Coordinates: 38°28′20″N 30°07′11″E / 38.4722714°N 30.1196556°E Eucarpia or Eukarpia (Ancient Greek: Εὐκαρπία) was a city in Phrygia and a bishopric in the late Roman province of Phrygia Salutaris, in Asia Minor.


Eucarpia (Eukarpia), mentioned by Strabo (XII, 576) and several other geographers, was situated not far from the sources of the Maeander River, on a road from Dorylaeum to Eumeneia, between the Dorylaeum-Acmonia and Dorylaeum-Synnada roads, probably at the modern Emirhissar, in Afyonkarahisar Province.[1]

It was situated in a very fertile district, to which it is said to have been indebted for its name. The vine especially grew there very luxuriously.[2]

Imposing ruins, seen by Hamilton in 1837, have almost disappeared. Little is known about the history of the city. Under Roman dominion, Eucarpia belonged to the conventus of Synnada, to the southwest of which city it was situated.[3] It struck its own coins from the time of Augustus until the reign of Volusianus.

Ecclesiastical history

The bishopric, a suffragan of Synnada, figures in the Notitiae episcopatuum until the twelfth or thirteenth century. Six bishops are known:

  • Eugenius, present at the Council of Nicaea (325),
  • Auxomenus in 381,
  • Cyriacus in 451,
  • Dionysius in 536,
  • Constantine or Constans in 787 (not mentioned by Lequien), and Constantine in 879.

Eucarpia is included in the Catholic Church's list of titular sees.[4]


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Aias Evosmou

Aias Evosmou is a Greek multi-sport club based in Evosmos, Thessaloniki. It was founded in 1967 and it has departments in various sports, football, basketball and volleyball. The full name of the club is Athlitikos Politistikos Syllogos Aias Evosmou/APS Aias Evosmou (Greek: Αθλητικός Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Αίας Ευόσμου/ΑΠΣ Αίας Ευόσμου meaning Athletic Culture Association Aias Evosmou). The most successful department is the women's volleyball team that plays in A1 Ethniki. The team's colours are red and white and its emblem is the ancient Greek hero Aias.

Apollon Kalamarias B.C.

Apollon Kalamarias B.C. is the basketball section of Apollon Kalamarias, the Greek multisport club based in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. The women's team stands out from the club because has won two championships and one cup.


Ariassus or Ariassos (Ancient Greek: Άριασσός) was a town in Pisidia, Asia Minor built on a steep hillside about 50 kilometres inland from Attaleia (modern Antalya).

Basketball Agia Paraskevi

Basketball Agia Paraskevi (Greek: Καλαθοσφαίριση Αγίας Παρασκευής - Kalathosfairisi Agia Paraskevi/KAP) is a Greek basketball club based in Agia Paraskevi, Athens. It was founded in 1986 and so far has played two times in A2 Ethniki championship. In the last season it plays in Gamma Ethniki.


Caloe was a town in the Roman province of Asia. It is mentioned as Kaloe or Keloue in 3rd-century inscriptions, as Kalose in Hierocles's Synecdemos (660), and as Kalloe, Kaloe, and Kolone in Parthey's Notitiæ episcopatuum, in which it figures from the 6th to the 12fth or 13th century.


Cestrus was a city in the Roman province of Isauria, in Asia Minor. Its placing within Isauria is given by Hierocles, Georgius Cyprius, and Parthey's (Notitiae episcopatuum). While recognizing what the ancient sources said, Lequien supposed that the town, whose site has not been identified, took its name from the River Cestros and was thus in Pamphylia. Following Lequien's hypothesis, the 19th-century annual publication Gerarchia cattolica identified the town with "Ak-Sou", which Sophrone Pétridès called an odd mistake, since this is the name of the River Cestros, not of a city.

Chile Pepper Institute

The Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States is an international research-based and non-profit organization specializing in research, education and archiving information related to Capsicum or chile peppers. The institute was established in 1992, devoted to research and educating the world about chile peppers. Its research facility is named for Fabian Garcia, the famous horticulturalist dubbed the father of the U.S. chile pepper industry, who began standardizing varieties of chile pepper in 1888.


Cotenna was a city in the Roman province of Pamphylia I in Asia Minor. It corresponds to modern Gödene, near Konya, Turkey.


Drizipara (or Druzipara, Drousipara. Drusipara) now Karıştıran (Büyükkarıştıran) in Lüleburgaz district was a city and a residential episcopal see in the Roman province of Europa in the civil diocese of Thrace. It is now a titular see of the Catholic Church.

Ernest Johann Nepomuk

Ernest Johann Nepomuk (20 April 1731 – 17 March 1788), Imperial Count von Herberstein, was the first bishop of the diocese of Linz from 1785 to 1788.

European Association for Research on Plant Breeding

The European Association for Research on Plant Breeding, Europaeische Gesellschaft fuer Zuechtungsforschung, Association Européenne pour l'Amélioration des Plantes, Asociación Europea para el Mejoramiento de las Plantas, (in short EUCARPIA) is a non-profit organisation which promotes international scientific and technical research in the area of plant breeding in order to encourage its further development.

G.N.O. Aris Nikaias

Aris Nikaias (full name Gymnastikos Athlitikos Omilos Aris Nikaias/ G.N.O. Aris Nikaias Greek: Γυμναστικός Αθλητικός Όμιλος Άρης Νικαιάς/Γ.Ν.Ο. Άρης Νικαίας) is a Greek multi-sport club based in Nikaia. The club was founded in 1973, when members of the club were detached from the nearby Ionikos. The club has departments in a lot of sports. It has won four consecutive championships in women's handball. Its colours are yellow and blue and its emblem is the star.

Greek C Basket League

The Greek C Basket League, or Greek C Basketball League (Greek: Ελληνική Γ Μπάσκετ Λιγκ) is the national professional 4th-tier of the basketball league system in Greece. It is also known as the Third National Championship, C National Championship, Third National League, C National League, and Fourth Division, or in Greek, Γάμμα Εθνική καλαθοσφαίρισης (Gamma Ethniki Basketball).

It began in the 1985–86 season, and originally took place in two groups. Today, it takes place in four groups, each of them with 14 teams, so that overall, 56 teams take part in the league. In the last season (2014–15), the champions were the clubs Esperos Patras, Kronos Agiou Dimitriou, AEL 1964, and Polygiros

Ikaros Kallitheas B.C.

Ikaros Kallitheas B.C. (formerly Ikaros Chalkidas B.C.) is a professional basketball club that is based in Kallithea, Athens, Greece. The club has changed its home location several times. It was originally based in Nea Smyrni, and later moved to Kallithea, then moved for a while to Chalkida, and finally returned to Kallithea. Its full official name is Panathlitikos Omilos Kallitheas Ikaros, or P.O.K. Ikaros. The club's colors are white, blue, and red.


Lyrbe (spelled Lyrba in the 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia; Ancient Greek: Λύρβη) was a city and episcopal see in the Roman province of Pamphylia Prima and is now a titular see.

M.E.N.T. B.C.

M.E.N.T. B.C., officially the Educational Union of Toumba Youth (Greek: Μορφωτική Ένωσις Νεολαίας Τούμπας, Morfotiki Enosis Neoleas Toumbas) or M.E.N.T. B.C., is a Greek professional basketball club that was founded in 1926. The team is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. M.E.N.T. B.C. competes in the third-tier level division of Greece, the B National.

Makedonikos B.C.

Makedonikos B.C. (Greek: Μακεδονικός K.A.E.) is a Greek professional basketball club. The club is located in Neapoli, Thessaloniki, Greece. The parent athletic club was founded in 1928, and the basketball department was founded in 1948. Makedonikos means "Macedonian" in Greek.

Sporting B.C.

Sporting Athens B.C. (Greek: Σπόρτιγκ Αθήνα KAE) is a Greek professional basketball team that is located at Ano Patissia, Athens, Greece, at the area of Elia Zervou 89 and Sarantaporoy. The club's full name is A.O. Sporting Athens B.C. (Greek: Α.Ο. Σπόρτιγκ Αθήνα KAE).

Stratonicea (Lydia)

Stratonicea – (Greek: Στρατoνικεια, or Στρατονίκεια) also transliterated as Stratoniceia and Stratonikeia, earlier Indi, and later for a time Hadrianapolis – was an ancient city in the valley of the Caicus river, between Germe and Acrasus, in Lydia, Anatolia; its site is currently near the village of Siledik, in the district of Kırkağaç, Manisa Province, in the Aegean Region of Turkey.

Black Sea
Central Anatolia
Eastern Anatolia


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