Dorling Kindersley

DK, formerly known as Dorling Kindersley, is a British multinational publishing company specialising in illustrated reference books for adults and children in 62 languages.[2]

It is an imprint of Penguin Random House, a subsidiary of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann and British publishing company Pearson plc.

Established in 1974, DK publishes a range of titles in genres including travel (including Eyewitness Travel Guides), arts and crafts, business, history, cooking, gaming, gardening, health and fitness, natural history, parenting, science and reference. They also publish books for children, toddlers and babies, covering such topics as history, the human body, animals and activities, as well as licensed properties such as LEGO, Disney and DeLiSo, licensor of the toy Sophie la Girafe. DK has offices in New York, Melbourne, London, Munich, New Delhi and Toronto.

Dorling Kindersley
DK logo 2014
Parent companyPenguin Random House
London, England, U.K.
FoundersChristopher Dorling
Peter Kindersley
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Headquarters location80 Strand[1]
London, England, U.K.
ImprintsBradyGames, Alpha, DK Eyewitness Travel


DK was founded as a book-packaging company by Christopher Dorling and Peter Kindersley in London in 1974, and in 1982 moved into publishing.[2] The first book published under the DK name was a First Aid Manual for the British voluntary medical services; this book established the company's distinctive visual style of copiously illustrated text on a glossy white background. DK Inc. began publishing in the United States in 1991. That same year, Microsoft bought a 26 percent stake in DK.[3]

In 1999 it overestimated the market for Star Wars books and was left with millions of unsold copies, resulting in crippling debt.[4] As a direct result, DK was taken over the following year by the Pearson plc media company and made part of Penguin Group, which also owned the Penguin Books label.[5] DK has continued to sell Star Wars books after the takeover.[6]

In 2013 Bertelsmann and Pearson completed a merger to form Penguin Random House.[7] Bertelsmann owns 53% and Pearson 47% of the company. Penguin's trade publishing activity continued to include DK under the newly formed Penguin Random House.[8]


Shell Headquarters 1 db
DK's London office is at Shell Mex House, 80 Strand, a 1930s Art Deco building easily recognisable from the River Thames by its distinctive clock.

DK publishes a range of titles internationally for adults and children. Most of the company's books are produced by teams of editors and designers who work with freelance writers and illustrators. Some are endorsed by "imprimaturs": well-known and respected organisations such as the British Medical Association, the Royal Horticultural Society and the British Red Cross. Some DK books apparently produced by celebrity authors such as Carol Vorderman are actually ghostwritten by the company's own writers and editors.


BradyGames is a publishing company in the United States operating as a DK imprint, which specializes in video game strategy guides, covering multiple video game platforms. It published their first strategy guide in November 1993 as a division of MacMillan Computer Publishing. In 1998, Simon & Schuster (which acquired Macmillan in 1994) divested BradyGames as part of its educational division to Pearson plc.[9] BradyGames has grown to publish roughly 90-100 guides per year. On 1 June 2015, BradyGames merged with Prima Games, and future strategy guides made by the publishing company will be published under the Prima Games label.[10]

DK Multimedia

During the 1990s, the company published educational videos and a successful range of educational CD-ROMs under the brand DK Multimedia. During the late 1990s CD-ROMs were rebranded as DK Interactive Learning to reflect a changed emphasis toward the educational sector. Following dwindling sales and increasing competition from websites, the company tried to rebrand the digital part of its business as DK Online before opting to sell the UK publishing rights to its CD-ROM backlist in 2000 to an entirely separate company, Global Software Publishing, which is part of the Avanquest Software Group. The DK Online section of the business then transferred into development work on the anglicised version of the Pearson Education (US) KnowledgeBox product.

In December 2010 DK opened an app store, selling digital versions of some of its books as well as products from other publishers.[11][12]

Young adult

DK commenced publishing books aimed at teens with the release of Heads Up Psychology in May 2014 and further titles following every two to three months.[13] Reception of the first title was favorable with Publishers Weekly writing "Attention-getting headers ("Why do good people do bad things?" introduces a discussion of the human capacity for evil) should hook curious readers, while the findings of psychological studies should deepen their understanding of this field. Infographics, sidebars, and photos both create an inviting visual layout and underscore the concepts discussed."[14] while Booklist called it an "attractive book" and "a busy but appealing companion for high-school psychology textbooks."[15]

Other Series

Other book series published recently include:

  • DK Eyewitness Travel Guides
  • The Big Ideas
  • RHS Encyclopedia
  • Doodlepedia
  • The Little Courses
  • Line of World Atlases.
  • Pocket Genius [16]
  • Touch & Feel[17]
  • Follow the Trail[18]
  • Peekaboo![19]
  • Baby Sparkle[20]
  • Sophie la girafe
  • My First[21]
  • Nature Explorers
  • Ultimate Sticker Books
  • Ultimate Factivity Collection
  • DK Knowledge Encyclopedia
  • All About
  • DK Braille
  • Made History
  • DK Eyewitness
  • Pocket Eyewitness
  • Eyewitness Activities
  • Utterly Amazing
  • Eyewonder
  • DKfindout![22]


  • BradyGames
  • Alpha
  • DK Eyewitness Travel

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Animal (book)

Animal is a non-fiction coffee table book edited by David Burnie, who was the main-editor, and several co-authors. The full title of the book is: Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to The World's WildLife. The 624-page book was published by Dorling Kindersley in 2001. The book is printed in full gloss paper and has numerous, full-color pictures.

The book is divided into several separate sections, each covering either a specific topic or a class of animals such as mammals or reptiles. The introduction deals with how animals are classified. It also touches on animal behaviour and life cycles. Later content delves into the habitats of animals and how they live in them, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, and Invertebrates.

Australia men's national field hockey team

The Australia men's national field hockey team (nicknamed the Kookaburras) is one of the

nation's most successful top-level sporting teams. They are the only Australian team in any sport to receive medals at the last six Summer Olympic Games (1992–2012). The Kookaburras placed in the top four in every Olympics between 1980 and 2012; in 2016, the Kookaburras placed sixth. They also won the Hockey World Cup in 1986, 2010 and 2014.

The Kookaburras' inability to win an Olympic gold medal despite their perennial competitiveness, led many in the Australian hockey community to speak of a "curse" afflicting the team, finally broken in 2004 with the win in Athens.

Bill Graham Archives v. Dorling Kindersley, Ltd.

Bill Graham Archives v. Dorling Kindersley, Ltd., 448 F.3d 605 (2d Cir. 2006), is a case in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit regarding the fair use of images in a pictorial history text.Dorling Kindersley ("DK") is a publisher of popular books, including colorful picture books for children and "coffee table books". In October 2003, DK and Grateful Dead Productions published Grateful Dead: The Illustrated Trip. The book was a 480-page coffee table book that included a wide variety of Grateful Dead-related information and imagery. The book included a timeline "running continuously through the book, chronologically combining over 2000 images representing dates in the Grateful Dead's history with explanatory text."DK had sought permission from Bill Graham Archives ("BGA") for the use of seven images but after negotiations fell through used the images without permission. The seven images were originally Grateful Dead event posters, and they were reproduced as thumbnails along the timeline, along with captions describing the actual events.DK declined to pay BGA's licensing demands after publication, and BGA sued. The District Court (SDNY) granted summary judgment to DK on their fair use defense. Bill Graham Archives appealed to the Second Circuit. DK, represented by copyright litigator Richard Dannay, again asserted fair use, and the Second Circuit affirmed: "We agree with the district court that DK's use of the copyrighted images is protected as fair use."


A caregiver or carer is an unpaid or paid member of a person's social network who helps them with activities of daily living. Caregiving is most commonly used to address impairments related to old age, disability, a disease, or a mental disorder.

Typical duties of a caregiver might include taking care of someone who has a chronic illness or disease; managing medications or talking to doctors and nurses on someone's behalf; helping to bathe or dress someone who is frail or disabled; or taking care of household chores, meals, or bills for someone who cannot do these things alone.

With an increasingly aging population in all developed societies, the role of caregiver has been increasingly recognized as an important one, both functionally and economically. Many organizations which provide support for persons with disabilities have developed various forms of support for carers as well.

Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia

The Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia marketed for use by children ages 7-17. The single-volume work emphasizes visuals like illustrations, photographs, maps, and timelines over breadth of coverage, and entries are supplemented by an official website and URLs to third party resources. It is in its seventh edition, published since 2010 by Dorling Kindersley. It was shortlisted for a 2001 Blue Peter Book Award in the "Best Book of Knowledge" category.

Do Not Open

Do Not Open: An encyclopedia of the world's best-kept secrets is a book published on October 25, 2007 by Dorling Kindersley and written by John Farndon. Its cover artist was Sophia M Tampakopoulos Turner and was illustrated by Mr Bingo, Khuan Caveman Co., Gilman Calsen, Sheila Collins, Craig Conlan, Alain Goffan, hennie Haworth, Headcase Design, Irene Jacobs, Neal Murren, Lead Pants, and Ali Pellatt. It was preceded by Pick Me Up (Book) and was followed by Take Me Back (Book).

Excelsior Super X

The Excelsior Super X was a motorcycle manufactured by the Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company from 1925 to 1931. It was the most famous Excelsior motorcycle manufactured by that company and was the first American forty-five cubic inch motorcycle.

Eyewitness Books

Eyewitness Books (or Eyewitness Guides) is a series of nonfiction books intended for children and young adults. They were first published in England by Dorling Kindersley in 1988. The series now has over one hundred titles on a variety of subjects, such as dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, flags, chemistry, music, the solar system, film, and William Shakespeare. According to Dorling Kindersley, over 50 million copies have been sold in 36 languages.

The books are often noted for their numerous photographs and detailed illustrations, which are always set against a white background. Describing the series in Booklist, Michael Cart wrote, "What DK did—with almost revolutionary panache—was essentially to reinvent nonfiction books by breaking up the solid pages of gray type that had previously been their hallmark, reducing the text to bite-size, nonlinear nuggets that were then surrounded by pictures that did more than adorn—they also conveyed information. Usually full color, they were so crisply reproduced they "seemed to leap off the page.""Some of the books were later turned into a television series.

Eyewitness Travel Guides are also produced by Dorling Kindersley, but are intended for all audiences. Places covered by Eyewitness Travel Guides include Philadelphia paired with the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, California, Florida, the Southern United States, New England, Germany, Tokyo, Hawaii, Sweden, Alaska, New Orleans, Paris, Arizona and the Grand Canyon, Canada, Great Britain, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Chicago, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya and many others.

JK Place Capri

JK Place Capri is a luxury boutique hotel on island of Capri. It is located in the northeast of Anacapri town, towards the northwest of the island and west of Marina Grande. Established in 2007, the hotel has 22 rooms, and eight suites, and is situated in a restored late 19th century villa which once belonged to wealthy American sisters Sadiee and Kate Woolcott-Perry.Frommer's says of it, "Great attention to detail, elegance, and beautiful views have made a winner of this hotel, in spite of its less-than- desirable location on the main road from the harbor up to Capri and Anacapri." The decor is described as "avante garde", with "zebra skin stools and high-end Florentine furniture." Dorling Kindersley describes it as Capri's chicest hotel with "classical statues, quirky objects, black and white photos and art books." Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux reportedly stayed at the hotel in July 2012.

Judith Miller (antiques expert)

Judith Miller (born 16 September 1951) is an antiques expert, writer and broadcaster based in the UK.

List of Spider-Man enemies

Spider-Man is a fictional superhero in the Marvel Universe debuting in the anthology comic book series issue Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the Silver Age of Comics published by Marvel Comics. After his debut he would get his own comic book entitled The Amazing Spider-Man. The comic book series would introduce many of what would become his major supervillain adversaries. Spider-Man would then be popular enough for more Spider-Man comic spinoffs (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel Team-Up, Web of Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Spider-Man etc.) which introduced more recurring enemies of the web-slinger.

As with Spider-Man, the villains' powers originate with scientific accidents or the misuse of scientific technology and also tend to have animal-themed costumes or powers (Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Beetle, Lizard, Rhino, Scorpion, Jackal and Black Cat). There also are supervillains with the powers over the elements (Sandman, Shocker, Electro, Molten Man and Hydro-Man), some that are horror-themed (the Goblins, Morbius, Morlun, and the Symbiotes) some that are crime lords (Kingpin, Tinkerer, Tombstone, Hammerhead, Silvermane and Mister Negative), and some that are masters of trickery (Chameleon and Mysterio). These villains oftentimes form teams such as the Sinister Six to oppose the superhero.

The rogues gallery of Spider-Man has garnered many positive reviews and has been considered as one of the greatest rogues galleries of all time.

List of publishers of children's books

This is a list of publishers of children's books. The publishers may be independent, an imprint of a larger publisher, and may be currently operating or out of business.

Adarna House

American Girl

Annick Press

Anvil Publishing

Arbordale Publishing

Barefoot Books

Beaver's Pond Press

Bendon Publishing International

Big Guy Books


The Book House for Children

Candlewick Press

Capstone Publishers

Chronicle Books

Cuento de Luz

David Fickling Books

Dorling Kindersley

Dutton Children's Books

Eklavya foundation

Enslow Publishing

Figures In Motion

Gallimard Jeunesse

Gecko Press

Golden Books

Goops Unlimited


Hogs Back Books

J. Lumsden and Son

Kids Can Press

Kim Dong Publishing House

Ladybird Books

Lee & Low Books

Mackinac Island Press

McLoughlin Brothers

Miles Kelly Publishing

Neal Porter Books

Nosy Crow

Orchard Books


Peace Hill Press

Prometheus Books

Purple House Press

Random House

Roaring Brook Press

Salariya Book Company


Simon & Schuster

Sylvan Dell Publishing

Tamarind Books

Tulika Publishers

Tu Books

Tundra Books

Usborne Publishing

Vishv Books

Prehistoric Life (book)

Prehistoric Life is a non-fiction encyclopedia. The full title of the book is Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth. The 512-page book was published by Dorling Kindersley in 2009.

Prima Games

Prima Games is the largest publishing company of video game strategy guides in the United States. It is an imprint of Dorling Kindersley, a division of Penguin Random House, and is based in Roseville, California. They typically feature in-depth walkthroughs for completing games, with other information such as character sheets and move charts.

The Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia

The Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia is a reference work on wine written by Tom Stevenson and published since 1988 by Dorling Kindersley, selling over 600,000 copies in 14 languages.The Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia has a stated aim to map and describe "every appellation, official and unofficial", of which there were more than 4,000 in total by 1997, making it an industry standard wine reference and required reading for the Master of Wine, Master Sommelier and Cape Wine Master examinations. The contents include hard data, technical information, tables and ancillary explanations are compartmentalized from the flow of mainstream text, with profiles of nearly 2,000 wineries, and recommendation of more than 6,000 producers.Frequently compared to The Oxford Companion to Wine, The Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia along with The World Atlas of Wine, is often cited to be among the most notable books on wine today. Tim Atkin MW, wine correspondent for The Observer considers it to be one of the two most essential wine reference books in English. Weighed in by San Francisco Chronicle at 5 pounds, 11 ounces, its review states, "What makes it enjoyable to browse is Stevenson's openness as well as the almost hidden inclusion of short, provocative essays".

Timeline of science fiction

This is a timeline of science fiction as a literary tradition.

Visual dictionary

A visual dictionary is a dictionary that primarily uses pictures to illustrate the meaning of words. Visual dictionaries are often organized by themes, instead of being an alphabetical list of words. For each theme, an image is labeled with the correct word to identify each component of the item in question. Visual dictionaries can be monolingual or multilingual, providing the names of items in several languages. An index of all defined words is usually included to assist finding the correct illustration that defines the word.

Some international visual dictionary publishers include Oxford University Press, QA International and Dorling Kindersley.

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