreiwitz

Dave Dreiwitz is a multi-instrumentalist, best known as the bassist for the band Ween since 1997.

Jimbo Wallace

Jimbo Wallace is an upright and electric bass player, vocalist, and songwriter in the psychobilly and rockabilly genres. He has played bass in the Reverend Horton Heat band since 1989. He is the most-tattooed member of the band.

He plays using the percussive rockabilly/psychobilly bass technique known as slap bass, in which the strings are pulled away from the fingerboard until they snap back, and the strings are rhythmically slapped against the fingerboard. The German rockabilly bassist Didi Beck cites Wallace as one of his influences.Concert reviews take note of the stunts that Wallace does with the bass, such as throwing it into the air or playing it on its side while Heath stands on top of it and plays guitar.

He has a signature tiger-striped upright bass manufactured by King Double Basses. He has been an endorser for Gallien-Krueger bass amplifiers. On stage, he uses a 4x10" cabinet and a 1x15" cabinet with a GK amp.

Kim Nekroman

Kim Nekroman is the bassist and lead singer for the psychobilly band Nekromantix and the lead guitarist of HorrorPops. He is married to Patricia Day, lead singer and bassist for HorrorPops. He is from Denmark, and worked for the Danish Navy as a submarine radio operator for eight years before beginning his music career.

He plays the upright bass, featuring a custom coffin-shaped bass of his own design. He is also the lead guitarist and performs backing vocals for the psychobilly group led by his wife, the HorrorPops. He is an endorser and user of Gallien-Krueger bass amps.

Klaus Flouride

Geoffrey Lyall (born May 30, 1949), better known as Klaus Flouride, is best known as the bassist and backing vocalist for the San Francisco, punk rock band Dead Kennedys from the group's inception in June 1978 until the band's break-up in December 1986. He also produced four solo albums during the 1980s and 1990s.

List of bass amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers

This article lists manufacturers of bass amplifiers, loudspeakers, and other amplification-related items such as preamplifiers. The amplifiers and loudspeakers used to amplify bass instruments (e.g., the bass guitar, double bass and similar instruments) are distinct from other types of amplification systems due to the particular challenges associated with low-frequency sound reproduction.

This distinction affects the design of the loudspeakers, the cabinet, and the preamplifier and amplifier. Loudspeakers for bass instruments tend to be larger and more heavy-duty, and speaker cabinets have to be built more solidly to prevent unwanted rattling due to the low frequencies. Preamplifiers and amplifiers for bass instruments often have features designed for bass instruments, such as equalizers that go down to 40 Hz or below or limiters to prevent speaker damage.

Robbie Merrill

Robbie Merrill (born June 13, 1963) is an American bass guitar player, best known as a founding member of Godsmack and Another Animal. He was featured in the Behind The Player interactive music video.

Snoop Dogg Presents Christmas in tha Dogg House

Snoop Dogg Presents Christmas in Tha Dogg House is a compilation album by American rapper Snoop Dogg. The album was released on December 16, 2008. The album is sold digitally only.

Yorkville Sound

Yorkville Sound is a manufacturer of audio amplifiers (including the Traynor amplifier line), loudspeakers and related professional sound reinforcement equipment. Based in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, the firm has a global presence as an importer and exporter of audio electronic products.Yorkville manages its original Traynor brand, its own Yorkville brand and has expanded to include other brands such as Apex and ART (Applied Research and Technology). Yorkville provides North American distribution for Hughes & Kettner guitar amplifiers as well as exclusive distribution for Epiphone guitars, Gibson guitars, Garrison guitars, Ritter bags], beyerdynamic microphones and Gallien-Krueger amplifiers.

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