Esquire Network

Esquire Network was an American pay television network that was a 50/50 joint venture between NBCUniversal and the Hearst Corporation. The network carried programs aimed at a metrosexual audience centering on travel, cooking, sports and fashion, along with reruns of popular sitcoms and dramas.

Esquire Network
Esquire Network
LaunchedOctober 1, 1998 (as Style)
September 23, 2013 (as Esquire Network)
ClosedJune 28, 2017
Owned by
SloganCelebrating man at his best.
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaNationwide
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California
Formerly calledStyle Network (1998–2013)


Style Network

Style Network logo
Style Network's logo from its 1998 debut until 2012

The channel was originally launched as the Style Network (although on-air promotions typically referred to it as simply "Style") on October 1, 1998, serving as a spin-off of E!. It was intended to leverage E!'s coverage of fashion and to provide an expanded venue for shows such as Fashion Emergency. The network focused on fashion, design, interior decoration and urban lifestyle-related programming. Style provided coverage of events like New York Fashion Week and showcased various designers. Early programming included: The Look For Less, Shabby Chic with Rachel Ashwell, Glow: The Beauty Show, Vogue Takes..., Stylemaker, Model, Runway, Dining With Style, and Homes With Style. Around 2003, the channel began airing a variety of "makeover" shows. The home makeover show Clean House lasted for ten seasons on the network; How Do I Look? lasted eight seasons.

Style Network 2012 Logo
Style Network logo used from 2012 to 2013 in the United States; used by most local versions in international markets

Starting around 2008, Style shifted its focus to personality-based reality programing such as Jerseylicious, Tia & Tamera and Big Rich Texas, along with a female-focused spin-off of The Soup known as The Dish. On June 25, 2012, the Style Network was rebranded with a revised logo and a new slogan: "Work it. Love it. Style it."[1][2] In 2013, the channel launched two real estate related shows: Hot Listings: Miami and Built, which featured male models remodeling houses.

Esquire Network transition

In December 2012, NBCUniversal signed a brand licensing deal with the Hearst Corporation, owner of Esquire magazine, to relaunch G4 into Esquire Network, which would air shows aimed at a metrosexual audience about travel, cooking, fashion and other male-targeted programming that is not sports related, including the addition of acquired and archived program content from the NBCUniversal library such as Party Down, Parks and Recreation and week-delayed episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.[3][4][5]

The rebranding was scheduled to take place on April 22, 2013,[4] but was moved to an unspecified date in the summer on April 15, 2013, as network general manager Adam Stotsky stated the rebranding was pushed back in order to have a broader slate of original series to launch with than would have been available for the April launch. In May 2013, the launch date was pushed to September 23, 2013, with its first program being an 80th anniversary special on Esquire which was rebroadcast later in primetime.[6]

On September 9, 2013, NBCUniversal announced that it would replace Style Network with Esquire Network, leaving G4 "as is for the foreseeable future, though it's highly unlikely the company will invest in more original programming" according to The Hollywood Reporter.[7] One of the factors was likely Style's distribution on DirecTV, giving Esquire more homes at launch with the Style channel slot than they would have had with G4 (G4 had earlier been dropped by DirecTV in 2010 due to the channel's low viewership and had never been able to come to terms on a new carriage agreement). As part of the rebranding, some of Style's existing shows such as Sex and the City reruns in overnight slots continued to air on the Esquire schedule for a short time (although some of the programs may not necessarily fit the network's shifted target demographic; the rights eventually were moved over to E! in December 2013), while others ended their run or moved to either sister networks E!, Bravo and Oxygen.[7] However, international versions of Style Network will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, as the Esquire brand license is restricted solely to the United States. G4 permanently ceased all broadcasting operations on December 31, 2014.

Style had not made any mention of the oncoming rebranding until September 18, when a 60-second farewell clip was posted on its YouTube channel serving as a retrospective of the network's history and ending with a thanks to the channel's audience for their viewership. Other social media platforms for individual Style programs also began to mention the end of the network on that day.[8] The last program to air on Style on September 22, 2013, was an overnight repeat of the Tia & Tamera season finale (which became its de facto series finale as Tia and Tamera Mowry opted not to continue with the series) at 2 a.m. Eastern Time, with the nightly three-hour paid programming block leading into the Esquire Network launch special after a 30-second abbreviated version of the Style farewell clip aired on the channel space. The changeover occurred on September 23, 2013 at 6 a.m. Eastern Time.[9]

2016-17 carriage decline

On October 1, 2016, Dish Network removed the channel from the lineup. As with their earlier dropping of Cloo, the provider justified it by stating that Esquire's schedule had declined to the point that the majority of its broadcast day was made up of programming also easily found on USA Network, WGN America, FXX and Ion Television, along with streaming providers. The only notice of the dropping was through the provider's monthly billing statement. AT&T then gave notice that Esquire Network would be dropped from U-verse and DirecTV on December 15, 2016, a move that cut the network's availability by 25% and removed almost all consumer-based satellite service availability outside of niche C-Band consumers.[10][11] Spectrum through its Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Charter subsidiaries removed the channel from their lineup nationwide on April 25, 2017 (the same day they removed Chiller from their lineup, also nationwide), though online access to the network's TV Everywhere live feed was maintained until its end.

End of operations

On January 18, 2017, it was announced that the network would end all pay television distribution in the summer of 2017 and convert to an online-only model. The network went off the air on June 28 at noon Eastern time. The network programmed a final marathon of Friday Night Tykes that day, ending with the season one finale, "Finish What We Started".[12][13] After the episode ended, a "Thank you" slide was shown with the network's web address (which shortly thereafter was turned into a redirect to the main Esquire website), after which the channel space created by Style in 1999 ceased to exist.[14] Since that point, there have been no further announcements from NBC Universal or Esquire about the supposed online-only version of the network, and Esquire's "TV" section on their website now contains the general features and behind-the-scenes footage prevalent on most magazine sites.

By coincidence, G4's Canadian network outlived both its mother American network and the Esquire Network, ending operations on August 31, 2017, two months longer than Esquire.


Internationally, Style Network was launched in the Arab world in December 2007 on Showtime Arabia,[15] across Southern and Western Africa during back in November 2007 on DStv,[16] in the United Kingdom and Ireland on June 10, 2008, in Japan on World on Demand, and Australia in November 2009. The network is scheduled to launch in Poland and Romania.

Style Network continues to air in international markets, though its British/Irish version ceased operations on December 9, 2013,[17] while its African version ceased operations on March 31, 2015.[18] The brand licensing agreement with Hearst for Esquire Network was exclusive to the United States, and NBCU and Hearst never pursued any international versions for Esquire Network.

In 2014, the Australian version of the Style Network made its first local commission, Fashion Bloggers, after its American counterpart rebranded.[19]


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American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior (sometimes abbreviated as ANW) is an American sports entertainment competition, which is a spin-off of the Japanese television series Sasuke. It features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty in various cities across the United States, in hopes of advancing to the national finals on the Las Vegas Strip and becoming the season's "American Ninja Warrior."

To date, only Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten have finished the course and achieved "total victory." Caldiero is the only competitor to win the cash prize. The series premiered on December 12, 2009, on the defunct cable channel G4, and airs now on NBC with encore episodes showing on USA Network, NBCSN, and Esquire Network.

Bomb Patrol Afghanistan

Bomb Patrol Afghanistan is an American documentary television series that premiered in the United States on G4 in October 2011. The series follows members of a United States Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) unit (Platoon 3-4-2) as they hunt for and dismantle explosives in Afghanistan. Bomb Patrol Afghanistan began the second half of its first season on March 27, 2012 consisting of deleted scenes, behind the scenes and best of specials. Josh Duhamel hosted a special "sit down" episode with four members of the original cast in the G4 studios.

It is unknown if more episodes will be produced in the near future. However, the series reairs on sister channel Esquire Network.

Bonnie Hammer

Bonnie Hammer (born 1950) is an American businesswoman and network executive. As Chairman of NBCUniversal Cable, Hammer oversees the leading cable brands USA, The Sci-Fi Channel, E!, Bravo, Oxygen, Esquire Network, Sprout, TV One, Chiller, Cloo, and Universal HD, as well as production entities Universal Cable Productions and Wilshire Studios.

Boundless TV

Boundless is a reality documentary series on Travel+Escape Channel and Esquire Network. The series follows Simon Donato and Paul Trebilcock as they compete in the toughest endurance races on the planet. The first season aired in 2013 on the Travel + Escape Network in Canada, and the show was renewed for a second season in 2014 aired on both Travel + Escape in Canada and the Esquire Network in the United States. Filming for the third season was completed in Fall of 2015 and will begin to air in Spring of 2016.

G4 (American TV channel)

G4 (also known as G4tv) was an American pay television channel that was owned by G4 Media, a joint venture between the NBCUniversal Cable division of NBCUniversal and Dish Network. The channel was geared primarily toward young male adult viewers and originally focused on the world of video games, before transitioning to a more general entertainment format. G4 was headquartered in Los Angeles.

In late 2012, G4's studio programming ceased in preparation for its relaunch as Esquire Network on September 23, 2013, as part of a licensing deal with Hearst Corporation, owner of Esquire magazine. However, on September 9, 2013, NBCUniversal announced that Esquire Network would instead replace sister channel, Style, leaving G4 "as is for the foreseeable future, though it's highly unlikely the company will invest in more original programming". In August 2013, it was reported that approximately 61,217,000 American households (53.61% of households with television) were receiving G4, though this declined with later removals by several cable services as carriage agreements expired.According to a statement by some of the remaining providers carrying the network, G4 would end all operations on November 30, 2014. Programming ceased at 11:59 PM ET on December 31, 2014.

G4 Media

G4 Media, LLC is a company within the Comcast Corporation which maintains the archived programming of G4, a defunct 24-hour cable and satellite channel originally dedicated to video games, along with its former competitor, TechTV/ZDTV. NBCUniversal holds a controlling interest in G4 Media, with Dish Network holding a minority interest of approximately 12% because its former parent company held a minority interest in TechTV and owned Dish Network. Prior to the Comcast/NBC merger, Comcast owned the network, previously named G4 Media, Inc.

Going Deep with David Rees

Going Deep with David Rees is an American television program.The first season was shown on the National Geographic Channel. The program is hosted by David Rees, and explores everyday things that we take for granted. It began in the summer of 2014. The second season premiered on Esquire Network on November 11, 2015.

Ilan Hall

Ilan D. Hall (born April 6, 1982) is an American chef, best known as the winner of the second season of the Bravo television network's reality series Top Chef.

Josh Eady

Joshua Eady is a Canadian producer, video editor, and director working in endurance sports, adventure, and race based television.

Eady is best known for his role as the executive producer and director of Boundless, a documentary series produced for the Travel and Escape Network in Canada, and NBC’s Esquire Network in the United States. Eady has produced and directed for the Food Network, ESPN, Canwest, Alliance Films, CMT, Travel and Escape Network, and NBC’s Esquire Network.

Josh co-founded Eady Bros Productions, a broadcast production company specializing in interactive and television content. At Eady Bros, Josh directed and produced “Inside Dinning Out”, a one-hour special for Food Network and Discovery Asia, featuring Moriomoto the Iron Chef; executive produced and directed Boundless, an hour documentary series for T+E and NBC’s Esquire channel. As an editor Josh has worked on several television shows, including 3-time Gemini awardwinning Made to Order (Food Network, Fine Living), and 4-time Gemini Award-winning Departures (OLN, Discovery, National Geographic), where he received 3 back-to-back Gemini Award nominations for story editing in 2008, 2009, 2010.

List of programs broadcast by Esquire Network

The following is a list of original and syndicated programming that aired on the defunct Esquire Network, also formerly known as the Style Network.

Men in Blazers

Men in Blazers is a collaboration of the English duo Roger Bennett and Michael Davies that exists as a website, weekly podcast and NBCSN television show about English Premier League and international soccer "driven by the belief that Soccer is America’s Sport of the Future. As it has been since 1972."The two met at a wedding reception in New York for a mutual friend. The reception was held during the final match of the 2006 World Cup. Bennett mentions in their book, the Encyclopedia Blazertannica, that he had just seen Zinedine Zidane sent off in extra time for headbutting Marco Materazzi but had to leave before the penalty shootout at his wife's urging. When he was at the wedding, he noticed Davies sulking and struck up a conversation. Davies was a contributing writer for ESPN at the time.The podcast started on the Grantland network before ESPN included the Men in Blazers during their 2014 World Cup coverage.The NBCSN television show and podcast are recorded in the SoHo area of New York City. The television show debuted Monday, September 22, 2014 at 10 p.m. ET and streams live on and the NBC Sports Live Extra app.In July 2015 they commentated on and did post-run interviews at the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain for the Esquire Network (sister channel to NBCSN) in the US.

Olympic Channel (American TV channel)

Olympic Channel (branded as Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA) is an American pay television sports channel owned by the NBC Olympics division of NBC Sports and the United States Olympic Committee. It is dedicated to Olympic sports, and is a franchise of the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Olympic Channel operation. It is exclusively broadcast in 1080i high definition; providers who intend to provide a standard definition simulcast of the network must downscale the HD feed at their headend level.The network was founded in 2003 as Bravo HD+, which aired programs from the fellow NBC Universal network Bravo that had been produced in high definition. In 2004, the network was re-branded as Universal HD, serving as an outlet for HD broadcasts of programming from NBCUniversal channels, and library films. Universal HD was shut down on July 14, 2017, and the Olympic Channel launched the next day.

Paul Terek

Paul Anthony Terek (born October 20, 1979 in Dearborn, Michigan) is an American Olympic decathlete. He graduated from Livonia Franklin High School in Livonia, Michigan. His personal best in decathlon is 8312 points, achieved in July 2004 in Sacramento at the United States Olympic Trials. Terek won the bronze medal and was placed on the United States Olympic Team. Out of the ten decathlon events, Terek is strongest in the pole vault, and he is comparatively weak in the 100 m and 400 m sprints.

Terek is also a two-time USA champion in the indoor heptathlon, 2003-4.In September 2010, Terek became the co-host of Living the Run, a health and fitness radio that airs on ESPN 1280 on the Central Coast of California. Terek and his co-host, Ryan Foran, are health and fitness advocates who are entertaining their fans while interviewing guests and sharing health and fitness tips and news on the weekly radio show.

In 2006, Terek participated in the Japanese televised obstacle course Sasuke, currently syndicated in the United States as Ninja Warrior on the Esquire Network. Terek surpassed most of the other competitors but ultimately failed on the third stage obstacle, the Cliff Hanger, which requires traversal over a water pit with only small fingerholds to keep the competitor from falling into the water. Before the competition, his height and weight were recorded as 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) and 210 lb (95 kg). He was by far the heaviest of all the contestants, weighing almost 60 pounds more than most of them (Makoto Nagano, who won the very same tournament, weighed only 62 kg (137 lb) at a height of 162 cm (5.31 ft)). It was said that Terek's weight was a factor in him falling from the Cliff Hanger early on. In the fall of 2007, Terek participated once again only to fail on the Jumping Spider obstacle in the first stage. He also helped oversee G4's second American Ninja Challenge prior to the 20th Sasuke competition (although Terek himself did not compete in that tournament). He did return to SASUKE in 2009 for the 22nd tournament, but failed the First Stage again, this time on an obstacle called the Slider Jump. The Slider Jump was again his downfall in the 24th tournament.

Prior to his SASUKE appearance in fall 2007, Terek competed in another Japanese televised show called "Pro Sportsman No.1" where he won the namesake's title.

In October 2010 he announced his retirement from international competition.

Rory Bosio

Rory Bosio is an American athlete born in 1984. She is specialized in ultra-trail runs and won 2013 and 2014 edition of Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and Lavaredo Ultra-Trail in 2014.

Rory Bosio is currently a paediatric intensive-care nurse from Truckee, California, United States. She grew up in Truckee attending North Tahoe High School, where she ran her first 1-mile race at the age of 8. In 8th grade she won her local cross country championships and later spent time hiking and mountain climbing around the Sierra Nevada. In 2007, she graduated from the University of Davis, California.Bosio spent 10 months in 2015 filming for the reality documentary series Boundless for its third season on Travel+Escape Channel and Esquire Network. Rory has been sponsored athlete with The North Face and CamelBak.

Somm (film)

SOMM is a 2013 American documentary following the attempts of four candidates to pass the extremely difficult Master Sommelier examination, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world. Directed by Jason Wise, a sequel, SOMM: Into the Bottle, was released in 2015 and a third film, SOMM 3, came out in October 2018. A TV series based on the movie launched on the Esquire Network in November 2015.

Spotless (TV series)

Spotless is a French dark comedy-drama television series co-created by Ed McCardie and Corinne Marrinan, and produced by Tandem Communications (StudioCanal) in association with Rosetta Media. It premiered in France on Canal+ on March 16, 2015 and aired ten episodes through April 13, 2015. The series stars Marc-André Grondin, Denis Menochet, Miranda Raison, Brendan Coyle and Tanya Fear.

The Getaway (TV series)

The Getaway was an American travel documentary television series that aired on the Esquire Network and premiered on September 25, 2013. The Getaway was executive produced by Anthony Bourdain and followed celebrities as they have tours of their favorite or dream destinations for a quick trip.

The Illegal Eater

The Illegal Eater was a Canadian reality television series that premiered in 2013 in Canada on Travel + Escape. Hosted by musician Steven Page, the series featured Page traveling to various North American cities to profile "under the radar" food businesses, such as pop-up restaurants, food carts and underground restaurants. The show also aired in the United States on the Esquire Network.

The series also featured appearances by Paul Myers, Jason Priestley and Mike Doughty. Page collaborated with Mitch Dorge on the series music.

The series won a 2014 Banff Rockie Awards for Best Lifestyle Series at the Banff World Media Festival. The show also garnered two Canadian Screen Award nominations at the 3rd Canadian Screen Awards in 2015, for Best Lifestyle Program or Series and Best Writing in a Lifestyle or Reality/Competition Program or Series.

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