Diana Canova

Diana Canova (born June 1, 1953) is an American actress, director, and professor.

Diana Canova
Diana canova
Diana Canova in 2010
Diane Canova Rivero

June 1, 1953 (age 65)
Other namesDiana Rivero Canova
EducationHollywood High School
Alma materLos Angeles City College
OccupationActress, singer
Years active1974–present
Parent(s)Judy Canova
Filberto Rivero

Early life

Canova was born Diane Canova Rivero[1] in West Palm Beach, Florida, to actress and singer Judy Canova and Cuban musician Filberto Rivero.[2] She was raised in the Greater Los Angeles Area, where she graduated from Hollywood High School. Canova later studied acting at Los Angeles City College.[2]


Diana Canova (1979)
Canova in 1979

Canova made her television acting debut in a 1974 episode of Happy Days portraying a considerably taller date of Richie. She later guest-starred on episodes of Chico and the Man and Starsky and Hutch and appeared in television films. She then landed the role of the promiscuous Corinne Tate on Soap in 1977 opposite Katherine Helmond as her mother. She remained with the series until 1980.[3] Diana was also known for her beautiful singing and exhibited this during Perry Como's Early American Christmas program in 1978. This show was filmed in Williamsburg, Virginia and also featured John Wayne. Numerous musical numbers are woven throughout their storytelling. In 1979, she made an appearance on Barney Miller as nude dancer/prostitute/graduate student Stephanie Wolf.

Later, in 1980, ABC executives offered Canova her own television series starring alongside Danny Thomas in I'm a Big Girl Now. The show lasted just one season. She then co-starred on the short-lived CBS sitcom Foot in the Door in 1983. A few years later, she was cast as Sandy Beatty on Throb, a sitcom which was broadcast in syndication from 1986 to 1988. Between 1984 and 1996 she appeared in three episodes of the long-running TV show Murder, She Wrote, including being featured as Maggie McCauley in 1990's "Murder: According to Maggie." In 1993, Canova co-starred in the ABC sitcom Home Free (which also featured Marian Mercer, her co-star from Foot in the Door). Since the mid 1990s, she has mainly done voice work for cartoons in video shorts. In 1995, she played "Jenny" in a revival of Stephen Sondheim's musical Company.

Currently, Canova works as an adjunct professor of voice at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York,[4][5] and teaches private lessons. She has also been working with the school systems of Easton and Redding, Connecticut, where she directs musicals and short plays as well as a high school improv troupe that performs at local charity events. Under her leadership, Joel Barlow High School's theater program has won several awards from the Connecticut Drama Association and has set the record for winning first place two years in a row in multiple categories.[6]

Personal life

Canova is married to record producer Elliot Scheiner. The couple have two children.[2]


Canova spent a number of years as a member of the Church of Scientology,[7] an organization she later criticized. She found the Scientologists straightforward in their desire for money, declaring in 1993 in a Premiere magazine interview, "The first time I walked in those doors, they said, 'Just give us all the money in your bank account'". She also criticized the Church's counseling practice, called auditing, when she said, "They're telling you, 'Don't spend $100 an hour on a shrink's couch, it'll ruin your mind.' Auditing is so much better?"[8]


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Home Free (1993 TV series)

Home Free is an American sitcom starring Matthew Perry, Marian Mercer and Diana Canova that aired on ABC from March 31, 1993 to July 2, 1993. The series was created by Tim O'Donnell and Richard Gurman.

I'm a Big Girl Now

I'm a Big Girl Now is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from October 31, 1980 until May 8, 1981. The series, from Soap creator Susan Harris and producers Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas, was created and developed as a starring vehicle for Diana Canova, in an attempt to capitalize on her success playing Corinne Tate Flotsky on Soap. The theme song, "I'm a Big Girl Now", words by Leslie Bricusse and music by George Aliceson Tipton, is sung by Canova.

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Judy Canova

Judy Canova (November 20, 1913 – August 5, 1983) (another source gives her birth date as November 20, 1916), born Juliette Canova (some sources indicate Julietta Canova), was an American comedian, actress, singer, and radio personality. She appeared on Broadway and in films. She hosted her own self-titled network radio program, a popular series broadcast from 1943 to 1955.

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The show was created, written, and executive produced by Susan Harris, and also executive produced by Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas. Each returning season was preceded by a 90-minute retrospective of the previous season. Two of these retrospectives were made available on VHS in 1994, but were not included on any DVD collections.The show aired 85 episodes over the course of four seasons. Eight of these (including the final four) aired as one-hour episodes during the original run on ABC. These hour-long episodes were later split in two, yielding 93 half-hour episodes for syndication. Like most sitcoms of the era, Soap was videotaped rather than filmed, but this coincidentally helped further its emulation of the daytime soap opera format, as most such productions were also videotaped.

All episodes are currently available on region 1 DVD in four separate box sets. There is a box set of season 1 on region 2 DVD. The series has rerun in syndication on local channels as well as on cable.

The show starred Katherine Helmond and Cathryn Damon as sisters/matriarchs of their own families. The cast also included three former soap opera actors. Robert Mandan (Chester Tate) had previously appeared on Search for Tomorrow as a leading man for Mary Stuart, and Donnelly Rhodes (Dutch Leitner) had played the first husband of Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless. Arthur Peterson Jr. ("The Major") played Rev. John Ruthledge in the radio version of Guiding Light.

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They're Playing Our Song is essentially a two-character show. Vernon and Sonia are the sole characters on stage; each character has a three-person Greek chorus acting as their inner voices, and there are no big production numbers.


Throb is an American sitcom that aired in syndication from September 6, 1986 to May 21, 1988. The series, created by Fredi Towbin, was produced by Procter & Gamble Productions in association with Taft Entertainment Television, and was distributed by Worldvision Enterprises. The series' rights are currently held by CBS Television Distribution.

Tom, Dick and Harriet

Tom, Dick and Harriet is a British sitcom that was broadcast for two series from 1982 to 1983. It was created by the sitcom writing team of Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke, and it starred veteran actor Lionel Jeffries in one of his few television roles, only seven months after his previous TV sitcom role in Father Charlie, Ian Ogilvy (who had a few years before been cast as Simon Templar a.k.a. The Saint in Return of the Saint), and Brigit Forsyth (best known for her role as Thelma Ferris in The Likely Lads/Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?).

It was made by Thames Television for the ITV network.

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