Districts of Iraq

Iraq's 19 governorates are subdivided into 120 districts (kaza). The district usually bears the same name as the district capital.

The districts are listed below, by governorate (with capital in parentheses):

Iraq Dist
Governorates and districts of Iraq

Anbar Governorate

Muthanna Governorate


Qadisiyyah Governorate

Babil Governorate

Baghdad Governorate

Basra Governorate

Dhi Qar Governorate

Diyala Governorate

Karbala Governorate

Kirkuk Governorate

(From 1976 to mid-2006 called At-Ta'mim)

Maysan Governorate

Najaf Governorate

Nineveh Governorate


Note that northern Sinjar, northern Tel Afar, Akre and northern Shekhan districts are currently under illegal Kurdistan Regional Government de facto control.

Saladin Governorate


Wasit Governorate

Kurdistan Region

Dohuk Governorate


Dohuk Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Erbil Governorate

Hewler governorate 2012

Erbil Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan, while the status of the southern Makhmur District is contested.

Sulaymaniyah Governorate

Sulaymaniyah Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Halabja Governorate

Halabja Governorate is part of Iraqi Kurdistan and still officially a part of Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

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Administrative divisions of Iraq

The main subdivision in Iraq is the 18 muhafazah, also known as governorates. Before 1976 they were called liwas, or banner).Under the Constitution of Iraq adopted in 2005, one or more provinces may elect to form a Region, which has the right to a share of oil revenues.

Modern Iraq mostly covers the Ottoman Empire vilayets (provinces) of Baghdad, Basra and Mosul and part of Zor and Arabia.The governorates are divided into districts.

Al-Mada'in District

Al-Mada'in District is a district of the Baghdad Governorate, Iraq. It includes the city of Salman Pak, which incorporates the ancient ruins of Al-Mada'in, and the oldest freestanding mud brick arch in the world. Other metropolitan areas include Jisr Dyala, an urban district that borders the Baghdad city district of (???), the northern village of Nahrawahn with its major brickworks, and the central village of Wahedah that sits astride the Basrah Highway into Wasit Province.

Al-Miqdadiya District

Al-Muqdadiya District is one of the districts of Diyala Governorate, Iraq.

Al-Shamiya District

Al-Shamiya District is a district of Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate, Iraq. Its seat is the city of Shamiya. It has 4 subdistricts: Al-Shamiya (الشامية), Ghammas (غماس), Al-Aslahea (الصلاحية), and Almhnanwip (المهناوية). The Al-Shamiya branch of the Euphrates river runs through the district.

Amara District

Amara District (Arabic: حي عمارة) is a district of the Maysan Governorate, Iraq.

The population of Amara District is currently around 1,250,000 people.

Amarah is located inside of Amara District and is the capital and largest city of Maysan Governate, The population of the city is

511,542 and is the 7th largest city in Iraq by population.

Anah District

Anah is a district in Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq. It is centred on the town of Anah.

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Balad District, Iraq

Balad District (Arabic: قضاء بلد‎) is a district of the Saladin Governorate, Iraq. It covers an area of 2,469 km2 (953 sq mi), and had a population of 167,590 in 2003. The district capital is the city of Balad.

Choman District

Choman is a district in Erbil Province. Its administrative centre is also called Choman. The District of Choman lies at the Iraqi-Iranian boundary. The District is composed of four Sub-Districts Galala, Haji Omeran, Samilan and Qasre and about 166 villages.

Fallujah District

Fallujah is a district in Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq. Its seat is the city of Fallujah.

Haditha District

Haditha is a district in Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq. It is centred on the city of Haditha.


A kaza (Arabic: قضاء‎, qaḍāʾ, pronounced [qɑˈd̪ˤɑːʔ], plural: أقضية, aqḍiyah, pronounced [ˈɑqd̪ˤijɑ]; Ottoman Turkish: kazâ‎) is an administrative division historically used in the Ottoman Empire and currently used in several of its successor states. The term is from Ottoman Turkish and means "jurisdiction"; it is often translated "district", "sub-district" (though this also applies to a nahiye), or "juridical district".

List of places in Iraq

This is a list of places in Iraq. Governorates of Iraq lists the governorates, and Districts of Iraq lists the subdivisions of those governorates.

Makhmur District

Makhmur District is a district in Iraq between the Erbil Governorate and the Nineveh Governorate, Iraq. Before 1991 the large district of Makhmur was part of Ninawa Governorate, but after Makhmur district became a part of Erbil Governorate in Iraq.

Mosul District

Mosul District (Arabic: الموصل‎, Syriac: ܢܝܢܘܐ‎, Kurdish: Mûsil‎) is a district in Ninawa Governorate, Iraq. Its administrative center is the city of Mosul. Other settlements include Al-Qayyarah, Al-Shurah, Hamam al-Alil, Al-Mahlaah, and Hamidat. The district is predominantly Sunni Arab, with minorities of Kurds, Assyrians, and Turkmen located in Mosul city.

Outline of Iraq

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Iraq:

Iraq – sovereign country located in Western Asia. Iraq spans most of the northwestern end of the Zagros mountain range, the eastern part of the Syrian Desert and the northern part of the Arabian Desert. It shares borders with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the west, Syria to the northwest, Turkey to the north, and Iran to the east. It has a very narrow section of coastline at Umm Qasr on the Persian Gulf. There are two major flowing rivers: the Tigris and the Euphrates. These provide Iraq with agriculturally capable land and contrast with the desert landscape that covers most of Western Asia.

Ramadi District

Ramadi is a district in Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq. It is centred on the city of Ramadi.

Subdistricts of Iraq

Nahiyah (Arabic: ناحية‎) or subdistrict is the third-level administrative division in Iraq.

Iraq is divided into 18 Muhafazah (Arabic: محافظة‎) (See: Governorates of Iraq) which are divided into more than 130 Kaza (Arabic: قضاء‎) (See: Districts of Iraq). These districts are divided into subdistricts.

Tel Afar District

Tel Afar District (Turkish: Telafer) is a district in Ninawa Governorate, Iraq. Its administrative center is the city of Tel Afar. Other towns include Rabia, Zummar, and al-Ayadia. It has a mixed population of Iraqi Turkmens and Arabs.

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