Enhet (political party)

Enhet ("unity") is a small political party in Sweden. The party was founded on 6 April 1990. The party started with some influences from New Age and spirituality, but is nowadays a political party mostly focused on alternative economics, with basic income as a core idea. The party has taken part in every national election in Sweden since 1991, mostly with limited success. The election 2014 was the best so far, with 0.1 percent of the total votes.


Founded6 April 1990


Starting as a smaller movement in April 1990, on the initiative of Ulf Wåhlström, Enhet then turned into a political party shortly after. In the 2006 parliamentary elections the party got 2,648 votes (0.05%), up from 603 votes (.01%) in the 2002 elections. However, in the Swedish general election, 2010 the party only received 463 votes (.01%) this was down 2,616 votes or 0.04%. They bumped back in the 2014 parliamentary elections by getting a total of 6,277 votes or .10%.[1]

Political ideas

Defence and foreign policy

Peace symbol
Enhet believes in world disarmament.

Enhet´s vision is a world without weapons. Hence they want global disarmament and that Sweden takes a leading role in this process. They also want Sweden out of the European Union and debt relief for poor countries.


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