Ford Romania

Ford Romania is an automobile manufacturing company operated by Ford of Europe, located in Craiova, Romania.

Ford Romania
PredecessorAutomobile Craiova
Founded1976 (as Oltcit)
HeadquartersCraiova, Romania
Key people
John Oldham, president
ProductsAutomobiles, engines
Production output
53,000 vehicles (2014)[1]
155,000 engines (2014)[1]
Increase €7 million (2016)[1]
Number of employees
ParentFord of Europe


Ford company came to Romania in 1935, after a negotiation with the Romanian government. The company started the first car production line in eastern Europe at the Ford Romania facility in Floreasca. Models were produced until World War II when the plant was taken over by the occupying forces.

In modern times the company is located in the former Oltcit car factory, later Daewoo Motors facility in Romania (as Daewoo Automobile Romania), which Ford acquired in 2008 from the Romanian government.[3]

Vehicle production at the plant began in September 2009 with the Ford Transit Connect,[4] and later with the Ford B-Max. Engine production at the plant includes three- and four-cylinder versions of Ford's EcoBoost engine family.[5] The plant has a production capacity of 300,000 units per year and it is the country's third company by value of exports.[6]

In March 2016, it was announced that the Ford EcoSport will be built at the Craiova plant starting from the autumn of 2017, moving production for the European market from the current plant in Chennai, India. This happens on the background of the growing market for the SUV segment in Europe, and will bring an investment of €200 million to the factory.[7]



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