Errol Linden

Errol Joseph Linden (October 21, 1937 – March 10, 1983) was a National Football League offensive tackle. Linden was selected in the tenth round by the Detroit Lions out of the University of Houston in the 1961 NFL Draft and played ten seasons

He died of cancer in a hospital at the age of 45.

Errol Linden
Born:October 21, 1937
New Orleans, Louisiana
Died:March 10, 1983 (aged 45)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Career information
Position(s)Offensive tackle
NFL draft1961 / Round: 10 / Pick: 135
Career history
As player
1961Cleveland Browns
1962–1965Minnesota Vikings
1966–1968Atlanta Falcons
1969–1970New Orleans Saints

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1960 Cleveland Browns season

The 1960 Cleveland Browns season was the team's 11th season with the National Football League. The 1960 Browns compiled an 8–3–1 record, and finished second in the NFL's Eastern Conference, behind the NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles. As runner-up, the Browns qualified for the inaugural third place Playoff Bowl in Miami, but lost 17–16 to the Detroit Lions on January 7.

1961 Cleveland Browns season

The 1961 Cleveland Browns season was the team's 12th season with the National Football League.

1961 NFL Draft

The 1961 National Football League draft took place at the Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia on December 27–28, 1960. The league would later hold an expansion draft for the Minnesota Vikings expansion franchise, and the Vikings were also awarded the first selection position in this draft. This draft was also the first regular draft for the Dallas Cowboys as they had only participated in the 1960 NFL expansion draft that year. The Cowboys held the worst record in the NFL the previous season, but selected second in this draft because of the entry of the Vikings into the league.

1963 Minnesota Vikings season

The 1963 season was the Minnesota Vikings' third in the National Football League. Under head coach Norm Van Brocklin, the team finished with a 5–8–1 record. Five wins in a season represented the most in the franchise's three-year history. 22-year-old Paul Flatley of Northwestern University was named the NFL's Rookie of the Year, a first for the fledgling franchise.

1966 NFL expansion draft

The 1966 NFL expansion draft was a National Football League (NFL) draft in which a new expansion team, named the Atlanta Falcons, selected its first players. On June 30, 1965, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle awarded the first NFL franchise in the Deep South to the city of Atlanta and granted ownership to Rankin Smith Sr.So that the Falcons could become competitive with existing teams, the league awarded the Falcons the first pick in the 1966 NFL Draft, supplemented with the final pick in the first five rounds. The NFL also gave the new team the opportunity to select current players from existing teams. That selection was provided by the expansion draft, held on February 15, 1966. In this draft, held six weeks after the regular draft, the existing franchises listed players from which the Falcons could select to switch to the new team.

Each of the 14 established teams froze 29 players on their 40-man rosters that opened the 1965 season (That made 154 players available.). Atlanta picked one of the 11 and then each team froze two more. Atlanta was able to select two more for a total of 42 players chosen. The Falcons paid $8.5 million for the franchise. (Feb 17, 1966 St. Petersburg Times.)

1967 Atlanta Falcons season

The 1967 Atlanta Falcons season was the franchise's second year in the National Football League (NFL). The team slipped from 3–11 in their inaugural season to 1–12–1, and finished in last place in the new four-team Coastal Division of the NFL Western Conference.

The Falcons were shifted from the Eastern Conference to the Western with the addition of the New Orleans Saints for 1967. Atlanta was farther east than five Eastern Conference teams: the Saints, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and St. Louis Cardinals.

1968 Atlanta Falcons season

The 1968 Atlanta Falcons season was the franchise's third year in the National Football League (NFL).

1969 New Orleans Saints season

The 1969 New Orleans Saints season was the team's third as a member of the National Football League. They improved on their previous season's output of 4–9–1, winning five games. The team failed to qualify for the playoffs for the third consecutive season. Tom Dempsey led the team in scoring with 99 points and was named to the Pro Bowl. The 1969 Saints surrendered 7.90 yards per-pass-attempt (including quarterback sacks), an NFL record at the time for the Super Bowl Era, and third all-time as of 2012.

1970 New Orleans Saints season

The 1970 New Orleans Saints season was the team's fourth as a member of the National Football League. After spending their first three seasons in the NFL's Eastern Conference, the Saints moved in 1970 to the West Division of the new National Football Conference. They failed to improve on their previous season's output of 5–9, winning only two games. The team failed to qualify for the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season.

Following a 1–5–1 start, coach Tom Fears was fired by owner John W. Mecom Jr. and replaced by J.D. Roberts, whose first game was a 19–17 victory over the Detroit Lions at Tulane Stadium in which Tom Dempsey set an NFL record with a 63-yard field goal on the final play; it broke the record held by Bert Rechichar of the Baltimore Colts by seven yards, set seventeen years earlier. Dempsey's record was tied by three: Jason Elam (Denver Broncos, 1998), Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders, 2011), and David Akers (San Francisco 49ers, 2012). It was broken by Matt Prater of the Broncos in 2013, at 64 yards at elevation in Colorado.

The victory over the Lions was last of the season for the Saints, but both victories came over teams in the thick of the NFC playoff race. The other, a 14–10 triumph over the New York Giants in week three, cost the Giants the NFC East division championship. The Lions qualified for the playoffs as the wild card from the NFC, but were nearly forced into a coin toss with the Dallas Cowboys, a situation which was only averted when the Giants lost their season finale to the Los Angeles Rams.

Don Talbert

Don Larry Talbert (born March 1, 1939) is a former American football offensive tackle in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, and New Orleans Saints. He played college football at the University of Texas at Austin. He was drafted in the eighth round of the 1961 NFL Draft.

Linden (surname)

Linden is a surname commonly of Dutch, English and German origin. There is also a Swedish surname spelled Lindén.

Some notable people with the surname Linden include:

Alan Linden (1917–1956), Australian athlete in Australian Rules football

Allen Linden (b. 1934), Canadian jurist

Andreas Linden (b. 1965), German athlete in Olympic javelin

Andy Linden (actor) (fl. 1990s-present), British actor

Andy Linden (racing driver) (1922–1987), US racecar driver

Antoine van der Linden (b. 1976), Dutch athlete in football

Anya Linden (b. 1933), British ballerina

Bob Linden (fl. 2000s-present), US radio personality and entrepreneur

Colin Linden (b. 1960), Canadian musician

David Linden (b. 1961), US neuroscientist and author

Debbie Linden (1961–1997), British model and actress

Dolf van der Linden (1915–1999), Dutch music conductor

Donald Linden (1885-1965), Canadian athlete in Olympic walking

Edward Linden (1891-1956), US cinematographer

Eric Linden (1909–1994), US actor

Errol Linden (1937–1983), US athlete in American football

Eugene Linden (author) (fl. 1980s-present), US author of technical and scientific books

Eugene Linden (conductor) (f. 1930s), US musical conductor

Gerard van der Linden (b. 1981), Netherlands athlete in Olympic rowing

Hal Linden (b. 1931), US actor

Jaap ter Linden (b. 1947), Dutch musician and conductor

James Linden (fl. 1920s), US coach in American football

Jamie Linden (writer) (b. 1980), US screenwriter

Jamie Linden (ice hockey) (b. 1972), Canadian athlete in ice hockey

Jean Jules Linden (1817–1898), a Belgian botanist and explorer, father of Lucien

Jennie Linden (b. 1939), English actress

Jürgen Linden (b. 1947), German politician

Kathy Linden (fl. 1950s), US singer of popular music

Lucien Linden (1851-1940), a Belgian botanist, son of Jean Jules

Maarten van der Linden (b. 1969), Dutch athlete in Olympic rowing

Marc Van Der Linden (b. 1964), Belgian athlete in football

Marta Linden (1903-1990), American actress

Michael Linden (b. 1948), German neurologist and professor of psychiatry

Mick Linden (fl. 2000s-present), Scottish musician

Mickey Linden (fl. 1980-2000), Irish athlete in football

Nico Van Der Linden (b. 1985), Belgian athlete in football

Peter van der Linden (fl. 1990s-present), US author on computer programming

Pierre van der Linden (b. 1946), Dutch musician

Pierre Léonard Vander Linden (1797–1831), Belgian entomologist

Pieter Cort van der Linden (1846–1935), Dutch Prime Minister

René van der Linden (b. 1943), Dutch politician

Rick van der Linden (1946–2006), Dutch composer and musician

Rik Van Linden (b. 1949), Belgian road bicycle racer

Sophie Linden (b. 1970), British politician

Stella Linden (1919-2005), British-born British and US actress and playwright

Todd Linden (b. 1980), US athlete in baseball

Trevor Linden (b. 1970), Canadian athlete in ice hockey

Wesley Van der Linden (b. 1982), Belgian athlete in cycling

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