Eastern Punjab Railway

The Eastern Punjab Railway was the successor of the North Western State Railway in East Punjab after the partition of India.[1][2] In 1952, Northern Railway was formed with a portion of East Indian Railway Company, Jodhpur Railway, north-west of Mughalsarai, Bikaner Railway and Eastern Punjab Railway.[3]

Eastern Punjab Railway
PredecessorNorth Western State Railway
SuccessorNorth Western Railway
Area served
East Punjab
ServicesRail transport


  1. ^ Reed, Sir Stanley (1949). The Times of India Directory and Year Book. Times of India Press. Retrieved 26 November 2016. On that day the Indian portion of tile North-Western was constituted into Eastern Punjab Railway, and the parts of the Bengal- Assam in the province of Assam were formed Into Assam Railway.
  2. ^ Directory of Railway Officials & Yearbook. Tothill Press. 1954. p. 114. It comprises the whole of the former North-Western system of British India except the lines in the south-eastern Punjab, now the Eastern Punjab Railway of India.
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