Diana Spencer (classicist)

Diana Spencer is a professor of classics and Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences at the University of Birmingham.[1]

Selected publications

  • Spencer, Diana (2002), The Roman Alexander: Reading a Cultural Myth, Exeter Studies in History, University of Exeter Press, ISBN 978-0-85989-678-8
  • Spencer, Diana; Theodorakopoulos, Elena (2006), Advice and its Rhetoric in Greece and Rome, Nottingham Classical Literature Studies, v. 9, Levante, ISBN 88-7949-439-2
  • Larmour, David H J; Spencer, Diana (2007), The Sites of Rome: Time, Space, Memory, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-1-281-14963-3
  • Spencer, Diana (2010), Roman Landscape: Culture and Identity, Greece & Rome: New Surveys in the Classics, no. 39, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ISBN 1-107-40024-4


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