Electropop is a music genre combining elements of electronic and pop genres. Usually, it is described as a variant of synth-pop that heavily emphasizes on its electronic sound. The genre has seen a revival of popularity and major influence since the 2000s.[1]

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Early 1980s

During the early 1980s, artists such as Gary Numan, the Human League, Soft Cell, John Foxx and Visage helped pioneer a new synth-pop style that drew more heavily from electronic music and emphasized primary usage of synthesizers,[4] while the electro style was largely developed by Afrika Bambaataa, who was heavily influenced by Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kraftwerk, and in turn influenced the 1980s pop music style of Madonna.[5]

21st century

The media in 2009 ran articles proclaiming a new era of different electropop stars and indeed, saw a rise in popularity of several electropop artists. In the Sound of 2009 poll of 130 music experts conducted for the BBC, ten of the top fifteen artists named were of the electropop genre.[6] Lady Gaga had major commercial success since 2008 with her debut album The Fame. Music writer Simon Reynolds noted that "Everything about Gaga came from electroclash, except the music, which wasn't particularly 1980s".[7] The Korean pop music scene has also become dominated and influenced by electropop, particularly with boy bands and girl groups such as Super Junior, SHINee, f(x) and Girls' Generation.[8]

Singer Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit said in a 2009 interview that while playing electropop was not his intention, the limitations of dorm life made the genre more accessible.[9]

In 2009, James Oldham—head of artists and repertoire at A&M Records—was quoted as saying "All A&R departments have been saying to managers and lawyers: 'Don't give us any more bands because we're not going to sign them and they're not going to sell records.' So everything we've been put on to is electronic in nature."[10][11]

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All My Love (Major Lazer song)

"All My Love" is a song by American electronic music project Major Lazer featuring vocals from American singer Ariana Grande. It was released on 13 November 2014 as the fifth song from the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (2014) by Republic Records. The song was written by Grande, Ella Yelich-O'Connor, and Karen Ørsted with production handled by Boaz van de Beatz, Jr Blender and Diplo, a member of Major Lazer. It is an electropop song with elements of dancehall. It received positive reviews from music critics who complimented the track's production.

Commercially, the track performed modestly in Belgium and charted in France and the United Kingdom. A remix of the song featuring vocals from Grande and soca singer Machel Montano was released on 21 January 2015 and appears as the final track on Major Lazer's third studio album Peace Is the Mission (2015). It features an interpolation of Aqua's 1997 song "Lollipop (Candyman)". This version performed modestly in Belgium and charted in Canada, peaking at 15 and 87, respectively.

Bassline (Chris Brown song)

"Bassline" is a song by American recording artist Chris Brown, taken from his fifth studio album Fortune (2012). It was written by Andrea Simms, Andrew "Pop" Wansel, Brown, David Johnson, Robert Calloway, Ronald "Flippa" Colson and Warren "Oak" Felder. The song was produced by Pop Wansel and Dayvi Jae. Musically, "Bassline" is a dubstep, electropop and electrohop song, which incorporates elements of reggae. Instrumentation is provided by a wobble bass and synthesizers. The song contains lyrics about Brown telling a woman to leave the nightclub with him. "Bassline" garnered mixed reviews from music critics; some reviewers noted it as one of the standout tracks on the album, while others criticized the song's production and lyrics. It also received comparisons to the songs by Kesha and LMFAO. Upon the release of Fortune, "Bassline" debuted at numbers 28 and 122 on the UK R&B Chart and UK Singles Chart, respectively.

California Snow

"Calfornia Snow" is a song by the American rock band Weezer, released on September, 2018 as a single for the 2018 film Spell. The song also appears on their 2019 album Weezer (aka the Black Album).


Crunkcore (also called crunk punk, screamo-crunk, and scrunk) is a fusion genre characterized by the combination of cultural and musical elements from crunk, screamo, pop, electronic and dance music. The genre often features screamed vocals, hip hop beats, and "sexually provocative lyrics."


Dance-pop is a popular music sub-genre that originated in the early 1980s. It is generally uptempo music intended for nightclubs with the intention of being danceable but also suitable for contemporary hit radio. Developing from a combination of dance and pop with influences of disco, post-disco and synth-pop, it is generally characterised by strong beats with easy, uncomplicated song structures which are generally more similar to pop music than the more free-form dance genre, with an emphasis on melody as well as catchy tunes. The genre, on the whole, tends to be producer-driven, despite some notable exceptions.Dance-pop is known for being highly eclectic, having borrowed influences from other genres, which varied by producers, artists and periods. Such include contemporary R&B, house, trance, techno, electropop, new jack swing, funk and pop rock.

Dance-pop is a popular mainstream style of music and there have been numerous pop artists and groups who perform in the genre. Notable ones includeCher, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Gloria Estefan, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Spice Girls, Paula Abdul, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, NSYNC, Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez

Feels Like Summer (Weezer song)

"Feels Like Summer" is a song by the American rock band Weezer. It was released on March 16, 2017 as the lead single for their 2017 album Pacific Daydream. The song was performed for the first time at the SXSW on March 17, 2017.

Icona Pop

Icona Pop (English: ) is a Swedish electropop duo that formed in 2009, with electro house, punk and indie pop music influences. The two members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, who grew up in Stockholm, create what has been described as music "you can both laugh and cry to at the same time". They signed to TEN Music Group in 2009. Their biggest hit to date has been "I Love It". Since September 2012, the duo have been based in the United States, in Los Angeles and New York City.

Innocents (video)

Innocents, released in 1989 and recorded at the NEC Arena, Birmingham on 15 November 1988, is the second concert video released by British synthpop duo Erasure. It was recorded in the latter stages of the band's tour of their third studio album "The Innocents". Unlike the studio album, the definite article ("The") is omitted from the video title. Originally only available on VHS, the video features 14 songs recorded at the concert, including performances of tracks from "Wonderland", "The Circus" and the "Crackers International" EP. Only 4 of the included tracks are songs from "The Innocents".

The concert was shot at the Birmingham NEC, parts of which were first broadcast 12 December 1988 as part of a special BBC television documentary.

Inside Out (Britney Spears song)

"Inside Out" is a song by American recording artist Britney Spears, included on her seventh studio album Femme Fatale (2011). It was written by Lukasz Gottwald, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Mathieu Jomphe, Max Martin and Bonnie McKee whilst production was handled by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Billboard. Musically, "Inside Out" is an electropop song that uses elements of dubstep and R&B, and has been compared to Spears' previous material on previous albums In the Zone and Circus, as well as the work of Madonna. Lyrically, the song has been described as a "sexy break-up song", while making references to her previous singles "...Baby One More Time" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy". The song received generally positive reviews from music critics, who commended its production. Due to strong digital sales of the album, "Inside Out" peaked at number fifty-nine on South Korea's Gaon International Chart.

Iris (American band)

Iris is an American synthpop band, formed by Reagan Jones and Mat Morris in 1993. After the release of their first album Disconnect, Matthew Morris was replaced with Andrew Sega, who pushed the band's sound in a more experimental electronic direction. Their latest album, Radiant, was released in October 2014.

Radio (Beyoncé song)

"Radio" is a song by American recording artist Beyoncé taken from her third studio album, I Am… Sasha Fierce (2008). The uptempo electropop/dance-pop song was composed by Beyoncé, Rico Love, Dwayne Nesmith and Jim Jonsin. Composed in the key of D major and built essentially on bouncy beat, "Radio" also displays influences of the 1980s synthpop, Europop, and house. It is instrumentally complete with a Roland TR-808 drum, bass instruments, and synthesizers. The song's lyrics describe the love of Beyoncé in her childhood for the songs she used to listen on the radio as she grew into an adult.

"Radio" received positive reviews from contemporary music critics, who generally praised Knowles's departure from her usual R&B style. Some of them also complimented the believability as well as the originality of the song and chose it as the standout track of I Am... Sasha Fierce. In September 2009, "Radio" was used to promote Dutch radio station Radio 538, and it subsequently charted for six weeks on the Dutch Top 40 chart, where it peaked at number 14. It also reached number five on its urban chart. "Radio" was part of Beyoncé's set list on her I Am... Tour (2009–10) and was included on the live album I Am... World Tour (2010).

Super Show 4 (album)

Super Show 4 - Super Junior World Tour Concert Album is Super Junior's fourth live recorded album, released on June 28, 2013. This album contains three CDs with 40 live recordings from the Super Show 4 concerts.

Super Show 5 (album)

Super Show 5 - Super Junior World Tour Concert Album is Super Junior's fifth live recorded album, released on 6 November 2015. This album contains two CDs with 31 live recordings from the Super Show 5 concerts held on March 23–24, 2013 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena located in Seoul, South Korea.

Super Show 6 (album)

Super Show 6 - Super Junior World Tour Concert Album is Super Junior's sixth live recorded album, released on 6 November 2015. This album contains two CDs with 36 live recordings from the Super Show 6 concerts held on September 19–21, 2014 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena located in Seoul, South Korea.


Synth-pop (short for synthesizer pop; also called techno-pop) is a subgenre of new wave music that first became prominent in the late 1970s and features the synthesizer as the dominant musical instrument. It was prefigured in the 1960s and early 1970s by the use of synthesizers in progressive rock, electronic, art rock, disco, and particularly the "Krautrock" of bands like Kraftwerk. It arose as a distinct genre in Japan and the United Kingdom in the post-punk era as part of the new wave movement of the late 1970s to the mid-1980s.

Electronic musical synthesizers that could be used practically in a recording studio became available in the mid-1960s, while the mid-1970s saw the rise of electronic art musicians. After the breakthrough of Gary Numan in the UK Singles Chart in 1979, large numbers of artists began to enjoy success with a synthesizer-based sound in the early 1980s. In Japan, Yellow Magic Orchestra introduced the TR-808 rhythm machine to popular music, and the band would be a major influence on early British synth-pop acts. The development of inexpensive polyphonic synthesizers, the definition of MIDI and the use of dance beats, led to a more commercial and accessible sound for synth-pop. This, its adoption by the style-conscious acts from the New Romantic movement, together with the rise of MTV, led to success for large numbers of British synth-pop acts in the US.

"Synth-pop" is sometimes used interchangeably with "electropop", but "electropop" may also denote a variant of synth-pop that places more emphasis on a harder, more electronic sound. In the mid to late 1980s, duos such as Erasure and Pet Shop Boys adopted a style that was highly successful on the US dance charts, but by the end of the decade, the 'new wave' synth-pop of bands such as A-ha and Alphaville was giving way to house music and techno. Interest in new wave synth-pop began to revive in the indietronica and electroclash movements in the late 1990s, and in the 2000s synth-pop enjoyed a widespread revival and commercial success.

The genre has received criticism for alleged lack of emotion and musicianship; prominent artists have spoken out against detractors who believed that synthesizers themselves composed and played the songs. Synth-pop music has established a place for the synthesizer as a major element of pop and rock music, directly influencing subsequent genres (including house music and Detroit techno) and has indirectly influenced many other genres, as well as individual recordings.

That Girl (Stevie Wonder song)

"That Girl" is a song by American R&B singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder. The song was the leading single from Wonder's album-era greatest-hits compilation, Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium I, as one of four newer songs from the collection. The song spent nine weeks at number one on the Billboard R&B singles chart and reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100. The song would later be sampled by rapper 2Pac on his song, "So Many Tears" and covered by R&B singer Joe. The song was sampled by Queen Latifah on her album Order in the Court on the non-U.S. track "Let Her Live". A cover version appears on UK band Hue and Cry's 1992 album "Truth & Love". MJG, one half of the hip-hop duo 8Ball & MJG also sampled the song of the same name on his 1997 solo debut No More Glory.

Wild! (video)

Recorded at the London Arena on 11 December 1989 as part of the tour of their "Wild!" album and released in 1990 on VHS video, Wild! (live) is Erasure's third concert video. With 23 tracks and a running time of almost 90 minutes, it is the first of Erasure's live videos to feature an entire concert, except in the US where a much abridged 15-track version was released. In 1992 the concert was also released in the US on LaserDisc, still with only 15 tracks. In 2016 it was announced that the video will be released on DVD, exclusively as part of the From Moscow To Mars box set.

The concert included 9 of the 10 songs from "Wild!", as well as songs from all 3 of Erasure's previous albums, songs from the "Crackers International" EP and a cover version of Cerrone's "Supernature", a studio version of which featured as a b-side on the "You Surround Me" single.

Work (Ciara song)

"Work" is a song recorded by American recording artist Ciara for her third studio album Fantasy Ride (2009). It was released by LaFace Records on July 24, 2009, as the album's fifth and final single. Rapper Missy Elliott provides featured vocals on the song. Ciara and Elliott wrote it in collaboration with its producers Nate "Danja" Hills and Marcella Araica. "Work" is a fast-paced electropop and dance song with elements of house and hip hop. Ciara described it as an energetic club track, and considered it initially as the lead single of Fantasy Ride.

"Work" received mixed opinions overall by critics, some of whom called it the album's strongest track and praised its hook, while others regarded the song as unoriginal and disappointing. The single peaked at number 52 on the UK Singles Chart and number 46 in Sweden. In Ireland, it reached number 31, the single's highest peak position on any chart. Melina Matsoukas directed the song's music video, in which Ciara performs with her dancers.

Zombie Bastards

"Zombie Bastards" is a song by the American rock band Weezer, released as a single from their "Black Album" on November 21, 2018.

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