Dongargarh is a city and municipality in Rajnandgaon District in the state of Chhattisgarh, India and the site of the Bambleshwari Temple. A prominent pilgrim destination in Rajnandgaon District, the city lies about 35 kilometres (22 mi) west from Rajnandgaon, 67 kilometres (42 mi) west from Durg and 132 kilometres (82 mi) east from Bhandara which are situated on National Highway 6. Featuring majestic mountains and ponds, Dongargarh is derived from the words: Dongarh meaning 'mountains' and garh meaning 'fort'.

The Maa Bamleshwari Devi Temple[1], situated on a 1,600 feet (490 m) high hilltop, is a popular landmark. It is of great spiritual importance and several legends are associated with this shrine too. Another prominent shrine in the vicinity is Chhoti Bamleshwari Temple. Devotees flock these temples during Navratri. Shivji Temple and temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman are also located here. The ropeway is an added attraction and is the only passenger ropeway in Chhattisgarh. A severe accident occurred in 2016 when the ropeway broke and fell down killing several people.

The town is known for religious Harmony and has considerable population of Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians and Jains apart from Hindus. A Jain temple is also constructed on a hill known as Chandragiri with the blessings of Jain saint Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaaj. The temple is specially recognized for an ancient statue of the Teerthankara god Chandraprabhuji. One of the biggest gurudwaras in the state is also located in the heart of the city managed by the Sikh society which also run Khalsa Public School, one of the biggest schools in the town.

The nearest airport is at Raipur, 110 kilometres (68 mi) away while the nearest railhead is Dongargarh Railway Station. Dongargarh has good road communication and buses and taxis are available from Rajnandgaon.[2]


Aerial View of Dongargarh from Maa Bamleshwari Temple on a hilltop
Aerial View of Dongargarh from Maa Bamleshwari Temple on a hilltop
Dongargarh is located in Chhattisgarh
Location in Chhattisgarh, India
Dongargarh is located in India
Dongargarh (India)
Coordinates: 21°11′19″N 80°45′33″E / 21.188712°N 80.759072°ECoordinates: 21°11′19″N 80°45′33″E / 21.188712°N 80.759072°E
Country India
 • TypeMayor
 • BodyMunicipal Council
 • Total37,372
 • OfficialHindi, Chhattisgarhi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationCG 08


As of the 2011 India census,[3] Dongargarh had a population of 37,372 with males constituting 52% of the population and females 48%. The city's average literacy rate is 80%, which is higher than the national average of 59.5%; male literacy is 81% and, female literacy is 66%. In Dongragarh, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Dongargarh is a station on the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line. It falls under SECR NAGPUR DIVISION.


Dongargarh has four very high quality schools.

  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (Only Navodaya school in Rajnandgaon District),
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School)
  • St. Vincent Palloti International Residential School
  • Wesleyan English Med. Hr.Secondary School
  • Khalsa Public School Managed by Sikh Society Dongargarh.
  • Govt.Boys & Girls Hr.School, Dongargarh
  • Saraswati shishu mandir, Hr. School, Dongargarh
  • St. Peter's convent , High. School, Dongargarh



view of the pond in front of temple

Way to bimbleswari

way to bambleshwari temple

View bimbleswari

view of dongargarh from bambleshwari temple

Devi bimbleswari

devi bambleshwari

Pondview bimbleswari

view of dongargarh from bambleshwari temple

Ropway bimbleswari

ropway of dongargarh from bambleshwari temple

Passage bimbleswari

passge from dongargarh to bambleshwari temple

Town bimbleswari

town dongargarh

Budha 4 pragyagiri

budha statue at pragyagiri

Garden pragyagiri

pragyagiri garden

View pragyagiri

View pragyagiri

Thalab pragyagiri

Thalab pragyagiri.

Rock pragyagiri

Rock pragyagiri

Sight of bamblesvari from pragyagiri

Sight of bamblesvari from pragyagiri

Detail pragyagiri

Detail pragyagiri

Entrance pragyagiri

Entrance pragyagiri

Budha 3 pragyagiri

Budha statue pragyagiri

Notice pragyagiri

Notice pragyagiri




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Amgaon is a town located in Gondia district of Nagpur Division in the state of Maharashtra, India.

It Connected to NH543.

It is also a tehsil place. Amgaon is believed as the birthplace of the Sanskrit poet Bhavabhuti. Kali maa (Hindu Goddess Kali) temple is one of the main attractions in Amgaon. Nearly 10,000 people gather around this temple in Navaratri to worship. The town is one of the large producers of Beedi and rice in Gondia district.

Bambleshwari Temple

Bambleshwari Temple is at Dongargarh in Rajnandgaon district, Chhattisgarh, India. It is on a hilltop of 1600 feet. This temple is referred as Badi Bambleshwari. Another temple at ground level, the Chhotti Bambleshwari is situated about 1/2 km from the main temple complex. These temples are revered by lakhs of people of Chhattisgarh who flock around the shrine during the Navratris of Kavar (during Dashera) and Chaitra (during Ram Navami). There is tradition of lighting Jyoti Kalash during Navaratris here.

Barfani dham

Barfani dham is a temple in the town of Rajnandgaon in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.. It is 40 kilometres (25 mi) from Durg towards Nagpur. A large Shiva Linga can be seen at the top of the temple while a large Nandi statue stands in front of it.

Dongargarh railway station

Dongargarh railway station (DGG) is a busy railway station in Mumbai-Howrah rail zone in SECR. It is situated in Dongargarh town in Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh state. It is a very important railway junction near Rajnandgaon railway station. It is midway between Jatkanhar railway station and Paniyajob railway station.

DGG is main station to reach Bambleshwari Temple.

Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line

The Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line (also known as Mumbai-Kolkata line) is a railway line in India connecting Kolkata and Mumbai via Nagpur. The 1,968 km (1,223 mi) railway line was opened to traffic in 1900.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) are a system of alternate schools for gifted students in India. They are run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi, an autonomous organization under the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. JNVs are fully residential and co-educational schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, with classes from VI to XII standard. JNVs are specifically tasked with finding talented children in rural areas of India and providing them with an education equivalent to the best residential school system, without regard to their families' socio-economic condition.The Navodaya Vidyalaya system is a unique experiment unparalleled in the annals of school education in India and elsewhere. Its significance lies in the selection of talented rural children as the target group and the attempt to provide them with quality education comparable to the best in a residential school system. Such children are found in all sections of society, and in all areas including the most backward.

The Budget for Education, Boarding and activities at JNVs are provided by Ministry of HRD, Government of India and it's free of cost for the students during the 7 years of stay.

JNVs exist all over India, with the exception of Tamil Nadu, where anti Hindi movements were widespread during past times. There are approximately 598 JNVs across India as of 2015-16 academic year.


Khairagarh is a town in Rajnandgaon District in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Administered by a nagar palika (Pālikā) parishad, Khairagarh city have cbse pattern schools as well as has kvs but not have a wide network of roads and railway tracks.

Manjul Bhardwaj

Manjul Bhardwaj is an actor, director, writer, facilitator and initiator in theatre. He is from Dahkora Village in Jhajjar District of Haryana, India. For the past 25 years, he has been based in Mumbai and dedicated himself to creating "The Theatre of Relevance". As a writer and director, he has written and directed more than 25 plays.In 1992 he founded The Experimental Theatre Foundation, a pioneering theatre movement in India. He has conducted more than 300 "Theatre of Relevance" workshops for different Organizations/Institutions/Groups, etc. in 28 states of India and abroad (Singapore and Germany). Brandeis University sends students for internship to understand fundamentals, principles, concepts and processes of "Theatre of Relevance".

His work has focussed on issues such as child labourers, HIV- & AIDS-affected People, "Sex Selection (the homicide of female fetus)" etc.In 2006, he and his group was invited in "Kinder Kultur Karawane" by Buro Fur Kultur Und-Medien Projekte to Germany to perform play "Vishwa – The World" for 41 days from 10 September to 20 October 2006. The play Vishwa – The World was performed 24 times in 13 cities of Germany i.e. Hamburg, Ahrensburg, Berlin, Dessau, Penzberg, Biberach, Dobeln, Wiesbaden, Marburg, Chemnitz, Aschaffenburg, Freiburg & Radolfzell.

Musra railway station

Musra railway station is a railway station in the Mumbai-Howrah rail zone. It is situated in the Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh state. It is the mid station between Dongargarh and Rajnandgaon junction.

Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway

Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway was a 149 miles 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) metre gauge line owned by the provincial government and operated by the state railways. The line ran from Nagpur via Tumsar - Gondia and Dongargarh to Rajnandgaon. The initial section from Nagpur to Tumsar was opened on 6 July 1880, continuing to Tirora on 21 February 1881, Gondia on 18 May 1881, Amgaon on 25 November 1881 and completed to Rajnandgaon on 16 February 1882.The Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway was transferred to be operated by the Bengal Nagpur Railway in year 1888 and was converted into 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) broad gauge in the same year itself. The new track from Rajnandgaon to Asansol was later laid since 1888 onwards uner BNR.

Nagpur SEC railway division

Nagpur SEC Railway Division is one of the three railway divisions under South East Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways. This railway division was formed on 1 April 1952 and its headquarter is located at Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra in India.

Bilaspur railway division and Raipur railway division are the other two railway divisions under SECR Zone headquartered at Bilaspur.


Pragya giri is an area of Dongargarh in the Rajnandgaon district of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh situated on a hilltop of 1,000 feet (300 m). There is a Buddh vihara with a large Buddha statue facing east. There are 225 steps leading up the mountain.Construction of Pragyagiri was done in 1998 by Pujya Bhadant Sangharatna Manake k (President Pannya Metta Sangha India).Dhamma work is continuing on Pragyagiri Dongargarh from Pannya Metta sangha India In since 1991. The first International Buddhist Conference was held on 6 February 1992 by Pujya Bhadant Sangharatna Manake (President's Message Mata Sangha). So far, 25 international Buddhist conferences have been organized by the Pannya Metta Sangha.


Rajnandgaon is a city in Rajnandgaon District, in the state of Chhattisgarh, India. As of the 2011 census the population of the city was 163,122. Rajnandgaon district came into existence on 26 January 1973, as a result of the division of Durg district.

Rajnandgaon (Lok Sabha constituency)

Rajnandgaon is a Lok Sabha parliamentary constituency in Chhattisgarh.

Rajnandgaon district

Rajnandgaon District is a district of the state of Chhattisgarh in India. The administrative headquarters the district is Rajnandgaon town.

Raman Singh

Raman Singh (born 15 October 1952) is an Indian politician who was the 2nd Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh from 7 December 2003 to 16 December 2018. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He is also an ENT ayurvedic doctor. He is also the longest serving CM of Chhattisgarh for 15 years.

South East Central Railway zone

The South East Central Railway (abbreviated SECR and दपूमरे) is one of the 18 railway zones in India. It is headquartered at Bilaspur and comprises the Bilaspur and Nagpur divisions (formerly part of the South Eastern Railway) and the new Raipur division.

Tourism in Chhattisgarh

Tourism in Chhattisgarh refers to tourism in Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It is India's 10th largest state and situated in the heart of India, is endowed with a rich cultural heritage and attractive natural diversity. The state has many ancient monuments, rare wildlife, exquisitely carved temples, Buddhist sites, palaces, water falls, caves, rock paintings and hill plateaus. Most of these sites are untouched and unexplored and offer a unique and alternate experience to tourists, compared to traditional destinations which have become overcrowded. For tourists who are tired of the crowds at major destinations will like the Bastar district, with its unique cultural and ecological identity. The green state of Chhattisgarh has 41.33% of its area under forests and is one of the richest bio-diversity areas in the country.

Wainganga Superfast Express

Wainganga Express ( वैनगंगा सुपरफास्ट एक्सप्रेस ) is a Superfast Express train service of Indian Railways that runs twice a week between the southern city of Bangalore and mining of Korba in Chhattisgarh state. 12251 Wainganga SF Express departs from Bangalore's Yesvantpur railway station on Tuesdays and Fridays while on return journey 12252 Wainganga Express departs from Korba on Thursdays and Sundays. Wainganga Express runs through the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh to cover a distance of 1614 km in 28 hours and 50 minutes at an average speed of 59 km/hr. The train is named after Wainganga Express .

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