FM (film)

FM is a 1978 film directed by John A. Alonzo and starring Michael Brandon, Eileen Brennan, Alex Karras, Cleavon Little, Martin Mull, and Cassie Yates. The screenplay was written by Ezra Sacks.

This film was produced by Universal Pictures and originally released to theaters in the spring of 1978.

FM (film)
Directed byJohn A. Alonzo
Produced byRand Holston
Written byEzra Sacks
StarringMichael Brandon
Eileen Brennan
Alex Karras
Cleavon Little
Martin Mull
Cassie Yates
CinematographyDavid Myers
Edited byWilliam Carruth
Jeff Gourson
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
  • April 20, 1978
Running time
104 minutes
CountryUnited States


Q-SKY radio station manager/program director Jeff Dugan (Michael Brandon) builds a large fan base by assembling a group of charismatic DJ personalities playing popular rock and roll. (Screenwriter Ezra Sacks worked at Los Angeles' fabled FM station KMET in the early 70s, and Jeff Dugan is based loosely on KMET program director Mike Herrington.) He soon finds that corporate management expects Jeff to use the station's position atop the ratings to sell more advertising time.

The conflict grows until sales manager Regis Lamar (Tom Tarpey) presents him with the chance to advertise for the U.S. Army using a series of cheesy radio ads. When Jeff refuses to endorse the contract, Regis takes the issue to upper management. Jeff is then ordered to run the ads as provided by the Army and on the schedule specified in the advertising contract. Rather than comply, Jeff quits his job. All of the remaining DJs decide to take control of the station in a sort of lock-in/sit-in/protest. They get listeners to gather in the street outside the station as a sort of protest while the DJs play music without any commercials. Jeff Dugan wakes up to hear the DJs take control of the station. The crowd is already present when he arrives at the station. The DJs lift him up to the second story with a fire hose as they have already barricaded the front doors. The lock-in lasts only until the police get an injunction to remove the staff. A tow truck rips off the front doors and the police enter the building. The DJs battle back using a fire hose and throwing tapes and other office objects at the police. The battle is resolved when Dugan finds himself fighting a policeman outside on an overhang. Jeff saves the policeman from falling off and decides that fighting is the wrong thing to do. He calms the crowd and announces that the DJs are coming out. Unknown to him, the company owner, Carl Billings (Norman Lloyd), has watched from the crowd as the events unfolded. He insists that the DJs stay in the station, fires his management staff responsible for the advertising conflict, and then joins the DJs inside the station.



The story unfolds across a background of concerts, broadcast music, appearances by various rock stars, and public appearances by the station's DJs. A minor subtheme to the film is the competition between QSKY and another area radio station, KLAX. The major event of that subtheme occurs when Jeff arranges to broadcast a live concert by Linda Ronstadt that is being sponsored by a competing radio station. Another minor subtheme is the ongoing task of massaging egos of the various DJs to keep them happy and on the air.

Martin Mull appears in his feature film debut as a zoned-out record spinner. He plays Eric Swan, a libidinous disc jockey with eyes for everyone female. The character is self-centered, smarmy, quick tempered, and overbearingly insincere. During the course of the film, Swan beds a supposed girlfriend, encounters a female fan with a peculiar physical "gift", and barricades himself in owing to a severe emotional breakdown due to his agent's dropping him and his girlfriend's leaving him, all within the confines of QSKY's studio. Also rounding out the cast are Cleavon Little, who plays the Prince of Darkness, QSKY's overnight host (Little had previously played a disc jockey in the 1971 film, Vanishing Point); Eileen Brennan as "Mother", the 40-something nighttime DJ; Alex Karras as "Doc Holiday", the midday DJ with the lowest ratings on the station who is eventually let go from the station; Cassie Yates as Laura Coe, who takes over Doc's midday slot; and Tom Tarpey as new sales manager Regis Lamar, the bane of the disk jockeys' existence. In addition, the film includes live appearances by Tom Petty & REO Speedwagon and live performances by Linda Ronstadt & Jimmy Buffett. Steely Dan performed the title theme, which became a sizable hit. The Eagles, James Taylor, Bob Seger, Dan Fogelberg, Billy Joel, and Queen were featured on the Platinum-plus soundtrack album.


Rolling Stone magazine considered the music heavily biased towards musicians who had been managed by Irving Azoff, who was head of MCA Records at the time.[1] Some reference books claim that the TV sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati was based on FM. The physical resemblance between Michael Brandon and WKRP lead actor Gary Sandy and the fact that their respective characters were both based upon KMET programming director Mikel Hunter[2] may have contributed to this speculation. However, WKRP series creator Hugh Wilson asserts that the sitcom was already in development when the film came out. He also states that he was "scared to death" when the film came out, afraid that it would eclipse the CBS show, which made its debut in September 1978. Wilson was relieved when FM came and went from theaters quickly.


Steely Dan's "FM (No Static at All)" won engineers Al Schmitt and Roger Nichols the 1979 Grammy Award for Best Engineered Recording, Non-Classical.


  1. ^ Marsh, Dave (1982). The New Rolling Stone Record Guide. New York: Random House. p. 590.
  2. ^ "Deaths", Billboard (December 6, 1997):64.

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Heart FM (film)

Heart FM (Sinhalese: හා(ර්)ට් එෆ්එම්) is a 2008 Sri Lankan Sinhala family drama film directed by Senesh Dissanaike Bandara and produced by Soma Edirisinghe for EAP Films. It stars Gayan Wickramathillaka, Kanchana Mendis and Sachini Ayendra in lead roles along with Aruna Liyan and Mahendra Perera. Music co-composed by Centigradz and Nawarathne Gamage. EAP Group also celebrated 50th anniversary of E.A.P. films with the production of this film. It is the 1099th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.

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Hypnale walli

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Hypsosinga taprobanica

Hyptiotes analis

KREC (rap band)

Krec is a Russian rap-band from Saint Petersburg. The founder and main MC is Artem Brovkov (Russian: Артем Бровков) known by his stage name Fuze.

Maqbul Mohammed

Maqbul Mohammed (born 7 March 1981) is a Kenyan actor and radio presenter. He is most notable for his role in television series Makutano Junction.

Nikon Df

The Nikon Df is a full-frame F-mount DSLR FX format camera announced by Nikon on November 5, 2013. It uses dedicated mechanical controls similar to those used on mechanical 35mm film SLR camera and has an appearance similar to the Nikon FE and Nikon FM film cameras. Nikon's website states "Using its large, metallic mechanical dials, photographers will rediscover a more direct connection with their camera."It has the same sensor overall score 89 of DxOMark with Nikon D4, the Nikon Df ranked first in a low-light test with 3279 ISO (Nikon D4 with 2965 ISO), but in practice the difference is small.In a departure from the rest of Nikon's DSLR lineup, the Df does not record video, only still images; while most reviews were generally positive, this and other built-in limitations of the camera were seen as negatives. Also notable by their absence were built-in flash and a variety of automatic modes, though the backward lens compatibility extends to nearly the entirety of the Nikkor lineup since 1959.

Ohlone College

Ohlone College is a community college in Fremont, California with a second campus located in Newark, California. The Ohlone Community College District serves the cities of Fremont and Newark, as well as parts of Union City. Ohlone offers 61 associate degrees leading to university transfer or careers and over 100 vocational certificate programs that provide job skill training.

Ohlone is one of the 112 colleges in the California Community College System. In 2013, it was recognized as one of the Top 10 Community Colleges in California for its transfer to university and success rate, based on data from the State Chancellor's Office.

Ross Bolleter

Ross Bolleter (born 1946, Subiaco, Western Australia) is a composer and musician whose work is focused on ruined pianos. His recordings are available on Emanem (London), Pogus (New York), New Albion (San Francisco) and Tall Poppies (Sydney), as well as on his WARPS (World Association for Ruined Piano Studies) label.

Senesh Dissanaike Bandara

Senesh Dissanaike Bandara සෙනේෂ් දිසානායක බණ්ඩාර is a Sri Lankan film director for the television drama genre. His first film Aadaraneeya Wassaanaya (Love in Autumn) in 2004 was screened for more than 100 days island wide.Senesh is a member of the State Television Arts Panel of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka.

Toby Slater

Tobias "Toby" Slater (born 14 August 1979) is an English singer, songwriter and musician best known as the lead singer for the 1990s pop band Catch, who released two singles in the UK and an album in Indonesia. Slater has also recorded and released music as a solo artist and with the band Kunta Kinte, who were renamed Tough Love.

He is the son of British singers Stephanie de Sykes and Stuart Slater, who was lead singer of beat group The Mojos. He has one brother, Barnaby Slater, who is a comedian, writer and producer.

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