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Footballtennis, also known as futnet (in Czech and Slovak nohejbal) is a sport originating in the 1920s in Czechoslovakia. It is a ball game that can be played indoors or outdoors in a court divided by a low net with two opposing teams (one, two or three players) who try to score a point hitting the ball with any part of their body except for the hands and making it bounce in the opponent's area in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for the other team to return it over the net.

Football Tennis game, 2014


In 1922 the members of the football club Slavia Prague started playing a game which they called football over the rope, because it was initially played over a horizontally suspended rope, which was later replaced by a net. Usually two or three players on each side could touch the ball three times (not two consecutive touches by the same player) with all parts of the body except for the arms and could let the ball bounce once between the touches, altogether three times before passing it on the other side.

In 1940 the first official rules were written. The first futnet cup was played in 1940 and between 1953-1961 first league called Trampská liga was played and it was banterous. In 1961, futnet was recognised as an official sport by Czechoslovak Sports Organisation (ČSTV) and the Prague Futnet Commission was established. In 1971 the "Český nohejbalový svaz" (Czech Futnet Association) was founded[1] and in 1974 "Výbor nohejbalového zväzu SÚV ČSTV" (Slovak Futnet Association).[2]

Official international competitions have been organised for decades. European championships have been held since 1991 and World championships since 1994.


There are three futnet disciplines:

  • Single: one player, two touches, one bounce in all categories, court dimensions 9 m × 12.8 m.
  • Double: two players, three touches (but not two consecutive touches by the same player), one bounce allowed for men and two bounces for women and juniors, court dimensions 9 m × 12.8 m. However, per backyard rules, established in 2018 at Jeremy’s house, the length of the court for a two on two game shall be 1.5x the net width per side. If the net is 10 feet wide, the court shall be a total of 30 feet long.
  • Triple: three players, three touches (but not two consecutive touches by the same player), one bounce allowed for men and two for women and juniors, court dimensions 9 m × 18 m.

In all the disciplines, a set finishes with 11th point with a two-point difference, maximum score is 15:14. To win a match, the team has to win 2 sets. The height of the net is 1.10 m. The players may not touch the net during the game, otherwise it is a point for the opponent. The futnet ball is similar to a football in size, but is glued, made of 32 panels, of synthetic (natural) leather and when properly inflated, should bounce more than half a meter.

International associations

In 1987, the International Footballtennis Association (IFTA, later renamed to FIFTA, the Federation International de Footballtennis Association) was founded. In 2010, Union Internationale de Futnet (UNIF) was founded by some former FIFTA members, later joined by other nations, to govern, regulate and promote the sport of futnet.[3] In December 2012, UNIF had 17 member countries.[4]

In April 2010 European Futnet Association (EFTA) was founded in Marseille, France, to reactivate the sport in Europe where it had been stagnating under FIFTA. Current EFTA members include Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ireland, Basque Country, Denmark, England, Poland, Ukraine and Austria.[5] EFTA is the continental association of UNIF in Europe.

International name

While footballtennis is still a commonly used, the word futnet is being used more and more as the new international name to reflect the truly independent nature of this sport which has now almost 100 years of history and which has its own rules and regulations, governing structures and regular competitions.

World Championships

Single 1. Hungary Hungary 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Double 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Triple 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
Single 1. Romania Romania 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Czech Republic Czech Republic
Double 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
Triple 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Single 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
Double 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Triple 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
  • 4th World Championship 2000, Prostejov, Czech Republic
Single 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Double 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
Triple 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
Single 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Double 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic B 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Triple 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
  • 6th World Championship 2004, Prostejov, Czech Republic
Single 1. Slovakia Slovakia "A" 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic "A" 3. Slovakia "B"
Double 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Triple 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
Single 1. Romania Romania 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Slovakia Slovakia
Double 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
Cross-Double 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Romania Romania 3. Slovakia Slovakia
Triple 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Romania Romania
  • 8th World Championship 2008, Nymburk, Czech Republic
Single 1. Romania 2. France 3. Czech Republic Czech Republic
Double 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Romania 3. Slovakia Slovakia
Cross Double 1. Czech Republic Czech Republic 2. Slovakia Slovakia 3. Romania Romania
Triple 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Hungary Hungary
  • 9th World Championship 2010, Istanbul, Turkey (some stronger countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, France and Switzerland did not participate)
Single 1. Romania Romania 2. Hungary Hungary 3. Croatia Croatia
Double 1. Romania Romania 2. Hungary Hungary 3. Croatia Croatia
Triple 1. Hungary Hungary 2. Romania Romania 3. Croatia Croatia
  • 10th World Championship 2012, Nymburk, Czech Republic[6]
Single 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Hungary Hungary 3. Czech Republic Czech Republic
Double 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Hungary Hungary
Triple 1. Slovakia Slovakia 2. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3. Hungary Hungary
Single Man 1. Romania Romania 2. France France 3. Hungary Hungary
Single Woman 1. Romania Romania 2. Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus 3. Turkey Turkey

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Atop the highest hill on Mellor Moor, overlooking the village, is the site of a Roman signalling station, and a now disused Royal Observer Corps Nuclear Blast and Fallout Monitoring Station. The monitoring post was opened in July 1959, was decommissioned in October 1968, and is situated on a low mound ten yards west of a trig point overlooking BAE Samlesbury Airfield.

Many people still believe that this was a nuclear shelter or an air raid shelter for the use of the local population during times of war. A millennium viewpoint pillar has been erected alongside encroaching onto the top of the post. Mellor has a village hall, situated near the centre of the village. It hosts many activities such as football, tennis, bowls and hockey.

The hall is also used for other activities such as line dancing, disco parties and exercise classes. The hall is available for hire. The hall also functions as the community centre for the village, where residents can go to discuss how to improve the local area.

Close to the village hall is a playing field and a tennis court, which proves very popular in the summer. In the centre of the village, there is a playground adjacent to a small public library, and a doctor's surgery, which share the same building. The local populace is generally middle class and middle age, although the tranquil rolling hills and tight sense of community have made it a prime retirement location.

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In 1966, the building became a Community Centre, having been bought from the church, to be maintained as a Registered Charity until this day.

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In addition to its primary purpose, Novi High School also houses adult education and various community recreational events, such as open swim in the swimming pool and basketball games in the gym and fieldhouse. The high school has been the venue for numerous competitions including state band festival and regional football, tennis, soccer, and volleyball matches.

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Porto Carras was created by Yiannis Carras, a Greek businessman and ship-owner. Originally it was planned with the renowned architect Walter Gropius, but the construction works started posthumously in 1973. The project brought a revolution to Halkidiki's tourism. Porto Carras Grand Resort includes four major hotels, the 5-star Meliton and Sithonia as well as the bungalow style hotels Marina Village and Villa Gallini. There are also 45,000 olive trees; basketball, football, tennis and golf sports areas as well as a vineyard covering an area of 475,000 m².

Porto Carras is home to the biggest private marina in northern Greece, having berths for 315 boats and is built by Finnish manufacturer of marinas and pontoons Marinetek. Visitors can also find one of the largest in South Eastern Europe as well as a thalassotherapy and Spa center. It also contains restaurants, interior and beach bars and an estival cinema theater. The Porto Carras is currently owned by the Technical Olympic Group.

The resort of Porto Carras is near the traditional village of Neos Marmaras; a tourist destination, busy during the summer period, with lots of restaurants, cafeterias and tourist shops.


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The first Pro-Keds product was the Royal, a canvas basketball shoe in high and low tops. Subsequently new styles were added across the categories of Baseball, Football, Tennis, Track and field. Items utilizing exclusive shock-absorbent support and cushioning techniques were also developed.

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Sepak takraw

Sepak takraw or kick volleyball, is a sport native to Southeast Asia. Sepak takraw differs from the similar sport of footvolley in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball.

In Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, it is called sepak takraw. In Malaysia, it can be known as sepak raga as well. In Thailand, it is called as takraw only. In Laos, it is kataw (Lao: "twine" and "kick"). In the Philippines, besides the borrowed term "takraw", it is also called sepak takraw and also has a similar sport called “sipa” or “kick”. In Myanmar, it is known as chin lone, and is considered more of an art as there is often no opposing team, and the point is to keep the ball aloft gracefully and interestingly.

Similar games include footbag net, footvolley, football tennis, bossaball, jianzi, jokgu and sipa.


Sony ESPN is an Indian pay television sports channel which is a joint venture between ESPN, Inc. (majorly owned by The Walt Disney Company) and Sony Pictures Networks India. The channel targets the Indian subcontinent including India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Launched as Sony Kix on 8 April 2015 (the day when 2015 Indian Premier League began) by what is now Sony Pictures Networks India, it was the second sports television channel launched by the company after Sony Six. The channel was rebranded as Sony ESPN on 17 January 2016. The partnership with ESPN was made official in October 2015. Sony and ESPN would partner together on website and app efforts, with ESPN providing and producing content such as cricket, football, tennis, NBA basketball, badminton, field hockey, golf, rugby union, Formula E along with other events.Sony ESPN have broadcast IPL matches during 2016-2017 in Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English-language commentary.Sony ESPN broadcast the NFL season 2016-17 with programs such as Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, NFL Playoffs, Pro Bowl, and the Super Bowl.

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The club is part of a larger student club, the SportVerein der Studentenstadt Freimann e.V, which offers other sports like association football, tennis and volleyball. Its nickname is StuSta Rugby.

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