Francisco Pérez de Valenzuela

Francisco Pérez de Valenzuela (14 November 1528 in Andújar, Spain – 27 December 1599 in Valdivia, Chile), was a nobleman of the Kingdom of Spain. He traveled to the Americas, where was appointed as military and navy leader by the Spanish Crown in the Viceroyalty of Peru, being captain in some battles. During his last days he was a Royalist politician nominated and elected Corregidor so called City Mayor in Valdivia, city-port founded by his countryman named Peter of Valdivia (Pedro de Valdivia) conqueror of Chile. There he did a good job making strategies protecting southern cities, forts and ports, and avoiding attacks by pirates. He also was a businessman like his father named Alonso Pérez de Valenzuela y de la Cava.

Francisco Pérez de Valenzuela
BornNovember 14, 1528
Andújar, Spain
DiedDecember 27, 1599 (aged 71)

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