Edgar Burcksen

Edgar Burcksen (born 13 May 1947, Apeldoorn), is a Dutch film editor, who moved to the United States in 1985 after editing over 15 films in the Netherlands. He is a member of the American Cinema Editors and is fluent in English, German, French and Dutch.


After a successful career as a film editor in The Netherlands, he settled in California, where he became the supervising editor for 52 episodes of "Seabert", a French cartoon that later became televised by HBO. Afterwards, Burcksen was hired by Colossal Pictures where he collaborated editorially on many commercials, including those for Disney, Budweiser, and Levi's.

Burcksen was hired by ILM in 1989 to become the visual effects editor on The Hunt for Red October. Based on his success, he was later assigned to post production on Die Hard 2. Afterwards, Burcksen oversaw editing on "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles". His work with George Lucas on the series earned him an Emmy for best editing in 1992.

After the series, he became editor and post production supervisor on "500 Nations" and Star Command. In 1996 he was signed up to edit Colors Straight Up, which was later nominated for best feature-length documentary at the Oscars the following year. His collaboration with director Jeroen Krabbé on the feature "Left Luggage" was received with 4 prestigious awards at the Berlin Film Festival in 1998.

Burcksen has been elected as a member of the American Cinema Editors,[1] and is currently a member of its board of directors. From 2001-2010, Edgar Burcksen was editor-in-chief of CINEMAEDITOR—the official magazine of the ACE.

In February 2011, the American Cinema Editors honored Burcksen with the Robert Wise Award for his tireless efforts to highlight the post-production process of film and television projects in his role as editor-in-chief of CINEMAEDITOR.[2]


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American Cinema Editors

Founded in 1950, American Cinema Editors (ACE) is an honorary society of film editors that are voted in based on the qualities of professional achievements, their education of others, and their dedication to editing. The society is not to be confused with an industry union, such as the I.A.T.S.E. (specifically the Motion Picture Editors Guild or MPEG) to which an editor might belong. The current President of ACE is Stephen E. Rivkin.

American Cinema Editors Awards 2008

The 58th ACE Eddie Awards were held on 17 February 2008 in the International Ballroom, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA; the nominees and winners are listed below.


Cinemaeditor Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by American Cinema Editors (ACE). It began in 1951 as an in-house publication titled The Cinemeditor. It grew to 5,000 subscribers in 1963. In 1971 the title changed to American Cinemeditor. After a two-year suspension, in 1993 it became a monthly newsletter titled Cinemeditor. The publication returned to a magazine format in 1995. In Winter 2001 the title became Cinemaeditor. Edgar Burcksen presently leads the magazine's team, with Associate Editor Vincent LoBrutto.

Golden Calf Occupation Award

The following is a list of winners of the Golden Calf Occupation Award (also known as the Golden Calf Professionals Award) of the Netherlands Film Festival. In 2003, the category was split up into separate categories for Best Production Design, Best Sound Design, Best Music, Best Editing and Best Camera.

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