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Economics film is a film genre concerned with economics, typically about business, investing, and finance. The genre often deals with issues concerned with economics, typically about business, investing, and money. Economic films often touch upon themes that occur in the everyday world of business or in the economy in a general sense. Economics films have often been utilized to focus on economic, financial, political, social and philosophical issues.

Common subject matter involving economic films are diverse. The genre often explores the essential themes related to economics such as money, wealth, materialism, greed, profiteering, power, corporatism, economic inequality, corporate criticism, anti-corporate activism, corporate corruption, and dishonesty.

The genre is also characterized by references to famous real life and fictional businesspeople such as William Randolph Hearst (Citizen Kane), Howard Hughes (The Aviator), and Gordon Gekko (Wall Street). Though economic films are socially conscious and focused on many aspects related to the business world, many other films are focused on extreme wealth, lavishness, self-indulgence, materialistic, and luxurious subject matter such as having braggadocios about high-end luxury goods, cars, wine, houses, and expensive champagne.

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R.J. Minney

R.J. Minney (1895-1979) was a British film producer, journalist, editor and author. He was author of over 40 books including novels, biographies and histories and other books. As a film-maker and film producer he worked with British film companies such as Gainsborough Pictures and was invited to Hollywood by Darryl F. Zanuck. He wrote successful plays. He was also a journalist in India and in London and was editor of several newspapers, including during World War II. He was also a Labour Party candidate and came close to unseating Edward Heath in the safe Conservative Bexley constituency in 1955.

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