Flux (comics)

Flux is the name of two fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first Flux is a gamma empowered soldier and is one of the Hulk's enemies.

Flux (Benjamin Tibbets), as he appears on the cover of Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #17
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceIncredible Hulk Vol. 3 #17
Created byPaul Jenkins
Ron Garney
In-story information
Alter egoBenjamin "Benny" Tibbits
AbilitiesSuperhuman strength, stamina and durability
Regenerative healing factor

Publication history

Flux first appeared in Incredible Hulk Vol. 3 #17 and was created by Paul Jenkins and Ron Garney.

Fictional character biography

Benjamin Tibbits

Private Benjamin Tibbets, a soldier with unresolved mother issues, was a Private First Class in the United States Army. He, along with a platoon of soldiers, were exposed to a gamma bomb by General Ryker, who wished to test its effects on humans. Tibbets was the sole survivor.[1]

He was transformed into a Hulk-like creature with superhuman strength. The only differences were that Tibbets, nicknamed Flux, looked more misshapen, his forehead and joints significantly more pronounced, and his transformation was more erratic, parts of him sometimes transforming while the rest of him remained human. Convinced by General Ryker that Banner was responsible for his condition, and had sold gamma technology to the Iraqis, Flux was sent after the Hulk, but the fight proved one-sided and Banner was able to talk him down. Benjamin Tibbets underwent psychiatric evaluation thanks to Doc Samson, but he was subsequently recaptured and broken by Ryker. Regressed to a childlike mentality and vocabulary, apparently perceiving Ryker as his 'mommy', Flux was once again pitted against the Hulk, but the fight ended when General Ross forced Ryker to stand down. Without Ryker's commands, Flux stopped fighting and broke down, reverting to Benny as he wept for his mother.[2]

Recently, Flux was revealed to be in A.I.M.'s custody, who experimented on him. However, he was killed by Grey of the Gamma Corps during a raid on the A.I.M. base.[3]

During the "Damnation" storyline, Flux was cast down into Hell after his death and is one of the damned souls who Johnny Blaze and Zarathos encounter there alongside Elephantine, a Jack O'Lantern, and Richard Fisk.[4]

Dennis Sykes

A different type of Flux appeared in the story 1 Month 2 Live. A banker named Dennis Sykes gains superpowers and an untreatable cancer following an accident with toxic waste. With a life expectancy of barely a month, Sykes launches himself on a brief career as a superhero, in an attempt to make a difference in the world while he still can, assisting the Fantastic Four in saving Ego the Living Planet from a cancerous infection and averting Hammerhead's attempt to take control of his neighborhood. Although use of his powers made his condition worse, Sykes makes a positive impression on many heroes with his dedication to doing the right thing, accepting training from Spider-Man and receiving honorary membership with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers before he finally dies of stress from his final battle. His wife was by his side when he died. To honor him, a statue of Flux was erected at the children's hospital he helped after getting his powers.[5]

Powers and abilities

Like the Hulk, the Benjamin Tibbets version of Flux has his abilities stemmed from gamma irradiation. His abilities included superhuman strength, stamina and durability, and a regenerative healing factor. Unlike the Hulk, he was unable to become stronger as he became angrier. It is unknown whether he had the ability to jump vast distances like the Hulk.

The Dennis Sykes version of Flux can manipulate all forms of matter where he can repair broken objects, melt walls, and create sculptures from the materials that are present.

In other media

The Benjamin Tibbets version of Flux appears in the video game adaption to the Hulk movie voiced by Lee Tockar. Flux appears as one of the Hulk's opponents, challenging the Hulk when he attempts to destroy a force field generator keeping him confined in a military base. This Flux seems to share the backstory of the comic book version, but no reference is made to the specific details of his origin, although it's implied to be the same. After he is defeated, he is thrown into the force field generator and is severely injured. At the end of the game, he is seen in a base where he is being treated from the injuries he sustained under the care of General Ryker.


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Benjamin "Benny" Tibbits or Flux (comics), fictional gamma empowered soldier in the Marvel Comics universe

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