Edd Kalehoff

Edward Woodley Kalehoff Jr. (born September 1, 1945) is an American television music composer who specializes in compositions for television.

Edd Kalehoff
Birth nameEdward Woodley Kalehoff Jr.
BornSeptember 1, 1945 (age 73)
Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Notable pieces

Composer of about 1,000 pieces, mainly for television, his credits include many of the music cues used on The Price Is Right (although the 1972 theme is officially attributed to Sheila Cole [1] ) and the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare; a music package for ABC Sports that updated and expanded the Monday Night Football theme; the 1991 theme song for Labatt Blue Jays/Expos Baseball on TSN in Canada; music for WNBC-TV's famous 1992 promotional campaign "We're 4 New York"; and many television news music and station image packages used on stations such as WEWS-TV in Cleveland, WJBK-TV in Detroit, and WNYW-TV, WCBS-TV and WNBC-TV in New York City. The NBC Stations package composed in 1995 for WNBC was used by the station until 2003. Due to its long run as the music package for WNBC, it is widely known in the Tri-State Region.[2] His most recent work is the new theme for the PBS NewsHour as part of a new on-air look launched on July 20, 2015.

Longtime associations

He has long been associated with Score Productions and Mark Goodson Productions and is a favorite composer.

Currently Kalehoff is the chosen composer for ABC News and is a member of BMI who calls him a "legend" along the lines of Mike Post.

As a keyboard player and record producer

Kalehoff is a noted keyboard player, being a featured performer in the documentary film Moog and keyboardist for several albums by The Roches. He was prominently featured in a 1973 television commercial for Schaefer Beer as "Edd Kalehoff at the MOOG synthesizer" playing his rendition of the company's jingle.

As a record producer, he produced several albums including ones for The Roches and Andrea McArdle.

Personal life

He was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. His father Edward Woodley ("Woody") Kalehoff Sr. was a well-known musician who played piano in the White House for both presidents Roosevelt and Truman. He was married to Broadway actress and singer Andrea McArdle, and their daughter Alexis has appeared in many Broadway productions. The couple divorced in August, 2011. He has two sons, Max and Rex, from his first marriage.

It was speculated on a 2003 episode of The Howard Stern Show that Kalehoff receives an estimated $250,000 per year from his compositions still used on The Price Is Right.

Selected filmography

Source: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0435664/

News music packages composed by Edd Kalehoff

  • Dayna (WJBK)
  • Eyewitness Primetime (WJBK, after switch to Fox)
  • Good Day (WNYW, Good Day New York)
  • Grandeur (WCBS-TV; now used as a Showcase cue on The Price Is Right)
  • Groove News (KNSD)
  • Industrial Strength (WTTG)
  • Major Theme (WJBK)
  • NBC Stations (WNBC)
  • Nightcast (WCBS)
  • Straight Talk (WJBK)
  • Today's 4 (WBZ-TV)
  • We're 4 New York (WNBC package/campaign)
  • Live on 5 (WEWS)
  • Evening News (WJBK)
  • CNBC Music Package 2000-2003


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The Nickelodeon version premiered on November 2, 1987, and was hosted by Wesley Eure. Following this version's cancellation, Larry Toffler hosted a syndicated version that premiered on September 12, 1988.

Heavy Action

"Heavy Action" is a piece of music composed by Johnny Pearson. Composed in 1970, and featuring a strong brass fanfare opening, "Heavy Action" soon became a well established sporting theme tune, most associated in the UK as the theme for Superstars, and in North America as the theme music for ABC and ESPN's Monday Night Football.

History IQ

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During each episode, three contestants participated in a process of elimination game. Season one's daily grand prize was $25,000. The daily grand prize was lowered to $5,000 in season two, but contestants also played for a spot to advance in a tournament for a top prize of $250,000.

During the show's original run, home viewers could play along with the game online at the History IQ website. Shortly after the last original episode aired, reruns began airing at 6AM E/T on Saturday mornings, and continued until June 27, 2009.

Inside Edition

Inside Edition (alternately titled as Inside Edition with Deborah Norville in program introductions for its weekday broadcasts since 1998) is an American television newsmagazine that is distributed in first-run syndication by CBS Television Distribution. Having premiered on January 9, 1989, it is the longest-running syndicated-newsmagazine program that is not strictly focused on entertainment news. The program features a mix of hard news stories, entertainment news and gossip, scandals, true-crime stories and lifestyle features.

Since 1995, the program's weekday broadcasts have been anchored by Deborah Norville. Since 2009, Diane McInerney has anchored the program's weekend editions (originally as a co-anchor with Paul Boyd until his departure in 2014) and also serves as a substitute for Norville on the weekday broadcasts.

List of sports television composers

A number of composers have created music for sports television broadcasts.

Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour

The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour is an American television game show that combined two game shows of the 1960s and 1970s – Match Game and Hollywood Squares – into an hour-long format.

The series ran from October 31, 1983 to July 27, 1984 on NBC. Gene Rayburn hosted the Match Game and Super Match segments, while Jon "Bowzer" Bauman hosted the Hollywood Squares segment. Gene Wood was the show's regular announcer with Johnny Olson, Rich Jeffries, and Bob Hilton substituting during the run.

The series was a joint production of Mark Goodson Productions and Orion Television, which owned the rights to Squares at the time.

Moog (film)

Moog is a 2004 documentary film by Hans Fjellestad about electronic instrument pioneer Dr. Robert Moog. The film features scenes of Dr. Moog interacting with various musical artists who view Moog as an influential figure in the history of electronic music.

Moog is not a comprehensive history of electronic music nor does it serve as a chronological history of the development of the Moog synthesizer. There is no narration, rather the scenes feature candid conversation and interviews that serve more as a tribute to Moog than a documentary.

The film was shot on location in Hollywood, New York, Tokyo, and Asheville, North Carolina where Moog's company is based. Additional concert performances were filmed in London and San Francisco.

The film's 2004 release was designed to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Moog Music, Robert Moog's company that was founded as R.A. Moog Co. in 1954.

Nightly Business Report

Nightly Business Report is an American business news magazine television program that has aired weeknights on public television stations since January 22, 1979. Internationally the show is seen on CNBC Europe (Friday edition only) and CNBC Asia.

From January 22, 1979 to March 1, 2013, the show was produced at WPBT in Miami, Florida. In February 2013, CNBC purchased the program and closed its Miami operations. Tyler Mathisen joined Susie Gharib as co-anchor when it relaunched on March 4, 2013 to coincide with Gharib's return to CNBC after leaving it in 1998 to join NBR. Gharib left NBR on December 31, 2014; she was replaced on January 5, 2015 by Sue Herera, previously Mathisen's co-anchor on CNBC's Power Lunch. On March 9, 2018, Mathisen left the program, and was replaced three days later by original Power Lunch anchor Bill Griffeth who reunited with his former PL co-anchor Herera.

Score Productions

Score Productions is an American musical production company specializing in background music and themes for television programs. Started in 1963 by music producer Robert A. Israel, Score has created some of the most recognizable tunes in America — most identifiable by just a few notes.Among the composers who worked for Score Productions are Charles Fox, Walt Levinsky, Arthur B. Rubinstein, Dick Lieb, Michel Camilo, Chuck Loeb, Billy Barber, Irving "Benny" Robbin, Charles Gross, Glen Daum, Birch Johnson, and Les Fradkin.

One of the Score-produced compositions, "Come on Down", also known as the theme song from The Price Is Right, would eventually become a number one hit on Billboard's Dance Club Songs Chart for Crystal Waters in 2001. The single also marked the first time that a television theme song (and one that came from a game show) reached number one on a Dance chart, and the first to feature lyrics.

Silvercup Studios

Silvercup Studios is the largest film and television production facility in New York City. The studio is located in the neighborhood of Long Island City in the borough of Queens and the Port Morris neighborhood of the Bronx. The studio complex has been operating since 1983 in the former Silvercup Bakery building. It is owned and operated by brothers Alan and Stuart Suna.

Smackwater Jack

Smackwater Jack is a 1971 studio album by Quincy Jones. Tracks include the theme music to Ironside and The Bill Cosby Show.


Tattletales is an American game show that first aired on the CBS daytime schedule on February 18, 1974. It was hosted by Bert Convy, with several announcers including Jack Clark, Gene Wood, Johnny Olson and John Harlan providing the voiceover at various times. Wood was the primary announcer during the show's first run, and Olson was announcing during the 1980s.

The show's premise involved questions asked about celebrity couples' personal lives and was based on He Said, She Said, a syndicated Goodson-Todman show that aired during the 1969–70 season.

The American Sportsman

The American Sportsman was an American television series from 1965 to 1986 on ABC which presented filmed highlights involving the program's hosts and celebrities participating in hunting and/or fishing trips along with outdoor recreational activities such as whitewater kayaking, hang gliding and free climbing. It was typically presented on Sunday afternoons, frequently following coverage of live sporting events. From 1965 to 1967, the program was hosted by former South Dakota Republican Governor, American Football League commissioner, and World War II hero Joe Foss; it was later hosted by Grits Gresham, an outdoorsman from Natchitoches, Louisiana, and long-time sports announcer Curt Gowdy.

Some of the celebrities shown included Bing Crosby, Andy Griffith, General Jimmy Doolittle, Burt Reynolds, Larry Hagman, Phil Harris, Caitlyn Jenner (as Bruce Jenner), Bert Jones, Redd Foxx, William Shatner, and Shelley Hack. Regarding the famous people who appeared on the show, Gowdy noted, “They were all wonderful sportsmen, and for many of them it was a chance for them to get away from Hollywood, the movies, entertainment, politics or sports. For me, the American Sportsman series was some of the best times in my life.”The show has its roots in a 20-minute segment depicting Curt Gowdy and Joe Brooks fly fishing in the Andes Mountains in Argentina in 1964. The segment appeared on Wide World of Sports and immediately was spun off into its own series airing at 3 PM EST on Sundays January through March on ABC. The show's first episode was on January 31, 1965.Episodes have been rebroadcast on ESPN Classic in recent years. A revival of the show titled The New American Sportsman ran from 2002-2006 on ESPN2, hosted by Rick Schroder (season one), Deion Sanders (season two) and Tom Ackerman (seasons three and four). Several members of the production team of the classic series (including executive producer Bud Morgan and head writer Pat Smith) were involved with the revival. Celebrities appearing included Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Ethan Hawke, Bo Jackson, Jack Nicklaus, Kevin Costner and William Shatner (the latter of whom also appeared on the original show several times).

The Girl in My Life

The Girl In My Life was an American daytime television show spotlighting women who made a difference in people's lives. The show was hosted by Fred Holliday and the announcers were Bob Warren and John Harlan. The program aired on ABC during the 1973-1974 TV season. The show was created by William T. Naud.

The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker

The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker, also known as Pigeons, is a 1970 American comedy film directed by John Dexter and written by Ron Whyte. The film stars Jordan Christopher, Jill O'Hara, Robert Walden, Kate Reid, William Redfield and Lois Nettleton. The film was released on October 28, 1970, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Think Fast (1989 game show)

Think Fast is an American children's game show which aired on Nickelodeon from May 1, 1989 to mid-1990, with reruns airing weekly until June 29, 1991.

For the first season, the show was hosted by Michael Carrington, and announced by James Eoppolo. When the show moved to the new Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida for season two, Carrington was replaced by Skip Lackey. While Eoppolo was invited to stay on as announcer, he was contractually obligated to another project by that time, and was replaced by Henry J. Waleczko. The show's theme music was composed by Edd Kalehoff.

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