Edirne Province

Edirne Province (Turkish: Edirne ili, Bulgarian: Одрин, Greek: Επαρχία Αδριανούπολης) is a Turkish province located in East Thrace. Part of European Turkey, it is one of only three provinces located entirely within continental Europe. Edirne Province is bordered by Tekirdağ Province and Kırklareli Province to the east, and the Gallipoli peninsula of Çanakkale Province to the south-east. It shares international borders with Bulgaria to the north and Greece to the west.

Edirne is the capital of the province, notable for serving as the third capital of the Ottoman Empire from 1363 to 1453.

Edirne Province

Edirne ili
Location of Edirne Province in Turkey
Location of Edirne Province in Turkey
RegionWest Marmara
 • Electoral districtEdirne
 • Total6,279 km2 (2,424 sq mi)
 • Total411,528
 • Density66/km2 (170/sq mi)
Area code(s)0284
Vehicle registration22


Edirne districts
Edirne districts.

Edirne province is divided into 9 districts (capital district in bold):

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Coordinates: 41°07′12″N 26°31′14″E / 41.12000°N 26.52056°E

Adrianople Vilayet

The Vilayet of Adrianople or Vilayet of Edirne (Ottoman Turkish: ولايت ادرنه‎, Vilâyet-i Edirne) was a first-level administrative division (vilayet) of the Ottoman Empire.

This vilayet was split between Turkey and Greece in 1923, culminating in the formation of Western and Eastern Thrace after World War I as part of the Treaty of Lausanne. A small portion of the Vilayet was given to Bulgaria in the Treaty of Bucharest (1913) after the Balkan wars. In the late 19th century it reportedly had an area of 26,160 square miles (67,800 km2). In the east it bordered with the Istanbul Vilayet, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, in the west with the Salonica Vilayet, in the north with Eastern Rumelia (Bulgaria since 1885) and in the south with the Aegean Sea. Sometimes the area is described also as Southern Thrace, or Adrianopolitan Thrace.After the city of Edirne (pop. in 1905 about 80,000), the principal towns were Tekirdağ (35,000), Gelibolu (25,000), Kırklareli (16,000), İskeçe (14,000), Çorlu (11,500), Dimetoka (10,000), Enez (8000), Gümülcine (8000) and Dedeağaç (3000).

Altınyazı Dam

Altınyazı Dam is a dam in Edirne Province, Turkey, built between 1965 and 1970.

Battle of Maritsa

The Battle of Maritsa, or Battle of Chernomen (Serbian: Marička bitka/ Маричка битка, Bulgarian: Битката при Марица, битката при Черномен, Turkish: Çirmen Muharebesi, İkinci Meriç Muharebesi in tr. Second Battle of Maritsa) took place at the Maritsa River near the village of Chernomen (today Ormenio in Greece) on 26 September 1371 between the forces of Ottoman commanders Lala Shahin Pasha and Evrenos and Serbian commanders King Vukašin Mrnjavčević and his brother Despot Jovan Uglješa who also wanted to get revenge after the First Battle of Maritsa.

Colla (Thrace)

Colla was a settlement and station (mutatio) of ancient Thrace, inhabited during Roman and Byzantine times.Its site is located near Sığırcıl in European Turkey.

Cypsela (Thrace)

Cypsela or Kypsela (Ancient Greek: Κυψέλα or Κύψελα), was an ancient Greek town on the river Hebrus in ancient Thrace, which was once an important place on the Via Egnatia.Its site is located near the modern İpsala.


Enez is a town and a district of Edirne Province, in Thrace, Turkey. The pre-Turkish name of the town was Ainos (Greek: Αἶνος), Latinized as Aenus.

The mayor is Ahmet Çayır (DSP). The population is 3,826 as of 2010.

Hamzadere Dam

Hamzadere Dam is a dam in Turkey. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works.

Kadıköy Dam

Kadıköy Dam is a dam in Turkey. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works.

Kavakdere Dam

Kavakdere Dam is a dam in Izmir Province, Turkey, built between 1994 and 2002. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works.

Koyuntepe Dam

Koyuntepe Dam is a dam in Turkey. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works.

Lake Gala National Park

The Lake Gala National Park (Turkish: Gala Gölü Milli Parkı), established on March 5, 2005, is a national park located within Edirne Province in Marmara Region of Turkey.The national park covers an area consisting of Lake Pamuklu and Lake Küçük Gala within the boundaries of İpsala and Enez districts. In 1991, 2,369 ha (5,850 acres) of land was declared a nature reserve. In 2002, biologists from Trakya University in Edirne demanded transformation of the protected area into a national park status due to pollution of lakes by pesticide waste and fertilizer, used in agriculture, as well as uncontrolled fishing activities and bird poaching that reach a level of massacre. In 2005, the area was enlarged to 6,090 ha (15,000 acres), and it was established as a national park. Lake Gala National Park is an ecosystem of 3,090 ha (7,600 acres) wetland, lake and 3,000 ha (7,400 acres) forest. It is a habitat for various plant and animal species.The protected area is administered by the Directorate-General of Nature Protection and National Parks (Turkish: Doğa Koruma ve Milli Parklar Genel Müdürlüğü) of the Ministry of Environment and Forest.

List of populated places in Edirne Province

Below is the list of populated places in Edirne Province, Turkey by the districts. In the following lists first place in each list is the administrative center of the district.


Orestias (Greek: Ὀρεστιάς) was an ancient Greek settlement next to the Maritsa (or Evros) river, near or at the site of present-day Edirne, and close to the current border between Turkey and Greece.Legends claim that Orestias was founded by Orestes, the son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.

Orestias or Orestia is thought to have been the same town as Uscudama (other variants: Uskudama, Uskadama, Uskodama) or Odrysa (other variants: Odrysia, Odrysos, Odrysus) which was the first Odrysian capital. Orestias took its name by the Greeks, at least from the time Philip II of Macedon took over the town. The Roman emperor Hadrian expanded the town into a city, gave it a strong fortification and renamed it to Hadrianopolis. However the name Orestias for the city of Hadrian, was still used by many writers at the Byzantine era, along with Adrianoupolis.

During the Ottoman period the name of Adrianou(polis) was paraphrased by the Turks and eventually became Edirne.

In 1920 when the Greeks took over most of Eastern Thrace including Edirne, they restored the city's Roman name (Adrianoupolis) and not its old Greek name (Orestias), which was given to its suburb Karaağaç, in remembrance of the ancient Thracian town.

Orestiada (or Nea Orestias or New Orestias) is a modern Greek town founded in 1923 on a site 17 km to the south of Orestias, to house Greek refugees who had to abandon the latter border town, which was given to Turkey (along with two villages) by the Treaty of Lausanne.

Sultanköy Dam

Sultanköy Dam is a dam in Turkey. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works.

Süloğlu Dam

Süloğlu Dam is a dam in Süloğlu district, Edirne Province, Turkey. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works and was built between 1975 and 1981.

Tekirdağ Province

Tekirdağ Province (Turkish: Tekirdağ ili, pronounced [teˈciɾdaː]) is a province of Turkey. It is located in the East Thrace region of the country, also known as European Turkey, one of only three provinces entirely within continental Europe. Tekirdağ Province is bordered by Istanbul Province to the east, Kırklareli Province to the north, Edirne Province to the west, and the Gallipoli peninsula of Çanakkale Province to the south.

Tekirdağ is the capital of the province, and the largest city in European Turkey aside from the European section of Istanbul.


The Tundzha (Bulgarian: Тунджа, Turkish: Tunca, Greek: Τόνζος) is a river in Bulgaria and Turkey and the most significant tributary of the Maritsa, emptying into it on Turkish territory near Edirne.

The river takes its source from the central parts of Stara Planina north of Kalofer, it then flows east and makes a sharp turn to the south before Yambol, in which direction it flows until it reaches the Maritsa. The Tundzha's length is about 365 km, of which 328 km on Bulgarian territory (including border). It has about 50 tributaries, the more important of which Mochuritsa, Popovska and Sinapovska.

Towns on the banks of the river include Kalofer, Yambol and Elhovo.

Çakmak Dam (Edirne)

Çakmak Dam is a dam in Turkey. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works.


İpsala (Ancient Greek: Kypsela, Κύψελα, Greek: Ìpsala, Ύψαλα) is a town and district of Edirne Province in northwestern Turkey. It is the location of one of the main border checkpoints between Greece and Turkey. (The Greek town opposite İpsala is Kipoi.) The population is 8,332 (the city) and 30,112 (whole district).

The state road D.110 (European route E90) connects the border checkpoint İpsala with Tekirdağ at the coast of Marmara Sea.

Edirne Province of Turkey


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