Forever Valentine

Forever Valentine is an unreleased studio album by alternative country band Whiskeytown, recorded between their Strangers Almanac and Pneumonia albums. The album, produced by Chris Stamey, is notable for featuring Ben Folds on piano and ex-Firehose member Ed Crawford on guitar.[1]

The band quickly recorded the album without their record label knowing about it, since it fell outside of the terms of their contract at that time.[2] In an interview with the Ryan Adams-Whiskeytown fan website, Whiskeytown drummer Skillet Gilmore confirmed this.[3]

Music journalist David Menconi calls Forever Valentine "an interesting yet unfocused record consisting of eleven quite good but quite different songs", citing it as "one of the leading entries in Ryan's catalog of 'lost' albums";[4] while Steven Hyden of Grantland says that it "ranks with Adams’s best Whiskeytown work".[5]

Forever Valentine
Studio album by
RecordedLate 1997,[1] Scores/Slackmates, Raleigh, NC, and Modern Recording Service, Chapel Hill, NC
GenreAlternative country
ProducerChris Stamey

Track listing

1."Anyone But Me (Dial Tone)" 4:18
2."Don't Wanna Know Why"Adams/Daly/Cary4:03
3."Easy Hearts"Adams/Cary4:01
4."Sittin' Around" 4:06
5."Rays of Burning Light (Rays of Light)" 4:50
6."Ghost Without Memory" 4:55
7."Runnin' Out of Road" 3:35
8."Can't Take A Lover (Talkin' In My Sleep)" 2:19
9."I Don't Care What You Think About Me"Adams4:26
10."Crazy Lonesome (A Memory Away)" 2:20
11."Caroline" 4:10

Personnel and production credits


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Whiskeytown was an American rock/alternative country band formed in 1994 from Raleigh, North Carolina. Fronted by Ryan Adams, the group included members Caitlin Cary, Phil Wandscher, Eric "Skillet" Gilmore, and Mike Daly. They disbanded in 2000 with Adams leaving to pursue his solo career. Whiskeytown gradually expanded its sound outside the confines of alternative country while still maintaining its alternative roots.

The band released three albums. No two albums shared a consistent lineup; Adams and Cary remained the only constants.

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