Flying Get

"Flying Get" (フライングゲット Furaingu Getto)[a] is the 22nd single by the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, released on August 24, 2011.[1][2] Its members were chosen by the AKB48 2011 general election.

"Flying Get"
Flying Get Regular Edition Type A cover
Regular Edition Type A cover
Single by AKB48
from the album 1830m
  • "Dakishimecha Ikenai"
  • "Seishun to Kizukanai Mama"
  • "Ice no Kuchizuke"
ReleasedAugust 24, 2011 (Japan)
FormatCD single, digital download
LabelYou, Be Cool! / King
Songwriter(s)Yasushi Akimoto (lyrics)
Producer(s)Yasushi Akimoto
AKB48 singles chronology
"Everyday, Katyusha"
"Flying Get"
"Kaze wa Fuiteiru"
Music videos
"Flying Get" (preview) on YouTube
Music video
"Flying Get (Dancing Version)" on YouTube

Music video
"Dakishimecha Ikenai" (preview)

2011 general election

The participating members were chosen by AKB48's 2011 general election.[2] Each of AKB48's 21st single "Everyday, Kachusha" contained a ballot that allows the buyer to register a vote for one of the member candidates for the group's 22nd single. The top 21 vote-getters would get to participate in the title track,[1] and the top 12 from the lineup would be prominently featured in its promotions. The winner of the general election was Atsuko Maeda, with Yuko Oshima as runner up. The members who were ranked 22 to 40 were grouped as "Under Girls" and recorded on one of the B-sides.

List of top 21 members from the AKB48 general election
Rank Name Team Number of votes[3]
1 Atsuko Maeda AKB48 Team A 138,892
2 Yuko Oshima AKB48 Team K 122,843
3 Yuki Kashiwagi AKB48 Team B 74,252
4 Mariko Shinoda AKB48 Team A 60,539
5 Mayu Watanabe AKB48 Team B 59,118
6 Haruna Kojima AKB48 Team A 52,920
7 Minami Takahashi AKB48 Team A 52,790
8 Tomomi Itano AKB48 Team K 50,403
9 Rino Sashihara AKB48 Team A 45,227
10 Rena Matsui SKE48 Team S 27,804
11 Sae Miyazawa AKB48 Team K 33,500
12 Aki Takajo AKB48 Team A 31,009
13 Rie Kitahara AKB48 Team B 27,957
14 Jurina Matsui SKE48 Team S 27,804
15 Minami Minegishi AKB48 Team K 26,070
16 Tomomi Kasai AKB48 Team B 22,857
17 Sayaka Akimoto AKB48 Team K 17,154
18 Amina Sato AKB48 Team B 16,574
19 Yui Yokoyama AKB48 Team K 16,455
20 Yuka Masuda AKB48 Team B 14,137
21 Asuka Kuramochi AKB48 Team A 12,387


The title track was the theme song for the Fuji TV drama series Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 'Ikemen Paradise' 2011, which starred AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda.[2] The track was also featured in a television commercial for Peach John's lingerie brand "Heart Bra", and starred AKB48 members Yuko Oshima, Haruna Kojima and Tomomi Kasai.[4]

Music video

The music video for "Flying Get" was directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi. Its full version (included only in bonus disc for its single) lasts over 18 minutes and features a plot similar those of action films. Instead releasing a normal MV on official channel on YouTube, a dance shot version (with full song) was uploaded.


The single sold 1,025,952 copies on the first day of its release, becoming the first single in Oricon history to sell over one million copies on its first day of release.[5][6]

"Flying Get" outsold the group's previous single, "Everyday, Katyusha", in the last week of sales in 2011, and became the overall number-one selling single of 2011.[7]

"Flying Get" won the Grand Prix award at the 53rd Annual Japan Record Awards.[8]

Track listing

Type-A CD
1."Flying Get" (フライングゲット Furaingu Getto)4:14
2."Dakishimecha Ikenai" (抱きしめちゃいけない)5:37
3."Seishun to Kizukanai Mama" (青春と気づかないまま)5:14
4."Flying Get" (Off Vocal Ver.)4:14
5."Dakishimecha Ikenai" (Off Vocal Ver.)5:37
6."Seishun to Kizukanai Mama" (Off Vocal Ver.)5:13
Total length:30:11
Type-A DVD
1."Flying Get" (Music Video) 
2."Dakishimecha Ikenai" (Music Video) 
3."Seishun to Kizukanai Mama" (Music Video) 
4."Butō Eiga 'Kurenai Hachigatsu ~ Chōjō Kessen-hen'" (武闘映画「紅い八月〜頂上決戦篇」) 
5."Flying Get" (Dancing Version) 
Type-B CD
1."Flying Get"4:14
2."Dakishimecha Ikenai"5:36
3."Ice no Kuchizuke" (アイスのくちづけ Aisu no Kuchizuke)4:16
4."Flying Get" (Off Vocal Ver.)4:14
5."Dakishimecha Ikenai" (Off Vocal Ver.)5:36
6."Ice no Kuchizuke" (Off Vocal Ver.)4:15
Total length:28:13
Type-B DVD
1."Flying Get" (Music Video) 
2."Dakishimecha Ikenai" (Music Video) 
3."Ice no Kuchizuke" (Music Video) 
4."Dai 3kai AKB48 Sōsenkyo Document Eizō" (第3回AKB48総選挙 ドキュメント映像) 
5."Butō Eiga 'Kurenai Hachigatsu ~ Chōjō Kessen-hen - Yokoku'" (武闘映画「紅い八月~頂上決戦篇・予告」) 
Theater Edition CD
1."Flying Get"4:14
2."Dakishimecha Ikenai"5:36
3."Yasai Uranai" (野菜占い)3:51
4."Flying Get" (Off Vocal Ver.)4:14
5."Dakishimecha Ikenai" (Off Vocal Ver.)5:37
6."Yasai Uranai" (Off Vocal Ver.)3:50
Total length:27:25


"Flying Get"

The lineup for the main single consists of the top 21 members from AKB48's 2011 general election. The top 12 members were given additional media promotion.
The number in brackets indicates the member's ranking.

"Dakishimecha Ikenai"

Performed by Under Girls, which consist of members who ranked 22 to 40 in AKB48's 2011 general election.
The number in brackets indicates the member's ranking.
Center: Ayaka Umeda (22)

"Seishun to Kizukanai Mama"

The ending theme of Majisuka Gakuen 2

Center: Atsuko Maeda

"Ice no Kuchizuke"

Performed by a special unit formed to promote Ezaki Glico's Ice no Mi, a bite-sized frozen candy. Gained worldwide headlines after the promotional campaign announced it would 'debut' a new member in the form of Aimi Eguchi, later be revealed to the shock of many to be an advanced, CG-created amalgamation of six of the most popular members of the group voiced by 12th-generation kenkyūsei Yukari Sasaki.

  • Team A: Atsuko Maeda, Mariko Shinoda, Minami Takahashi
  • Team K: Tomomi Itano, Yuko Oshima
  • Team B: Mayu Watanabe
  • Kenkyūsei: Aimi Eguchi (Yukari Sasaki)

"Yasai Uranai"

Perfomed by Yasai Sisters, a special unit for AKB48 single, "Heavy Rotation", where they sang Yasai Sisters and used in Kagome CM.

Center: Atsuko Maeda

Charts and certifications

Oricon Charts (Japan)

Release Oricon Singles Chart Peak position Debut sales (copies)
24 August 2011 Daily Chart 1[6] 1,025,952
Weekly Chart 1 1,354,492
Monthly Chart 1 1,354,492

Sales and certifications

Region Certification Certified units/Sales
Japan (RIAJ)[9] Million 1,587,229[7]
Japan (RIAJ)[10]
Million 1,000,000*

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone


Japan Record Awards

The Japan Record Awards is a major music awards show held annually in Japan by the Japan Composer's Association.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2011 "Flying Get" Grand Prix Won

SNH48 version

"Flying Get"
Regular Edition
Single by SNH48
  • "Ponytail to Shushu"
  • "Chance no Junban"
ReleasedAugust 2, 2013
FormatCD Single
GenrePop rock
LabelOcean Butterflies Music
Songwriter(s)Original Japanese lyrics:
Yasushi Akimoto
Chinese lyrics:
Gu Rui
Gou Qing
Shinya Sumida
Shinya Tada
Yuko Konishi
Producer(s)Yasushi Akimoto
SNH48 singles chronology
"Heavy Rotation"
"Flying Get"
"Fortune Cookie of Love"

"Flying Get" (Chinese: 飞翔入手, Pinyin: Fēixiáng rùshǒu) was redone in Mandarin for AKB48's sister group in China, SNH48, as the group's second single; it was released on August 2, 2013.[11] This EP also contains Mandarin tracks for Ponytail to Shushu (Chinese: 马尾与发圈, Pinyin: Mǎwěi yǔ fā quān) and Chance no Junban (Chinese: 石头剪刀布, Pinyin: Shítou jiǎndāo bù).


The track was sung by the first generation members of SNH48:

  • Wu Zhehan, Gu Xiangjun, Kong Xiaoyin, Jiang Yuxi, Xu Jiaqi, Xu Chenchen, Dai Meng, Tang Min, Qiu Xinyi, Chen Guanhui, Chen Si, Qian Beiting, Zhao Jiamin, Zhang Yuge, Ding Ziyan, Dong Zhiyi, Mo Han, Li Yuqi


On July 2, 2013 SNH48 announced the filming of "Flying Get" to be held at the Shanghai World Financial Center. Fans had an opportunity to participate in the video by wearing a SNH48 "Flying Get" T-shirt.[12]

JKT48 version

"Flying Get"
Alpha Group version
Single by JKT48
from the album Flying Get
  • "Malu-Malu Lollypop (Hanikami Lollypop),
  • Demi seseorang (Dareka no Tameni),
  • Jadilah Batu yang berputar (Korogaru Ishi ni Nare),
  • Heavy Rotation,
  • Ingin Bertemu (Aitakata),
  • Baby!Baby!Baby!,
  • RIVER,
  • Fortune Cookie in Love/Fortune Cookie Yang Mencinta,
  • Gadis Remaja (Shoujotachi yo) "
ReleasedMarch 5, 2014
FormatCD Single
LabelHits Records
Songwriter(s)Yasushi Akimoto (Original Japanese lyrics)
Producer(s)Yasushi Akimoto
JKT48 singles chronology
"Manatsu no Sounds Good! - Musim Panas Sounds Good!"
"Flying Get"
"Gingham Check"
Alternative cover
Theater Version
Theater Version

On February 15, 2014, JKT48 announced the group's fifth single to be "Flying Get".[13]

Promotion and release

This single has the voting tickets for JKT48's 6th single Senbatsu Sosenkyo.


Melody Laksani is the center performer for the title track. The performers are listed as follows:[13]

  • Team J: Ayana Shahab, Devi Kinal Putri, Ghaida Farisya, Haruka Nakagawa, Jessica Vania, Jessica Veranda, Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Rezky Whiranti Dhike, Sendy Ariani, Shania Junianatha
  • Team KIII : Alicia Chanzia, Cindy Yuvia, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, Shinta Naomi, Viviyona Apriani

Track listing


  1. ^ *Flying get (フライングゲット, lit. "flying score", "flying win", "flying target") is the Japanese Internet slang word for buying a computer game, a music CD, etc. more than a day earlier than its official release date specified by manufacturer.


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