Fires of Kuwait

Fires of Kuwait is a 1992 American documentary film on the Kuwaiti oil fires directed by David Douglas. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.[1]. The film was the winner of the 2005 Hall of Fame Award from Giant Screen Cinema Association.[2]

Fires of Kuwait
Fires of Kuwait
Film poster
Directed byDavid Douglas
Produced bySally Dundas
André Picard
Diane Roberts
Narrated byRip Torn
Music byMichael Brook
CinematographyDavid Douglas
Edited byBarbara Kerr
Distributed byIMAX Corporation
Release date
  • 1992
Running time
36 minutes
CountryUnited States


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Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

The Academy Award for Documentary Feature is an award for documentary films. In 1941, the first awards for feature-length documentaries were bestowed as Special Awards to Kukan and Target for Tonight. They have since been bestowed competitively each year, with the exception of 1946.

Cinema of Kuwait

The Cinema of Kuwait includes a wide range of films. . Kuwaiti movie theatres includes many movies from around the world, typically released a few weeks after their initial release in the US. The first Kuwaiti feature-film, Bas ya Bahar, was released in 1972. Bas Ya Bahar is the first feature film ever to be made in one of the GCC countries.

David Douglas (director)

David Douglas (born 1953) is a Canadian cinematographer, director and writer associated with many IMAX films including Fires of Kuwait, an academy nominated documentary film.

Douglas was recipient of the Kodak Vision Award in 2002.

David Self

David Christopher Self (born January 8, 1970) is an American screenwriter best known as the author of the screenplays for the films The Haunting, Road to Perdition, and The Wolfman.


IMAX is a system of high-resolution cameras, film formats and film projectors. Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw developed the first IMAX cinema projection standards in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Canada. Unlike conventional projectors, the film runs horizontally (see diagram sprocket holes) so that the image width is greater than the width of the film. Since 2002, some feature films have been converted into IMAX format for displaying in IMAX theatres, and some have also been (partially) shot in IMAX. IMAX is the most widely used system for special-venue film presentations. By late 2017, 1,302 IMAX theatre systems were installed in 1,203 commercial multiplexes, 13 commercial destinations, and 86 institutional settings in 75 countries.

Kuwaiti oil fires

The Kuwaiti oil fires were caused by Iraqi military forces setting fire to a reported 605 to 732 oil wells along with an unspecified number of oil filled low-lying areas, such as oil lakes and fire trenches, as part of a scorched earth policy while retreating from Kuwait in 1991 due to the advances of Coalition military forces in the Persian Gulf War. The fires were started in January and February 1991, and the first well fires were extinguished in early April 1991, with the last well capped on November 6, 1991.

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Primary plot of film regards firefighting or related fire/rescue service work in general.

Primary plot of the film involves firefighters or their personal lives as affected by their firefighting.

Noteworthy attention is given to firefighting activities.This list includes documentaries and TV series.

Oil well fire

Oil well fires are oil or gas wells that have caught on fire and burn. Oil well fires can be the result of human actions, such as accidents or arson, or natural events, such as lightning. They can exist on a small scale, such as an oil field spill catching fire, or on a huge scale, as in geyser-like jets of flames from ignited high pressure wells. A frequent cause of a well fire is a high-pressure blowout during drilling operations.

Sara Akbar

Sara Hussein Akbar (Arabic: سارة أكبر‎) is a Kuwaiti chemical petroleum engineer, women's rights advocate, and co-founder and former chief executive officer of Kuwait Energy. Akbar is recognized as a "national hero" due to her involvement in the Kuwaiti oil fires which were later depicted in the Academy Award nominated documentary Fires of Kuwait. For her firefighting efforts, she was awarded the Global 500 Roll of Honour from the United Nations Environmental Program. Akbar is one of the first women oil sector company executives from the Arabian Peninsula. She served as the director of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2007.

Wild Well Control

Wild Well Control is a well control company based in Houston, Texas that has worked to mitigate several high-profile well control issues including the Kuwaiti oil fires and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

According to its website it has responded to 2,700 well control and pressure control events including the majority of the large international well control emergencies.It is a subsidiary of Superior Energy Services.

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