Eddy Barrows

Eduardo Barros is a Brazilian comic book artist, better known by his pen name of Eddy Barrows. He is best known for his work at DC Comics on such titles as Birds of Prey, Countdown to Adventure, Action Comics, Superman, Teen Titans, and 52.

Eddy Barrows
Comic Con Germany Stuttgart 2017 by-RaBoe 156
Barrows at the Comic Con in Stuttgart, July 2, 2017.
BornEduardo Barros[1]
Belém do Pará, Brazil[1]
Area(s)Penciller, Inker
Notable works
Action Comics
Birds of Prey
Countdown to Adventure
Teen Titans

Early life

Barrows was born in Belém do Pará, Brazil. He and his parents moved to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais when he was 2 years old. During his childhood, his mother brought home Turma da Mônica – a Brazilian comic by Maurício de Sousa – and works from the Disney company. She read them to him, and Barrows said that he fell in love with comics immediately. He still reads Turma da Mônica to this day. Chico Bento remains his favorite character. From there, he eventually started to draw. While never having gone to school specifically for art, Barrows studied animation for two to three years before becoming a working artist.


When Barrows was 22 years old, Belo Horizonte he began working by doing some pictures for school books, books for kids, and publicity agencies. During this time, Barrows gave up comics for a while. When he was 24, he returned to comics by doing tests for Art & Comics Studios. When he got approval, he began training for 6 months. Soon after, a career in comics was put on the fast track. His first work was a tie-in comic for the then-World Wrestling Federation on Stone Cold Steve Austin at Chaos Comics. After six issues of that series, Barrows felt he needed "more practice." He took a hiatus from comics and would come back when he felt ready.

He came back to comics in 2003, when landed G.I. Joe for IDW Publishing. Barrows described the experience as "amazing," finally feeling ready and good about the pages he sent to his writers. Barrows became the official artist of the book until April 2004, when he again decided to leave comics and put more time at the Jornal Estado de Minas, a local newspaper. In the mid-2004, Joe Prado called Barrows asking If he would like to come back to Art & Comics Studios, which he accepted.

After illustrating a comic book for Avatar Press, he submitted three test pages to DC Comics, after which they hired him to work on Bloodhound. Following that, Barrows contributed to Batman: Secret Files Villains 2005 and three issues of Birds of Prey. From there, Barrows became an artist on the weekly series 52 and then teamed with writer Gail Simone on The All-New Atom. After leaving Atom, editor Eddie Berganza offered Countdown To Adventure.

Barrows' took over penciling duties with a year-long run on Teen Titans with writer Sean McKeever, as well as being teamed with writer Greg Rucka for a run on DC's longest running title, Action Comics.[2] As of 2010, Barrows has become one of the main artists for DC's Superman family of titles, collaborating with writer James Robinson on the Man of Steel's tie-in miniseries to the Blackest Night event, illustrating the main story in Free Comic Book Day's War of the Supermen zero-issue, and providing the covers to that main series.

Barrows began his run as artist on DC's Superman, with writer J. Michael Straczynski for the writer's run on the main Superman title, beginning with the "Grounded" story arc with a ten-page entry in issue #700 (August 2010).


Interior pencil art includes:



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