Donghua University

Donghua University (simplified Chinese: 东华大学; traditional Chinese: 東華大學; pinyin: Dōnghuá Dàxué) ( Donghua means eastern China area in Chinese ) is a public research university in Shanghai, China.[1] Established in 1951, DHU is one of the state-key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of China and is a member of China's Project 211 group of national universities. It is a Chinese Ministry of Education Double First Class Discipline University, [2] and is especially well known for its engineering, management, design and materials disciplines.[3]

Donghua University
Donghua University logo
Former names
East China Institute of Textile Technology (1951-1985) ; China Textile University (1985-1999)
Motto崇德博学, 励志尚实
Motto in English
Virtue & Learning, Inspiration & Factuality
PresidentJiang Changjun
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Other students
4774 foreign students
CampusChangning District and Songjiang District, Shanghai


Founded in June 1951, Donghua University was originally named East China Institute of Textile Technology (华东纺织工学院).[4] In September 1985, the institute changed its name to China Textile University (中国纺织大学) and changed it once again to Donghua University in August 1999.

It has been a national key university since 1960 and was one of the educational institutions in China authorized to confer all three levels of degree: bachelor's, master's, and doctorate.

Donghua University Main Entrance
Main Entrance of West Yan'an Road Campus
Donghua University
West Yan'an Road Campus


Donghua University has two campuses: one in Changning District and the other in Songjiang District in Shanghai. Most bachelor courses are taken in Songjiang district.[5]


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Coordinates: 31°12′13″N 121°24′51″E / 31.2035°N 121.4143°E

2016 China Amateur Football League

The 2016 China Amateur Football League season is the 15th season since its establishment in 2002. It is the highest amateur association football league in PR China with some semi-professional clubs. 44 clubs were qualified for the second round.

2019 Chinese FA Women's Cup

The 2019 Chinese FA Women's Cup (Chinese: 2019年中国足球协会杯(女子)) is the 13th edition of the Chinese FA Women's Cup. Jiangsu Suning are the defending champions. It is held from 16 March to 22 June 2019.

2019 Chinese Women's Football Championship

The 2019 Chinese Women's Football Championship (Chinese: 2019年中国女子足球锦标赛) is the 29th edition of the Chinese Women's Football Championship. Jiangsu Suning are the defending champions. It will be held from 27 February to 13 May 2019.


DHU may refer to:

Donghua University, university in Shanghai, China

Dihydrouridine, nucleoside

A DHU company located in Thang Long building, no 1 Luong Yen street, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha noi, Viet nam. specially in providing cable tie, hose clamps for motorcycle in Viet nam. Now more growing in another field of industry like electric with strong reputation.


Donghua (Chinese: 東華; literally: 'East China') may refer to:

Donghua University, a Chinese public university based in Shanghai

Li Donghua (born 1967), Chinese Swiss gymnast

Hao Jianxiu

Hao Jianxiu (Chinese: 郝建秀; Wade–Giles: Hao Chien-hsiu; born November 1935) is a retired Chinese politician. As an illiterate teenage textile worker, she was named a national model worker after inventing the "Hao Jianxiu Work Method".

She later graduated from university and was elevated to the upper echelon of Chinese politics, serving as Minister of Textile Industry in the 1980s. She then became a member of the CPC Central Secretariat, thus officially ranked as a "national leader", and served as vice chair of the State Planning Commission. In the People's Republic of China, she was extolled as a symbol of the ideal worker who improves production through innovation, and her political career benefited as a result.

Hao Ying

Hao Ying (应浩; born 1958) is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He was named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in 2012 for his contributions to the theory and biomedical applications of fuzzy control.

Hu Yanliang

Hu Yanliang (simplified Chinese: 胡彦良; traditional Chinese: 胡彥良; pinyin: Hú Yànliáng; born October 10, 1990 in Beijing), also known as Karen Hu, is a Chinese beauty pageant titleholder who was Miss Universe China 1st Runner-up in 2014 session and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant in the United States after getting new title from the original winner Nora Xu.

Huang Yang

Huang Yang (Chinese: 黄洋, born 30 October 1983) is a professional Hong Kong footballer and also the Hong Kong Footballer of the Year in 2013. He currently plays for Hong Kong Premier League club Kitchee.

he is recently the captain of the Hong Kong national football team.

Jenova Chen

Xinghan Chen (simplified Chinese: 陈星汉; traditional Chinese: 陳星漢; pinyin: Chén Xīnghàn; born October 8, 1981), known professionally as Jenova Chen, is a Chinese video game designer. He is the designer of the award-winning games Cloud, Flow, Flower, and Journey, and is co-founder of Thatgamecompany.

Chen is from Shanghai, where he earned a bachelor's degree in computer science with a minor in digital art and design. He then moved to the United States, where he earned a master's degree from the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division. While there he created Cloud and Flow, and met fellow student Kellee Santiago. After a brief period at Maxis working on Spore, he founded Thatgamecompany with Santiago and became the company's creative director. The company signed a three-game deal with Sony Computer Entertainment, and has sold Flow, Flower, and Journey through the PlayStation Network.

As Chen was born in a culture other than the culture he now lives in, he tries to make games that appeal universally to all people. His goal with his games is to help video games mature as a medium by making games that inspire emotional responses in the player that other games are lacking. Although he and Thatgamecompany can and have made more traditional games, he does not plan on commercially developing any of them, as he does not think that it fits with their goals as an independent video game developer.

List of universities and colleges in Shanghai

This is a list of universities and colleges in Shanghai.

Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival

The Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival is a fashion event held annually since 1995 by the municipal authority of Shanghai, China.

It is regarded as one of Shanghai's "Four Festivals" (the other three being the Shanghai Art Festival, the Shanghai Tour Festival and the Shanghai Movie and Television Festival).

The fashion festival showcases the output of Shanghai's fashion and textile industry. It is attended by fashion buyers from around the world. Donghua University, which was originally a textiles institute, has a forum at the festival. The event has had an audience of more than 100 million people through broadcasting, the internet, and the press.

The 2009 festival was held in March–April.

The 2010 festival was held in May.

The 2011 festival will be held from 9 March to 11 March.

Shen Jun (footballer)

Shen Jun (Chinese: 沈俊; pinyin: Shěn Jùn; born 5 October 1986) is a Chinese football player who currently plays for Shanghai Shenhua in the Chinese Super League.

Stephen Z.D. Cheng

Stephen Z.D. Cheng (born 1949 in Shanghai) is a Chinese-American polymer scientist and chemical engineer. Cheng is the R.C.Musson & Trustees Professor of Polymer Science, and was the former Dean of the College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering at the University of Akron.

Tao Siju

Tao Siju (simplified Chinese: 陶驷驹; traditional Chinese: 陶駟駒; pinyin: Táo Sìjū; April 1935 – April 18, 2016) was the Minister of Public Security of the People's Republic of China between 1990 and 1998.

Zhang Enli

Zhang Enli (simplified Chinese: 张恩利; traditional Chinese: 張恩利) was born 1965 in Jilin Province, China, is a professional artist living and working in Shanghai. He graduated from the Arts & Design Institute of Wuxi Technical University, China in 1989, and teaches at the Arts and Design Institute of Donghua University.

His paintings depict the familiar and overlooked, everyday objects connected through the artist's immediate surroundings, often from unusual viewpoints or focusing on seemingly insignificant details. He produces works that invite universal interpretation. He often works in series, such as his paintings that focus on the idea of the container—cardboard boxes, ashtrays, tin chests and lavatories. Other works depict functional municipal structures that populate the streets of Shanghai, such as public toilets and tiled outdoor water features.

Zhao Feng (art historian)

Zhao Feng (Chinese: 赵丰; born 1961) is a Chinese textile specialist with a special interest in Silk Road textiles. He is Director of the China National Silk Museum, the largest silk museum in the world.

Zhou Yajun

Zhou Yajun (Chinese: 周亚君) (born October 17, 1984 in Shanghai) is a Chinese association football goalkeeper. Who currently plays for Chinese Super League club Shenzhen FC .

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