Dwarakeswar River

Dwarakeswar River (also known as Dhalkisor) is a major river in the western part of the Indian state of West Bengal.

Dwarakeswar River
Dhalkisor River
Country India
State West Bengal
 - left Gandheswari River, Kukhra River, Birai River
 - right Shilabati River
City Bankura, Arambag
Source Tilboni Hill
Damodar Map


The river originates near Madhabpur in Purulia district and enters Bankura district near Chhatna. It cuts across the district flowing past the district headquarters and enters the southeastern tip of Bardhaman District. It then passes through Hooghly District.[1]

The Silai joins it near Ghatal and the two together are known as Rupnarayan River, which flows into the Hooghly River near Gadiara in Howrah District.

Dwarakeswar River has much sedimentation from low water (any season). In rainy seasons it is filled up with water; then huge sedimentations are blocked the channel, even near Arambagh the channel basin reduced by garbage and anthropogenic (man made) activities.


There is a proposal for the construction of a dam across the Dwarakeswar. The preliminary project report on Dwarakeswar Gandheswari Reservoir was received by the Central Water Commission in January 2004 for "in-principle" consent for preparation of a detailed Project Report was conveyed to the State Government in March 2004.[2]

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Coordinates: 23°08′21″N 87°17′11″E / 23.139097°N 87.286377°E

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