The FTSE MIB (Milano Indice di Borsa) (the S&P/MIB prior to June 2009) is the benchmark stock market index for the Borsa Italiana, the Italian national stock exchange, which superseded the MIB-30 in September 2004. The index consists of the 40 most-traded stock classes on the exchange. The index was administered by Standard & Poor's from its inception until June 2009, when this responsibility was passed to FTSE Group, which is 100% owned by the Borsa Italiana's parent company London Stock Exchange Group.

FTSE MIB 1992–2012

Record values

Both intraday and closing high are 50,109.00 in 6 March 2000.


As of 15 January 2019[1]:
Company Ticker ISIN (and link to quote webpage) ICB Sector Market Capitalization EUR

as 31 March 2016[1]

A2A A2A IT0001233417 7530 (Electricity) 3.598.141.711
Amplifon AMP IT0004056880
Atlantia ATL IT0003506190 2770 (Industrial Transportation)
Azimut AZM IT0003261697 8770 (Financial Services) 2.850.664.212
Banca Generali BGN IT0001031084 8770 (Financial Services)
Banco BPM BAMI IT0005218380 8350 (Banks)
BPER Banca BPE IT0000066123 8350 (Banks) 2.011.532.342
Brembo BRE IT0005252728 3350 (Automobiles & Parts)
Buzzi Unicem BZU IT0001347308 2350 (Construction & Materials) 2.521.822.546
Campari CPR IT0003849244 3530 (Beverages) 5.112.724.320
CNH Industrial CNHI NL0010545661 2700 Industrial Goods & Services 8.188.502.31
Diasorin DIA IT0003492391
Enel ENEL IT0003128367 7530 (Electricity) 39.887.952.100
Eni ENI IT0003132476 0530 (Oil & Gas Producers) 48.204.561.054
Exor EXO IT0001353140 8770 (Financial Services) 7.818.610.296
Ferrari RACE NL0011509302 3350(Automobiles & Parts) 7.097.658.240
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA NL0010877643 3350(Automobiles & Parts) 9.212.487.375
FinecoBank FBK IT0000072170 8350 (Banks) 4.486.233.949
Generali G IT0000062072 8530 (Nonlife Insurance) 20.298.669.551
Intesa Sanpaolo ISP IT0000072618 8350 (Banks) 38.205.718.059
Italgas IG IT0005211237 7570 (Gas Water & Multiutilities)
Juventus Football Club JUVE IT0000336518
Leonardo LDO IT0003856405 2710 (Aerospace & Defense) 6.464.126.121
Mediobanca MB IT0000062957 8350 (Banks) 5.449.014.606
Moncler MONC IT0004965148 3760 (Personal Goods)[2][3] 3.737.159.552
Pirelli PIRC IT0005278236 3350(Automobiles & Parts)
Poste italiane PST IT0003796171 8530 (Nonlife Insurance) 8.715.541.419
Prysmian PRY IT0004176001 2730 (Electronic & Electrical Equipment) 4.323.040.592
Recordati REC IT0003828271 4570 Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Saipem SPM IT0000068525 0570 (Oil Equipment Services & Distribution) 3.584.888.369
Salvatore Ferragamo SFER IT0004712375 3760 (Personal Goods) 3.796.660.986
Snam SRG IT0003153415 7570 (Gas Water & Multiutilities) 19.217.454.043
STMicroelectronics STM NL0000226223 9570 (Technology Hardware & Equipment) 4.433.043.189
Telecom Italia TIT IT0003497168 6530 (Fixed Line Telecommunications) 12.862.715.935
Tenaris TEN LU0156801721 1750 (Industrial Metals & Mining) 12.910.704.934
Terna TRN IT0003242622 7530 (Electricity)
UBI Banca UBI IT0003487029 8350 (Banks) 2.942.585.940
UniCredit UCG IT0004781412 8350 (Banks) 18.931.252.711
Unipol UNI IT0004810054 8530 (Nonlife Insurance) 2.545.165.522
UnipolSai US IT0004827447 8530 (Nonlife Insurance) 5.744.322.345


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A2A S.p.A. is an Italian utility company born out of the merger of two independent Italian companies, AEM (Azienda Energetica Municipale) of Milan and ASM Brescia (Azienda dei Servizi Municipalizzati) at the end of 2007. It is the first Italian operator in the private urban waste sector to work 24 hours for an energy production of 1.5 TWh. It is the third largest company in Italy in the production and distribution of electricity. The A2A Group is listed on the Borsa Italiana and is a member of the FTSE MIB index. As well as Italy, the firm operates in Spain, France, England and Montenegro.

Atlantia (company)

Atlantia Spa (formerly Autostrade Spa) is an Italian holding company operating motorways and airports.

It is a leading company in the world active in the motorway, airport infrastructure and transport services sector, with an extensive presence in 16 countries.The group manages 14,000 kilometres (8700 miles) of toll motorways, Fiumicino and Ciampino airports in Italy and the three airstrips of Nice, Cannes-Mandelieu and Saint Tropez in France with more than 60 million passengers a year.It is listed on the Borsa Italiana and is a constituent of the FTSE MIB index.

The main shareholders are: Edizione (a company of the Benetton Family), GIC Pte Ltd, the CRT Foundation, Lazard Asset Management, HSBC Holdings.Although the main motorways in Italy are owned by Atlantia, some of the maintenance work is operated by the state-owned ANAS corporation.

Azimut Holding

Azimut Holding is an Italian asset management company, based in Milan, Italy, with branches in Australia, Brazil, China, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. Traded on the Borsa Italiana, the company is specialized in investment management aimed at private and institutional clients.

BPER Banca

BPER Banca S.p.A. formerly known as Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna S.C. is an Italian banking group offering traditional banking services to individuals, corporate and public entities. The company is based in Modena and is a constituent of the FTSE MIB index.

The bank had branches in most of Italy, except in Aosta Valley and Friuli – Venezia Giulia. The bank is a majority shareholder of Piedmontese bank Cassa di Risparmio di Bra and Saluzzo, as well as minority shareholders of Fossano and Savigliano.

Banca Generali

Banca Generali S.p.A. is an Italian bank of Generali Group. Generali via Generali Italia (33.575%), Alleanza Assicurazioni (2.442%), Genertellife (4.900%), Genertel (0.442%) and Generali Vie S.A. (9.670%), owned 51.029% stake of the bank. In April 2018, Banca Generali won Global Brands Awards organized by Global Brands Magazine.The bank was a component of FTSE MIB index, representing the blue-chip of Borsa Italiana. In September 2018, Banca Generali inaugurated new headquarters in Citylife.

Banca Mediolanum

Banca Mediolanum S.p.A. is an Italian bank, insurance and asset management conglomerate which is the parent company of Gruppo Mediolanum (Mediolanum Group).

The bank is listed on the Borsa Italiana and is a constituent of the FTSE MIB index from the end of 2015 when it incorporated it parent company Mediolanum S.p.A..

Mediolanum Group was founded by Ennio Doris, the current second largest shareholders of the conglomerate. The conglomerate provided asset management, banking, insurances services to customers in Italy, Spain (as Banco Mediolanum and Fibanc) and Monaco (Bankhaus August Lenz & Co.)

Despite being ranked sixth by market capitalization among financial services companies (behind Intesa Sanpaolo, UniCredit, Assicurazioni Generali, UnipolSai and Mediobanca in 2016), the conglomerate (Mediolanum S.p.A.) was ranked 13th by total assets among bank (2014 data), as well as much smaller in size by risk-weighed assets, thus the conglomerate (Mediolanum S.p.A nor Banca Mediolanum) was not included in the Single Supervisory Mechanism. However, after Banca Mediolanum reversed the merger with Mediolanum, the European Central Bank started a comprehensive assessment to assess the conglomerate and decided the conglomerate would not be included. Eventually, Banca Mediolanum remained as a less-significant bank, which would not be supervised by the European Central Bank directly.The current CEO of the company was Massimo Antonio Doris.

Banco BPM

Banco BPM S.p.A. is an Italian bank that started to operate on 1 January 2017, by the merger of Banco Popolare and Banca Popolare di Milano (BPM) (approved by the board of directors on 24 May 2016). The bank is the third largest retail and corporate banking conglomerate in Italy (in terms of total assets in 2016), behind Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit. The bank had dual headquarters in Verona and Milan respectively.

The shares of the bank is a constituent of Italian blue chip index FTSE MIB; in 2018 Forbes Global 2000, Banco BPM was ranked the 831st.

Banco Popolare

Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa was an Italian bank, formed in 2007 from the merger of Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara (BPVN) and Banca Popolare Italiana (BPI). The bank merged with Banca Popolare di Milano on 1 January 2017.

The bank was ranked fourth by total assets (among retail and commercial bank), according to Ricerche e Studi using 2015 data. The bank was a cooperative partnership. However, Italian Law N°3/2015 required all Popular Banks (Banca Popolare) with total assets above €8 billion, to transform into società per azioni (company limited by shares). In 2016 it was announced that the bank would be merged with Banca Popolare di Milano. At the same time the new bank would be registered as S.p.A.

Banco Popolare was a component of FTSE MIB index of Borsa Italiana (Italian stock exchange).

The group had branches in 19 out of 20 regions of Italy, except in Abruzzo (the subsidiary Banca Caripe was sold in 2011). Moreover, the bank was absent in several provinces of Italy, such as South Tyrol (the equity investment in Südtiroler Sparkasse was sold in 2007), and the province of Sondrio, Lombardy. Moreover, the bank only presented in one out of eight provinces of Sardinia and one out of five provinces of Calabria (only in Reggio Calabria).

CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial N.V. is one of the world's largest capital goods companies, registered in the Netherlands with corporate offices in London. It is financially controlled by the investment company Exor, which in turn is controlled by the Agnelli family. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and on Borsa Italiana: it is a constituent of the FTSE MIB index. Through its various businesses, CNH Industrial designs, produces, and sells agricultural equipment and construction equipment (Case and New Holland brand families), trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and special vehicles (Iveco), in addition to powertrains for industrial and marine applications (FPT Industrial). Present in all major markets worldwide, CNH Industrial is focused on expanding its presence in high-growth markets, including through joint ventures. CNH Industrial currently employs more than 63,000 people in 66 manufacturing plants and 53 research and development centers. The company operates across 180 countries.


FinecoBank is an Italian financial service company that specialize in online brokerage. Founded as a subsidiary of Fineco (itself a subsidiary of Capitalia), the bank became a subsidiary of UniCredit after Capitalia was acquired in 2007. In 2016 UniCredit sold 20% shares to public market. It became a listed company in 2014.

FinecoBank is a constituent of FTSE MIB (since 2016), the blue chip index of Borsa Italiana.


Fondiaria-Sai S.p.A. was an Italian financial services company based in Turin, founded in 2002 by the merger of La Fondiaria Assicurazioni and Società Assicuratrice Industriale. In 2014 the company was merged by incorporation of Unipol Assicurazioni, Milano Assicurazioni and Premafin in UnipolSai.

The company was particularly active in the insurance sector, where it underwrites life, property, casualty and marine cover.

The company was listed on the Borsa Italiana and was a constituent of the FTSE MIB index.

Fondiaria-Sai in 2007 bought a 100% stake in Serbia's DDOR Novi Sad insurance company.

In 2007 50% stake of Popolare Vita was bought from Cattolica Assicurazioni via Banco Popolare.

Leonardo S.p.A.

Leonardo S.p.A., formerly Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Finmeccanica, is an Italian multinational company specialising in aerospace, defence and security. Headquartered in Rome, the company has 180 sites worldwide. It is the ninth largest defence contractor in the world based on 2016 revenues. The company is partially owned by the Italian government through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which holds 30.2% of the company's shares and is its largest shareholder.

On 1 January 2016, Leonardo-Finmeccanica became a single industrial company by integrating the activities of its subsidiaries AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi, DRS Technologies, Selex ES, Oto Melara and WASS. The company is organised into five divisions (Helicopters, Aircraft, Aerostructures, Electronics, Cybersecurity) and is also the parent company and corporate centre for the subsidiaries and joint ventures, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space, MBDA and ATR. Leonardo is listed on the Borsa Italiana and is a constituent of the FTSE MIB and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

As of April 2016, the company was known by the transitional name of Leonardo-Finmeccanica as part of the restructuring process of the company carried out by CEO Mauro Moretti from the beginning of his mandate in 2014. The company changed its name to Leonardo S.p.A. on 1 January 2017, after the Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci.


The MIBTel was a stock market index for the Borsa Italiana, the main stock exchange of Italy. It has been replaced in 2009 by the FTSE Italia All-Share.

Mediolanum (company)

Mediolanum S.p.A. was an Italian financial services company based in Basiglio, in Metropolitan City of Milan, founded by Ennio Doris in 1982. Mediolanum Group was headed by Mediolanum S.p.A., until reversed merger with subsidiary Banca Mediolanum in 2015.

Doris remains the chief executive officer and largest shareholder with around 40% of the company today. The second-largest shareholder with over 36% is Berlusconi's Fininvest. Mediolanum is active in the banking (as Banca Mediolanum and Banco Mediolanum in Spain), life insurance and mutual fund sectors and aims much of its products towards individuals and families. The firm also operates in other European countries, notably Spain where it owns Fibanc.

The company Mediolanum S.p.A. was listed on the Borsa Italiana and was a constituent of the FTSE MIB index until the end of 2015 when it was merged with Banca Mediolanum.

Prysmian Group

The Prysmian Group is an Italian multinational corporation headquartered in Milan that manufactures electric power transmission and telecommunications cables and systems. It is the largest manufacturer of cables in the world measured by revenues.Prysmian Group has sales of over €11 billions and about 30,000 employees across 50 countries, 112 production plants and 25 Research and Development centres.Prysmian Group is a public company, listed on the Borsa Italiana in the FTSE MIB index.

Società per azioni

Società per azioni (S.p.A. or SpA) is a form of corporation in Italy, meaning "company with shares" (although often translated as "joint-stock company", which may or may not be a limited liability entity). It is equivalent to S.A. or public limited company in other countries. However, S.p.A. has some differences from plc or S.A.

The other common form of corporation in Italy was società a responsabilità limitata (s.r.l.) (literally: limited liability company). S.p.A. issued shares (Italian: azioni), while in s.r.l. the unit was quote/stock of share capital. Moreover, the articles of association of s.r.l. allowed different allocation of profit and assets, which was more comparable to a limited partnership.Since 2016, banks are required to run as S.p.A. if their assets are more than a defined threshold. This saw the blue chips of the FTSE MIB Index: Banco BPM, BPER Banca, UBI Banca, demutualized from s.c.p.a., s.c. a.r.l., or s.c. legal forms (respectively, co-operative company by shares, co-operative company with limited liabilities, and co-operative company).

Terna Group

Terna S.p.A. is a transmission system operator (TSO) based in Rome, Italy. It operates through Terna Rete Italia, that manages the Italian transmission grid and Terna Plus which is in charge of new business opportunities and non-traditional activities in Italy and abroad. With 72,900 kilometres (45,300 mi) of power lines or around 98% of the Italian high-voltage power transmission grid, Terna is the first independent electricity transmission grid operator in Europe and the sixth in the world based on the size of its electrical grid. Terna is listed on the Borsa Italiana and is a constituent of the FTSE MIB index.

UBI Banca

Unione di Banche Italiane S.p.A., commonly known for its trading name UBI Banca, is an Italian banking Group, the fifth largest in Italy by number of branches, It was formed on 1 April 2007 from the merger of the Banche Popolari Unite (trading as BPU Banca) and Banca Lombarda e Piemontese banking groups.

UBI Banca shares are listed on the Borsa Italiana and are included in the FTSE MIB index (the blue chip index).

YOOX Net-a-Porter Group

YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group is an Italian online fashion retailer created on 5 October 2015 after the merger between Yoox GROUP and THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP. Yoox was founded by CostasConstantinou, in Bologna in 2000 and has become an e-commerce company that serves more than 180 countries worldwide. In May 2018, Richemont acquired YNAP by purchasing 95% of the company's available shares.

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