First Programme (ERT)

First Programme (Greek: Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα, Proto Programma) is the first program that operated public radio, originally emitted in the EIR and later Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.

City Athens
Broadcast area Greece
Frequency FM: 105.8 MHz
First air date 30 September 1939
Format Contemporary hit radio, news, entertainment, speech, showbiz
Language(s) Greek
Owner Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation
Sister stations ERA 2 ERA 3 ERA Sport


Τhe station was founded under the name "First Program" in 1978. It was the first program that operated as public radio, The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) was reorganized as a public limited company. The station continued operating as part of the new entity. In 1987, due to restructuring of ERT, programs were renamed to EPA1. In 1997, during another reorganization and consolidation of the television, NET (formerly ET2) again changed its denomination to NET 105.8, which later became First program with news. The station got into the information radio market and had great success. In December 2012, it returned to its former name, but kept its programming. On June 11, 2013, the government decided to close the ERT. However, after ERT closed, the ERA 1 and some other stations owned by ERT are still remain online, controlled by then-former ERT employees via ERT Open. The name "First Program" continues to be used by the first radio station under the new state broadcaster, NERIT. In June 11, 2015, the First programme was reopened.

First years

Founded in 1938 as the Radio Station Athens from a studio in Zappeion, transponders to lie in Liosia and mark the classic "Tsopanakis". With the German invasion stopped transmitting, to return in 1945 with a new name, as the radio EIR.To station's program was mainly music, and in between, there was news. Since the beginning of the station had a significant presence and theater, with the participation of important artists such as Alexis Solomos and Karolos Koun while in theater of Sartre in 1951 made his radio debut Manos Hadjidakis writing music of investment.

In 1952, the modernization of radio and to stand out from the newly created second program the radio station of the former National Institute of maintaining the informative orientation evolved in First Schedule.

The era of ERT

In 1978 the National Broadcasting Television (EIRT) was reorganized into a public limited company and renamed Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ) and the first program continued to operate under the new entity. In 1987 due to the restructuring of programs Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation renamed 'ERA 1' . In 1997, under a new reorganization and consolidation of the television NET (formerly ET2) changed once again called in 'NET 105.8' , which later synetmise in 'NET FM' , and had informative. The station went so in the competitive field of information broadcasting, but has great success. In December 2012 he returned to his former name, but tainted with the informative character.

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