Ethiopian Lictor Youth

Ethiopian Lictor Youth (Italian: Gioventù Etiopica del Littorio, abbreviated G.E.L.) was a fascist youth organization in Ethiopia.


Soon after the Italian conquest of Ethiopia, thousands of school-children were organized in GEL. Through GEL a free lunch programme for children was set up. GEL had its own uniforms.[1] GEL was founded in 1936 and modelled after the Gioventù Italiana del Littorio (the youth wing of the National Fascist Party) and the Arab Lictor Youth in Libya.[2][3] However, GEL (later renamed 'Indigenous Lictor Youth', Gioventù Indigena del Littorio in 1940, after the introduction of racial segregation laws in July 1938) was never incorporated as such into the Italian mother organization.[4]

On May 24, 1937 a contingent of GEL paraded through Rome in connection with the twentieth anniversary of the Italian entry into the First World War. The GEL unit sang a specially composed song in honour of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini.[3]

The organization was disbanded on orders from Rome after a brief existence.[5]


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