Folio Weekly

Folio Weekly is an alternative weekly newspaper published in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in 1987, it is the largest and most influential alternative paper in Northeast Florida. It is a member of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and has won multiple AAN Awards. The paper has a circulation of 15,000 - 20,000 as of February 2019.[1]

Folio Weekly
TypeAlternative weekly
PublisherSam Taylor
Editor-in-chiefGeorgio Valentino
FoundedApril, 1987
Headquarters45 W. Bay St., Ste. 103
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
United States
Circulation15,000 - 20,000 [1]
OCLC number34779505


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2019 Jacksonville mayoral election

In the General Election for Mayor of Jacksonville on March 19, 2019, incumbent Mayor Lenny Curry (R) won a majority of votes to win a second term in office.

Baksey Cham Krong

Baksey Cham Krong (also spelled Baksey Chamkrong or Baksei Chamkrong, Khmer: បក្សីចាំក្រុង) was a rock band active in pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodia. They are regarded as Cambodia's first guitar band or first rock band.Baksey Cham Krong formed in 1959, with Mol Kagnol, his brother Mol Kamach, and Samley Hong. The Mol brothers were from a wealthy family and were able to listen to Western radio stations, becoming influenced by singers Paul Anka and Pat Boone, plus the guitar-driven music of The Ventures and Chuck Berry. Mol Kagnol, 14 years old at the time and nicknamed "Uncle Solo," played lead guitar while Kamach performed vocals. They likened themselves to Cliff Richard and The Shadows, and modeled their stage presence after Richard's 1961 movie The Young Ones.Ben Sisario of The New York Times described the band's sound as "an innocently romantic brand of surf-rock." They gained popularity throughout Cambodia but due to their parents' disapproval, and the unlikelihood of turning music into a viable career, the group broke up in 1966. Some members went on to form another group called Bayon Band.Mol Kamach went to college to study finance, and Mol Kagnol went on to study engineering. Kagnol joined the military and was training in the United States when the Khmer Rouge took power in 1975, killing at least 20 of the Mol brothers' family members during the ensuing Cambodian Genocide.The band was featured in the 2015 documentary film Don't Think I've Forgotten. In an interview with Mol Kagnol, he said that he remembers his brother attracting a lot of girls, and that he attracted a lot of boys who wanted to learn to play guitar. According to Folio Weekly, the band "created a tsunami of guitar bands that played everything from hot-rod rock to go-go." Baksey Cham Krong's music exerted a wide influence on the Cambodian rock and pop scene, while older singers like Sinn Sisamouth were inspired by the band's popularity to add rock songs to their repertoires.The band reunited for a performance in New York City in 2015, with another pre-Khmer Rouge rock band, Drakkar, which cites Baksey Cham Krong as one of its influences.

Dan Hicken

Daniel Patrick "Dan" Hicken has been a television sports news anchor in Jacksonville, Florida for over thirty years for two different broadcasting groups.

David Wills (musician)

David Wills (born April 3, 1954) is one of the founding members of Negativland. He was a cable repairman when he joined the group with a then-teenage Mark Hosler and Richard Lyons, until he retired in the 1990s. David is also known as "The Weatherman".

The Booper is an electronic oscillator invented by David and used by Don Joyce on the radio program Over the Edge. It has been described as "an electronic noise-making device that creates unstable feedback using multiple transistors and an FM radio receiver. The resulting sounds are different each time they are played but are sure to excite the ears and engage the mind."

Florida Film Critics Circle

The Florida Film Critics Circle (FFCC) is a film critic organization founded in 1996. The FFCC comprises 30 film critics from Florida-based print and online publications. At the end of each year, the FFCC members vote on the Florida Film Critics Circle Awards for outstanding achievements in films released that year. The organization also awards the Pauline Kael Breakout Award, named after film critic Pauline Kael, and the Golden Orange Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film. The FFCC membership includes film critics from Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Sun-Sentinel, Folio Weekly, Bloody Disgusting, WJNO Radio, WTVT, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, and Tampa Bay Times.

John Michael Phillips

John Michael Phillips (born February 4, 1975) is an American lawyer, consumer and civil rights advocate, legal commentator for national media and recently obtained a $495 million verdict for victims of gun violence. Phillips has been lead counsel in numerous nationally reported cases, including in the shooting of Jordan Davis, and represents many celebrities and athletes. Although he is known for his work in personal injury and wrongful death cases, he stopped George Zimmerman when he was trying to sell his client's copyrighted photograph of notorious prosecutor Angela Corey as a painting and also successfully represented an Orlando man who made "Left Shark" 3-D figurines against claims of copyright infringement by singer Katy Perry. He recently was announced as lead counsel for Omarosa Manigault Newman in the litigation filed against her by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

List of alternative weekly newspapers

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List of newspapers in Florida

This is a list of newspapers in Florida.

Media in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is served by local media, as well as regional and national media. As of 2017, Jacksonville is ranked as the 42nd largest media market, with 700,890 homes. Radio and television broadcasts are governed by the FCC.

Metro Jacksonville

Metro Jacksonville was an American news website, blog, and forum focusing on Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. The site offered news, blogs, forums and original content covering urban issues, politics, and culture in the city.

Pink Man

Pink Man (real name Michael Maxfield) is a local celebrity from the San Francisco Bay Area. He can be seen riding his unicycle around the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. He gets his name from the shocking pink unitard and cape he wears while he performs impromptu unicycle tricks in public places—spinning, engaging in sudden stops, riding down the street at high speeds, and carrying people on his back.

Maxfield was born and grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts, where he discovered the unicycle at age 13. He moved to San Francisco at age 19, and then to Oregon. While in Oregon, he started performing on his unicycle under the name Jester Max. When he moved back to Leominster years later, he found himself spending hours dancing on his unicycle, and pedalling around town, garnering a front page story in the Worcester Telegram. He moved back to Oregon, where he sought out a new unicycle persona; on a whim, he purchased a pink Lycra unitard costume from a dancewear catalog. The new outfit proved extremely popular, and an onlooker at the University of Oregon campus dubbed him "pink man."Pink Man has performed in Oregon, Los Angeles, Houston, the San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, New York, the Pacific Northwest, Jacksonville, Vancouver, Paris, Tokyo, and Germany. His Tokyo and Paris trips were sponsored by computer-game designer Will Wright, who calls Pink Man "the only real superhero I know."

Port Folio

Port Folio may refer to:

The Port Folio, a 19th-century American literary magazine

Port Folio Weekly, an American online newspaper established 1983

Port Folio Weekly

Port Folio Weekly was a publication - first print, then online - serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. First published in 1983, the publication was owned by Landmark Communications.For 26 years, Port Folio Weekly served as the region's weekly alternative newspaper, using the moniker, "The Alternative Voice of the Seven Cities." The paper included political commentary, arts and entertainment features, restaurant reviews and listings, and local news. In early 2009, Landmark Communications announced it would suspend the print version of Port Folio but maintain an online publication.Tom Robotham served as editor-in-chief for the last 10 years of the newspaper's run, stepping down six months before the last issue went to print. Robotham said the higher-ups at Landmark Communications disliked his left-leaning political views, which he often expressed in his editor's note. The publisher said the newspaper was just in need of a change. After transitioning to a web-based publication, Port Folio Weekly changed its motto to "The Voice of the Seven Cities," instead of "The Alternative Voice of the Seven Cities." The online publication also used content from its sister publications owned by Landmark, including Tidewater Parent, The Flagship, and Inside Business. As of October 2012, the website is defunct.

Sammy thrashLife

Sam North, better known as Sammy thrashLife, is an American painter and writer, best known for his art and blog, chronicling his experiences with borderline personality disorder, his history with heroin addiction and recovery, and his involvement in the American punk rock scene.

Sara Garden Armstrong

Sara Garden Armstrong is an American artist who lives and works in New York City. Armstrong creates sculptures, paintings, drawings (from miniature to wall size), artist's books, multimedia artworks involving computers sound and light, and constructs permanent installations in atrium spaces. Armstrong received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and her Master of Art Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Armstrong also studied art at New York University and with the University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario in Yeovil, England while attending UAB. She was an educator for several years at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, later she moved to New York City in 1981.

Armstrong's early period with the exploration of sound had exhibitions at the Visual Arts Gallery at UAB and the Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama. Her first exhibition in New York City was at PS1 in 1982, "'the Sound Corridor'" curated by William Hellermen. This installation began her multimedia series of work entitled "'Airplayer'" which ended in 1992 at the CB's 313 Gallery and Bar (next door to CBGB) on the Bowery with "'Airplayer XIV'" - both installations utilized mechanisms for movement and sound.

Armstrong's work has been published extensively. Among the publications are Southern Accents, "'The New Yorker,'" "'The New York Art World,'" "'Birmingham Magazine,'" "'Port Folio Weekly,'" "'Seattle Post-Intelligencer'" and "'The New York Times'".

Springing the Blues

Springing the Blues is an annual blues festival held in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It is one of the largest and oldest blues festivals on the East Coast of the United States. It was first held in 1990 and has been held yearly on the first weekend of April.

Tortang talong

Tortang talong, also known as eggplant omelette, is a Filipino omelette made by pan-frying grilled whole eggplants dipped in an egg mixture. It is a popular breakfast and lunch meal in the Philippines. A common variant of tortang talong is rellenong talong, which is stuffed with meat, seafood, and/or vegetables.

William Cheung

William Cheung or Cheung Cheuk Hing (張卓慶, pinyin: Zhāng Zhuóqìng), born October, 1940, is a Chinese Wing Chun kung fu practitioner and currently the Grandmaster of his lineage of Wing Chun, entitled Traditional Wing Chun (TWC). He also heads the sanctioning body of TWC, the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (GTWCKFA). Cheung is responsible for introducing Bruce Lee to his master Ip Man when they were teenagers in Hong Kong.

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