Donatella Rettore

Donatella Rettore, also simply known as Rettore (born July 8, 1953, in Castelfranco Veneto, Province of Treviso) is an Italian singer and songwriter .[1]

Rettore started her singing career in 1973. Her early recordings was oriented towards Italian music. She became successful in 1979 when she recorded the album Brivido Divino. Her most popular hits are Splendido Splendente (Splendid Shining), Kobra, Donatella, Lamette (Razor Blades), This Time, Io Ho Te (I've Got You), Amore Stella (Love Star) e Di Notte Specialmente (Especially By Night). The majority of Rettore's albums are a mixture of pop, rock, disco music and ska. In the mid-1980s she experienced a slow decline in popularity, and she had to wait almost a decade before recording a top 10 Italian charts hit. Rettore's most recent album, Stralunata, is an anthological double CD & DVD which entered directly to n. 2 and stayed in top 10 Italian charts for two months.

Donatella Rettore
Donatella Rettore



  • 1975 Ogni Giorno Si Cantano Canzoni D'amore (-)
  • 1977 Donatella Rettore (-)
  • 1979 Brivido Divino (#12)
  • 1980 Magnifico Delirio (#8)
  • 1981 Estasi Clamorosa (#8)
  • 1982 Kamikaze Rock'n'roll Suicide (#18)
  • 1982 Super Rock, Le Sue Piu' Belle Canzoni (-)
  • 1983 Far West (#22)
  • 1985 Danceteria (#20)
  • 1988 Rettoressa (#47)
  • 1989 Ossigenata (#39)
  • 1991 Son Rettore E Canto (#42)
  • 1994 Incantesimi Notturni (#32)
  • 1996 Concert (-)
  • 2005 Figurine (#45)
  • 2008 Stralunata (#2 Dvd Chart)
  • 2011 Caduta massi (#26)
  • 2012 The Best Of The Beast (-)


  • 1973 Quando Tu (-)
  • 1974 Capelli Sciolti (-)
  • 1975 Ti Ho Preso Con Me (-)
  • 1976 Lailola' (-)
  • 1977 Carmela (-)
  • 1978 Eroe (#37)
  • 1979 Splendido Splendente (#6)
  • 1980 Kobra (#4)
  • 1981 Donatella (#3)
  • 1982 Lamette (#8)
  • 1982 This Time (#8)
  • 1983 Io Ho Te (#13)
  • 1985 Femme Fatale (#19)
  • 1986 Amore Stella (#42)
  • 1989 Zan Zan Zan (#47)
  • 1994 Di Notte Specialmente (#9)
  • 2003 Bastardo (#29)
  • 2005 Konkiglia (-)
  • 2011 L'Onda del Mar (-)
  • 2011 Callo (-)
  • 2011 Lamette Katana (7" vinyl)
  • 2012 Natale Sottovoce (-)
  • 2013 Ciao Ciao (-)
  • 2013 Ciao Ciao Remixes EP (-)


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Ariston Records

Ariston Records was a record label established in Milan, Italy, by Alfredo Rossi (1925–2008). It was active from 1964 to 1989. It was part of the larger Ariston Group, which was founded in 1949 by Alfredo and his brother, the composer Carlo Alberto Rossi (1921–2010), and which included several publishing firms, recording studios, and a record pressing plant. Musicians who recorded for the label included I Corvi, Bruno Lauzi, Ornella Vanoni, Mino Reitano, Franco Califano, Claudio Rocchi, and Donatella Rettore.


Donatella is an Italian feminine given name meaning "gift" or "gift of God".

Donatella (group)

The Donatella were an Italian music and television duo formed by the twins Giulia and Silvia Provvedi (Modena, 1 December 1993).In the autumn of 2012, the Provvedi sisters (with the name Provs Destination) participated at the sixth season of X Factor Italia aired by Sky Uno and hosted by Alessandro Cattelan: during this talent show the judge Arisa changed the name of the group in Donatella.

Giulia (the blonde) and Silvia (the brown) in the winter of 2015 participated and won the tenth season of L'isola dei Famosi hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi with Alvin; the Provvedi sisters posed totally naked for the cover of Playboy Italia (the Italian ediction of Playboy) in October 2015.


The Festivalbar was an Italian singing competition that took place in the most important Italian squares during summer, such as the Piazza del Duomo, Milan or Piazza Brà, Verona. The first edition took place in 1964 and was broadcast by RAI. The competition was held throughout the summer and the final round always took place at the Arena in Verona after 3-4 events in various cities of Italy.

Gaudi (musician)

Daniele Gaudi is an Anglo-Italian musician, composer, record producer and solo artist, born 12 July 1963 in Bologna, he lives and operates in London since 1995. Dub, electronica, Reggae and worldbeat are the music genres that primarily surface in his 17 solo albums and his music productions since the beginning of his career in 1981.

Ivan Cattaneo

Ivan Cattaneo (born 18 March 1953 in Bergamo, Italy) is an Italian artist, singer and songwriter. His music has been described as glam rock, disco, electropunk, ska, electronic rock. He is also an accomplished painter and multimedia artist.

Maurizio Fabrizio

Maurizio Fabrizio (born 16 March 1952) is an Italian composer, conductor, arranger, producer, musician and singer-songwriter.

Paganini (1989 film)

Kinski Paganini, also known simply as Paganini, is a 1989 Italian-French biographical film written, directed by and starring Klaus Kinski. The story is based on the life and career of composer and virtuoso violinist Niccolò Paganini. It was to be Kinski's final film before his death in 1991.

The film also stars Kinski's young wife (Debora Kinski) and son (Nikolai Kinski) alongside him. Klaus Kinski felt that he and Paganini had led similar lives, and both gave "demonic" performances in their own fields that often sparked great controversy.

In his 1999 documentary My Best Fiend, frequent collaborator Werner Herzog explains that Kinski repeatedly asked him to direct the film, but Herzog refused because he thought the script was "unfilmable". Herzog also states that the preparation for his role in Kinski Paganini caused the actor to take on an uncomfortable "alien" air that disrupted Kinski's performance in their last film together, Cobra Verde.

Paolo Baltaro

Paolo Baltaro (born 1967 in Genoa), is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and founder of Banksville Records.

As producer, he has worked with Jazz Bigbox (Banksville), Even Vast (Black Lotus), Gabriel Delta (Banksville), McAllan (Ariston), Arcansiel (Musea), Roulette Cinese (Toast), Società Anonima Decostruzionismi Organici (Btf-Ams), Mhmm (Banksville), Sorella Maldestra (Banksville), Terry Dene and Lica Cecato.

Whilst living in Italy Paolo joined the Neo Prog band Arcansiel at the time of their third album, Normality of Perversion, which was followed by Swimming in the Sand. In 2008, he formed the experimental nu-jazz quintet S.A.D.O. (Società Anonima Decostruzionismi Organici) as a spin-off of Arcansiel. With S.A.D.O., he was made the 12th "Tribute to Demetrio Stratos" and also won the "Darwin award of Italian non-conventional music". In 2010 he was awarded best progressive producer of the year by the Prog Award webzine for the conceptual bilingual album Weather Underground.

In 2008 he released Do Not Disturb, a blues album with Mhmm for Banksville Records as songwriter, producer, singer, bassist and keyboardist. In 2011 he released Low Fare Flight to the Earth, his solo album, as singer and composer, playing all instruments, for Musea records. Now based in London, Paolo is also the drummer of Laura Guidi and of acclaimed Italian punk band Sorella Maldestra (producer of their second album, Maltempo). In 2016 he released his first book in Italian, “Gli Ambienti Teorici Multidimensionali”, with an English language edition available soon. This year, in addition to releasing his new solo album The Day After The Night Before, Paolo will produce Call Porter (a very alternative remake of classic Cole Porter hits) with the Brazilian jazz star Lica Cecato, and will play guitar in the new Sound Wall Project album, produced by Andrea Bonizzi, with Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree on bass and Angelo Bruschini of Massive Attack.

In 2017 he released his second solo album, "The day after the night before" released by Banksville Records and produced the original soundtrack of La Tempete, a movie by Ricky Mastro. In January 2019, in occasion of the reunion of S.A.D.O. Società Anonima Decostruzionismi Organici, Paolo releases "Musiche per signorine da marito - Cura uditiva della narcolessia in forma Sentenziale" [38] (Banksville Records), a double experimental album, in English and Italian version in the same record, formed of nine songs (total duration: seven miutes and 30 seconds), recorded in Sentential format (song, truth, sentence).


Rettore may refer to:

Magnifico Rettore, head of an Italian university

Rector (politics)

Donatella Rettore (born 1955), Italian singer and songwriter

Sanremo Music Festival 1974

The Sanremo Music Festival 1974 was the 24th annual Sanremo Music Festival, held at the Casinò Municipale in Sanremo, province of Imperia between 7 and 9 March 1974. The final night was broadcast by Rai 1, while the first two nights were broadcast live only by radio.The show was presented by Corrado, assisted by Gabriella Farinon. Gianni Ravera, Vittorio Salvetti and Elio Gigante served as artistic directors.The winner of the Festival was Iva Zanicchi with the song "Ciao cara come stai?".

Sanremo Music Festival 1977

The Sanremo Music Festival 1977 was the 27th annual Sanremo Music Festival, held at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, province of Imperia between 3 and 5 March 1977. The final night was broadcast by Rai 1. The first two nights were broadcast live by radio and presented by Maria Giovanna Elmi, while the final night Elmi hosted together with Mike Bongiorno.Rules of this edition consisted a "head to head" mechanism between two singers at a time. A jury, composed of 25 members, was located immediately under the stage and had to express the vote for a singer or another.Winners of the Festival were the musical group Homo Sapiens with the song "Bella da morire".

Sanremo Music Festival 1978

The Sanremo Music Festival 1978 was the 28th annual Sanremo Music Festival, held at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, province of Imperia between 26 and 28 January 1978. The final night was broadcast by Rai 1, while the first two nights were broadcast live only by radio.The show was presented by Stefania Casini, Beppe Grillo, Maria Giovanna Elmi and Vittorio Salvetti (who also served as artistic director).The winners of the Festival were Matia Bazar with the song "E dirsi ciao".

Sanremo Music Festival 1986

The Sanremo Music Festival 1986 was the 36th annual Sanremo Music Festival, held at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, province of Imperia, between 13 and 15 February 1986 and broadcast by Rai 1.

The show was hosted by Loretta Goggi, assisted by the trio Anna Pettinelli, Mauro Micheloni and Sergio Mancinelli, who at the time were the presenters of the musical show Discoring.The winner of the Big Artists section was Eros Ramazzotti with the song "Adesso tu", while Enrico Ruggeri won the Critics Award with the song "Rien ne va plus".Lena Biolcati won the "Newcomers" section with the song "Grande grande amore"

Sanremo Music Festival 1994

The Sanremo Music Festival 1994 was the 44th annual Sanremo Music Festival, held at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, province of Imperia, in the late February 1994 and broadcast by Rai 1.

The show was presented by Pippo Baudo, who also served as the artistic director, with singer Anna Oxa and model Cannelle. Antonella Clerici hosted the segments with the juries.The winner of the Big Artists section was Aleandro Baldi with the ballad "Passerà", while Giorgio Faletti ranked second and won the Critics Award with "Signor tenente", an anti-mafia rap song inspired by massacres of Capaci and Via D'Amelio. Andrea Bocelli won the Newcomers section with the song "Il mare calmo della sera".After every night Rai 1 broadcast DopoFestival, a talk show about the Festival with the participation of singers and journalists. It was hosted by Mara Venier and Pippo Baudo with Renato Zero and Roberto D'Agostino.

Tutti pazzi per amore

Tutti Pazzi Per Amore is an Italian television series that aired on Rai 1 from December 7, 2008 to January 1, 2012, consisting of three seasons.

The show is set in Rome and follows the love story between a single father, Paolo Giorgi, and a single mother, Laura Del Fiore, and the adventures of the extended family that originates from their relationship.

The main characters are Paolo Giorgi and his daughter Cristina, Laura Del Fiore and her son Emanuele and her daughter Nina. Around these main characters develops the story of their grandparents, their uncles and aunts, their colleagues and friends.

Twenty Four Hours (band)

Twenty Four Hours is an Italian progressive rock band with various influences, including the psychedelic one that is the predominant element. After their first album, strongly encouraged by Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond) and entitled "The Smell of The Rainy Air", a self -produced vinyl in January 1991 (published on the day after the outbreak of the Gulf War), the group has acquired a certain notoriety thanks to the welcome of specialized music critics signaled the debut of the band among the best releases of 1991.In 1992, following this small and unexpected success, the band was hired by Mellow Records of Sanremo, a label specializing in progressive rock, and later by the French label Musea. In 1994, Mellow published the second album, "Intolerance," and reprinted The Smell Of The Rainy Air on CD. In 1999, Musea published the third album, Oval Dreams, which became their best seller and is also available on iTunes, the popular Apple platform for online sales of liquid music. The band has also participated in some compilations of Progressive Rock and has published, under Creative Commons, a collection of previously unreleased tracks titled Before and After The Boundary. The band's latest album, The Sleepseller, was published in 2004 in collaboration with Musea who oversaw the distribution. The first track of this album, "Bari Brazil," was recently selected as the soundtrack of the video communications agency Mirror. All works of the band are available for legal download on Jamendo, and can be purchased in CD format by Musea, Mellow and Velut Luna.

Velvet (music venue)

The Velvet Club was an alternative music club in Rimini, Italy. The club has hosted many notable bands since its opening in 1989, at that time it was known as Velvet Perestrojka. It was founded by Thomas Balsamini and was the continuation of the Slego which closed its doors in 2000 after 21 years of existence.

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