Erato (dryad)

In Greek mythology, Erato (/ˈɛrətoʊ/; Ancient Greek: Ἐρατώ "desired" or "lovely") was a dryad. She was the priestess and prophetess of the god Pan, verses were attributed to her at an ancient oracle of the god, located at Megalopolis near Acacesium.[1] Erato was married to Arcas, the son of Zeus and Callisto, and bore him three sons, Azan, Apheidas, and Elatus.[2][3]


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Erato (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Erato (; Ancient Greek: Ἐρατώ "desired" or "lovely") was the name of the following individuals.

Erato, one of the Nereids.

Erato, one of the Greek Muses.

Erato, one of the Nymphs Dodonides (Nysiades), nurses of Dionysus in Mount Nysa.

Erato, one of the daughters of Danaus and Polyxo. Under the command of their father, along with her sisters except Hypermnestra, Erato married and murdered her husband Bromios or Eudaemon at the night of their wedding.

Erato (dryad), the wife of Arcas.

Erato, daughter of Thespius and Megamede. She bore Heracles a son, Dynastes.

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