Doru Shahabad

Doru Shahabad (also written as Dooru Shahabad or only Doru) is a town and a notified area committee in Anantnag district of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is also known as historical township in South Kashmir's Anantnag district. Doru shahabad has been known as a place of intelligentia where great scholars like Mehmood shah Gami, Rasul Mir shahabadi, were borne who contributed to the literature and culture of kashmir. In present times shahabad has produced chief minister like syed mir qasim and many other politicians, beuracrates and some leading agricultural scientists.

Doru Shahabad
Doru Shahabad is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Doru Shahabad
Doru Shahabad
Location in Anantnag, India
Doru Shahabad is located in India
Doru Shahabad
Doru Shahabad
Doru Shahabad (India)
Coordinates: 33°26′N 75°05′E / 33.43°N 75.09°ECoordinates: 33°26′N 75°05′E / 33.43°N 75.09°E
Country India
StateJammu and Kashmir
 • OfficialKashmiri
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationJK03


At the 2011 India census,[1] Doru had a population of 19,429. Males constituted 53% of the population and females 47%. Doru had an average literacy rate of 70.61%, higher than the national average of 68%; with 83.09% of the males and 58.41% of females literate. 23% of the population was under 6 years of age.

Notable personnel

This small township has been home to several notable personalities of Kashmiri history, Kashmiri Literature, Art and Culture.

One of the famous,leading ,dynamic and versatile personalities is Ghulam Ahmad Itoo ,Numberdar Badermuna . Ghulam Ahmad Itoo was pioneer of Land Reform Movement which worked for the Rights of Kashmiri Peasants who were opressed by the tyraniccal Dogra Regime.He was also jailed for by the Dogra Regime.

Famous Kashmiri poets, such as Rasool Mir (known as the John Keats of Kashmir) Mir's Famous Poem is like this (translated)
This is Rasul Mir,at Shahabad, Doru. He has opened a love-kiosk. Come ye lovers, drink free cup. Love's fire burns me deep
, Mehmood Gami or Mahmud Gami (Jaami of Kashmir), Hamidullah Shahabadi, Asad Mir, Peer Mushkoor, Ghulam Ahmad Wani (Ama Thoker) and many others originated in Doru Shahabad. The pious religious kashmiri pandit scholar Sh.Damodhar Pandita Shahabadi also had his roots in Doru Shahabad. Doru is also inhabited by some present day heirs of Kashmiri poetry namely S.M. Maqbool Fayiz, Yasir Kashmiri, A.G. Nisar Shahbadi, Waahid Kashmiri, Figaar Kashmiri, Armaan Shahabadi.

The famous historian of Zainul Aabideen's court, Mullah Mohammad, who translated Rajatarangini from Sanskrit into Persian, was also from Doru Shahabad. Another great historian of Kashmir, Mir Saidullah, the author of Bagh-i-Sulaiman, was from Doru Shahabad as well, as was Syed Mir Qasim, who served as Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister from 1971 to 1975, as well as social activist Abdul Gani Malik. [2]

Syed Hussain, the brother of Syed Mir Qasim, who served the state of Jammu and Kashmir in different capacities is still living at Dooru. He has been M.L.A, M.L.C, chairman of the legislative council and executive member of several committees. He has also been member of Indian Rajya Sabha.

Advocate Sher Ali Boda, District Present of Congress, Bar president of Dooru Court, Sadri-Auaf Dooru,

Shrines and scholars

The town has Khankah Faiz Panah which has been originally constructed by Hazrat Mir Mohammad Hamadani, the son of Hazrat Ameer-i-Kabeer Mir Syed Ali Hamadani. The other important shrines of the town include Ziyarat Shah Mohammad Azam Sahib, Syed Jaffer Madani, Shah Asraar etc. The older muhallas (settlements) of the town are: Mirmaidan (birthplace of Rasool Mir ), Arabal, Sehpora, Mirgund, Khudhamam, Nadoora, Arampora (birthplace of Syed Mir Qasim ) ,etc. and the new colonies like College Road and Iqbal Colony have added up. The well-known Spring and Mughal garden Verinag is located nearby at a distance of 4 km from Doru Shahabad. There are two other Springs in the area namely Shehilnag and Sumnag known as siblings of famous spring Verinag in the locality. The Hindu tirths (shrines) like Luk Bawan (Lokapunya), Vitasta and Goswanigund are located in vicinity of the town.

The grand parents of religious scholar Sonaullah Mantoo alias Wafayi Amritsari and Asia's famous short story writer Sadat Hassan Mantoo did also hail from the Mantoo Dynasty of Shahabad-Doru, who had migrated to Amritsar from Doru in connection with their shawl business.

The eminent religious scholar Mirwaiz Ghulam Rasool Shah Sahib served the people of this soil for decades upholding the Islamic teachings and the religious enlightenment. Another religious scholar born on this soil was Mufti Ghulam Nabi Shah Sahib who was quite good at 'fiqa', Arabic and Persian grammars besides having fermancy in 'Quran' and 'Hadith'. 'Month: August-Year:2013' a collection of Kashmiri poetry entitled "WANSHAJ" penned by Waahid Kashmiri was made public.


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Anantnag (/ə'nʌntna:g/ or /-nɑːg/ listen is a city and a municipality, capital of the Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Anantnag is located at a distance of 53 kilometres (33 miles) from the state's capital Srinagar. It is the third largest city in Jammu and Kashmir after Srinagar and Jammu with an urban agglomerate population of more than 200,000 and municipal limit population over 100,000.

Anantnag district

Anantnag is a district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of ten districts which make up the Kashmir Valley. The district headquarters is Anantnag city. As of 2011, it was the third most populous district of Jammu and Kashmir (out of 22), after Jammu and Srinagar.


Chakpath is a place in Doru Shahabad tehsil in Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of 62 villages in Doru Shahabad Block along with villages like Shangrin and is one of the famous village around doru shahbad it has a big garden having four chinars it is near the garden kulamchinar it is one of the famous garden around the valley. Chakpath has an important place in the history of Kashmir. It is said that while on his way to different endeavours the famous ruler Yousuf Shah Chek used to rest under the chinars along with his baes.


Doru may refer to:

Doru (name)

Doru (genus), a genus of earwigs

Doru Shahabad, a town in Anantnag District, Jammu and Kashmir, India

The Doru, A race of the Telnarus Universe. A fantasy universe created by Sticky Flames

Doru (spear), the primary armament of Ancient Greek hoplites

Government Degree College, Doru

The Government Degree College, Doru Verinag Anantnag (Urdu;گورنمنٹ ڈگری کالج ڈوُرو) also known as Degree College Dooru,Verinag GDC Doru Verinag Anantnag is a University of Kashmir affiliated non-autonomous degree college located in Doru Shahabad, Verinag in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is affiliated with University of Kashmir and is recognised by University Grants Commission India, under sections 2(f) and 12(b) of UGC, Act 1956.

Haji Danter

Haji Danter [ Hanji Danter] is a village in Anantnag tehsil in Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu Kashmir. It is adjacent to Anantnag town, just 2 km away from lalchowk Anantnag. The approaches to the village are through Achabal Adda, Khanabal chowk and Naid khunoo Harnaag. The village is surrounded by all the three main tributaries of River Jhelum of Kashmir, The Brengi, The Aarpath, The Saandran. The village used to be main business hub in early times, because of developed water transport. The place has a port in its surroundings called Ghaati pushwara. The place had the first automatic hydral grinding machine called jindra, where people from far away places used to come to get their rice, wheat and spices grinded.

The village has a population of around 1500 and has highest literacy rate among the areas surrounding it.The area being surrounded by rivers on all sides is frequently hit by floods. The main religion of the people is Islam and are liberal in nature.


Kabamarg is a village in Doru Shahabad Tehsils in Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the presence of a relic of Muhammad, the shrine at Kabamarg is famous in the whole valley.

Luk Bawan

Luk Bawan is a village in Doru Shahabad Tehsils of

Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Mahmud Gami

Mahmud Gami (1765–1855) introduced in Kashmiri the Persian forms of the Masnavi and ghazal. He was born at Mehmood Abad then known as Adwadar - a village in Doru Shahabad, a historical town in South Kashmir. He is noted for his work Yusuf Zulaikha, a poem which is a major contribution to Kashmiri literature. It is the first and the most popular masnavi in Kashmiri. It comprises 700 verses and has also been rendered into the German by the 19th-century European scholar Fredrich Burkhard. After his death Mahmud Gami was laid to rest at a place in his own village.A park has been developed around his grave which is popularly known as 'Mehmood Gami Park'.

He stands out among the poets of his day by the fact that almost all of his work was in the Kashmiri Language. He is famous for his narrative romantic poems Shirin Khusro, Yusuf-Zulaikha, and Laila Majnu". He also versified in kashmiri, the histories of Mahmud of Ghazni, and Haroun Rashid. The Ghazal was Mahmud Gami's forte. His lyrics dealt with Sufi and Love themes, the later predominating


Monghall is a village in Anantnag tehsil in Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu and kashmir. It is one of 105 villages in Anantnag Block along with villages like Bagh Nowgam and Haji Danter.


Nathipora is a village in Doru Shahabad Tehsils in Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The village has total population about 1500 .

Nathipora is also a village in Zaingair Sopore located on Sopore-Kupwara highway Jammu and Kashmir India. It is a famous village for Apple cultivation locally.


Pethbugh is a village in Shahabad Tehsil in Anantnag District in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located 7 km towards the south from the district headquarters Anantnag and 64 km from the state capital Srinagar. Pethbugh Pin code is 192210 and postal head office is Dialgam. Pethbugh is surrounded by Anantnag Tehsil towards the north, Qazigund Tehsil towards the south, Qaimoh Tehsil towards the west, and Pahloo Tehsil towards the east. Anantnag, Srinagar, Udhampur, and Rajauri are the nearby cities to Pethbugh. This place is in the border of the Anantnag District and Kulgam District.


Qazigund, is a town and a notified area committee in Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Qazigund is located at 33.59°N 75.16°E / 33.59; 75.16. It has an average elevation of 1670 m (5478 feet) above mean sea level.

Rasul Mir

Rasool Mir (Kashmiri: رسول مِیر) (died 1870) was one of the leading Kashmiri poets of the 19th century. He was born at Doru Shahabad, a historic town in the Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir. He was said to have been alive in 1855 AD when Mahmood Gami died. Rasul Mir died a few years before-Maqbool Shah Kralawari (d.1874). He is one of the most celebrated Kashmiri poets and is popularly called as the John Keats of Kashmir. He brought Gazal to Kashmiri poetry. Gazals with rivers, valleys, birds, fruits and imagery of Kashmir are his forte.

His one of the famous poems is:

Gaste Wesiye Lala Chhum Durey

Me Chhu Mooreey Lalvun Nar

Translation:Go, my friend, my love stays for away.

I have to nurture the fire of love everyday.

Last couplet of this poem is:

Rasul Mir chhuy shahabad Durey,

Am chhu trovmut ashka dukan.

Yeevoo ashkow cheyiv turi turay.

Mein chu moorey lalvun naar

Transation: Rasul Mir of Shahabad Doore

Has opened shop of tears.

Come, lovers drink cupfuls away.

I have to nurture the fire of love everyday


Shangrin is a village in Doru Shahabad tehsil in Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu and kashmir. It is one of 62 villages in Doru Shahabad Block along with villages like Gund Now Roze and Chakpath.


Shankerpora is a village in Doru Shahabad Tehsils in Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir.


Zal dora (also called Zaldora) is a village in Doru Shahabad tehsil in Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu and kashmir. It is one of 62 villages in Doru Shahabad Block along with villages like Hakura Badasgam and Hardu Dehrana.

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