Géry is a commune in the Meuse department in Grand Est in north-eastern France.

Location of Géry
Géry is located in France
Géry is located in Grand Est
Coordinates: 48°46′54″N 5°17′43″E / 48.7817°N 5.2953°ECoordinates: 48°46′54″N 5°17′43″E / 48.7817°N 5.2953°E
RegionGrand Est
 • Mayor (2008–2014) Lucien Hickel
4.8 km2 (1.9 sq mi)
 • Density12/km2 (31/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
INSEE/Postal code
55207 /55000
Elevation260–376 m (853–1,234 ft)
(avg. 300 m or 980 ft)
1 French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers > 1 km2 (0.386 sq mi or 247 acres) and river estuaries.

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Beaumont, Belgium

Beaumont (French pronunciation: ​[bo.mɔ̃]) is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut, on the border with France. On January 1, 2012, Beaumont had a total population of 7,060. The total area is 92.97 km².

The municipality consists of the following sub-municipalities: Beaumont proper, Barbençon, Leugnies, Leval-Chaudeville, Renlies, Solre-Saint-Géry, Thirimont, and Strée.

The Tour Salamandre, an 11th-century donjon, is the most remarkable remains of the ancient fortifications of Beaumont. It can still be visited and holds expositions of the town's history.

The old castle, in which Napoleon spent a night before going to Waterloo in 1815, has been separated in two parts, one holds the townhall and the other olds a catholic secondary school, Paridaens.


Chastre (Walloon: Tchåsse) is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant. On January 1, 2006, Chastre had a total population of 6,734. The total area is 31.27 km² which gives a population density of 215 inhabitants per km².

The villages in the municipality are Chastre, Villeroux, Blanmont, Cortil, Noirmont, Gentinnes, and Saint-Géry.


Saint Gaugericus, in French Saint Géry (also known as Gorik, Gau; in Walloon, Djèri) (c. 550 – August 11, 619) was a bishop of Cambrai, France.

Gery Verlinden

Gery Verlinden (born 1 May 1954) is a former Belgian racing cyclist. He won the Belgian national road race title in 1979.

Géry Leuliet

Géry-Jacques-Charles Leuliet (12 January 1910 – 1 January 2015) was a French prelate of the Roman Catholic Church and at the time of his death, was the oldest bishop of the Catholic Church, at 104 years of age.

Leuliet was born in France and was ordained to the priesthood on July 8, 1933, in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Arras. He was appointed Bishop of Amiens on February 14, 1963 and received his episcopal consecration on May 9, 1963. Leuliet retired as the bishop's dean in France on January 15, 1985 and turned 100 on January 12, 2010. Upon the death of Nguyen Van Thien on May 13, 2012, he became the oldest living Roman Catholic bishop. He died 11 days before his 105th birthday on 1 January 2015.

Géry de Ghersem

Géry de Ghersem (also Géry Gersem) (1573 to 1575 – 25 May 1630) was a Franco-Flemish composer of the late Renaissance, active both in Spain at the court of Philip II and Philip III, and in his native from Low countries. He was a prolific and highly regarded composer at the time, but little of his work survives, almost all having been destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake and fire of 1755.

Géry van Outryve d'Ydewalle

Géry van Outryve d'Ydewalle is a Belgian scientist and professor of the Laboratory for experimental psychology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Leuven). In 1992, he was awarded the Francqui Prize on Human Sciences. He has been elected as new permanent secretary of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts in succession to professor Niceas Schamp, as of 1 September 2010.

His ancestor, Emmanuel-Louis van Outryve d'Ydewalle (originally van Outryve; 1745-1827) was created a ridder 21 September 1771; Géry van Outryve d'Ydewalle's father, Pierre, a Belgian politician, was elevated to the rank of Baron in 1982.


Hemigrammus is a genus of freshwater fish in the family Characidae native to South America (including Trinidad) and commonly seen in the aquarium trade. These are medium-small tetras where the largest species reach up to around 11 cm (4.3 in).

Henri G. Hers

Henri-Géry Hers (23 July 1923 – 14 December 2008) was a Belgian physiologist and biochemist, and a professor at the Universite Catholique de Louvain. He was notable for his work on carbohydrate metabolism and genetic disorders associated with it. An example is Hers' disease - Glycogen storage disease type VI - caused by deficiency of hepatic phosphorylase associated with an enlarged liver and mild hypoglycaemia. In 1966, he was awarded the Francqui Prize on Biological and Medical Sciences, and in 1975 was awarded the Gairdner Foundation International Award of the Gairdner Foundation.


Hyphessobrycon is a genus of freshwater fish in the family Characidae. These species are among the fishes known as tetras. The genus is distributed in the Neotropic ecozone from southern Mexico to Río de la Plata in Argentina. Many of these species are native to South America; about six species are from Central America and a single species, H. compressus is from southern Mexico.All small fishes, the Hyphessobrycon tetras reach maximum overall lengths of about 1.7–9.6 cm (0.7–3.8 in). Great anatomical diversity exists in this genus. They are generally of typical characin shape, but vary greatly in coloration and body form, many species having distinctive black, red, or yellow markings on their bodies and fins. These species are generally omnivorous, feeding predominantly on small crustaceans, insects, annelid worms, and zooplankton. When spawning, they scatter their eggs and guard neither eggs nor young.

Jacques Géry

Jacques Géry (12 March 1917, Paris – 15 June 2007, Sarlat, France) was a French ichthyologist. He was also a scientist and a Doctor of Medicine.

The most notable species he described are:

Green neon tetra, Paracheirodon simulans (Géry, 1963)

Black neon tetra, Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi (Géry, 1961)

Inpaichthys kerri, Inpaichthys kerri (Géry & Junk, 1977)

Hemigrammus bleheri, Hemigrammus bleheri (Géry & Mahnert, 1986)

Hyphessobrycon sweglesi, Hyphessobrycon sweglesi (Géry, 1961)

Marcel Gery

Marcel Gery (born March 15, 1965) is a former butterfly swimmer, who was born in Czechoslovakia and competed for the Czechoslovakian national team in international competition. He later emigrated to Canada and competed for the Canadian national team at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. There he won the bronze medal with the men's 4×100-metre medley relay team, alongside Mark Tewksbury, Jonathan Cleveland and Stephen Clarke.

At the 1985 Summer Universiade, Gery won a bronze medal in the 200-metre freestyle.


Saint-Géry (which refers to Saint Gaugericus) may refer to:

Saint-Géry, Dordogne, France

Saint-Géry, Chastre, Belgium

Saint-Géry, Lot, France

Île Saint-Géry, a former island in Brussels, Belgium.

Saint-Géry, Dordogne

Saint-Géry (Limousin: Sent Geri) is a commune in the Dordogne department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France.

Saint-Géry Island

Saint-Géry Island (French: île Saint-Géry, Dutch: Sint-Gorikseiland ) was the largest island in the Senne (Zenne) river in Brussels, Belgium. It was named after Saint Gaugericus of Cambrai, who built a chapel there ca. 580. Hence the name "Brussels", which comes from Bruocsella or Broekzele, meaning "settlement in the marsh". It ceased to exist as an island when the Senne was covered over in the late 19th century.

Saint Géry-Vers

Saint Géry-Vers is a commune in the department of Lot, southern France. The municipality was established on 1 January 2017 by merger of the former communes of Saint-Géry (the seat) and Vers.

Timex Open

The Timex Open was a golf tournament on the European Tour which was played in 1983 and 1984 at Biarritz Golf Club in Biarritz, France. The tournament existed before then, and was won by Géry Watine in 1980, 1981 and 1982.

Communes of the Meuse department

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