Deputy Chief of Navy (Australia)

The Deputy Chief of Navy (DCN) is the second most senior appointment in the Royal Australian Navy, responsible to the Chief of Navy (CN). The rank associated with the position is rear admiral (2-star).

Deputy Chief of the Royal Australian Navy
Mark Hammond

since 23 March 2018
StyleRear Admiral
Member ofRoyal Australian Navy
Reports toChief of Navy


The following list chronologically records those who have held the post of Deputy Chief of Navy or its preceding positions. Rank and honours are as at the completion of the individual's tours.

Deputy Chief of Naval Staff
Captain Frank Getting 1940 1942[1]
Captain Roy Dowling 1943 Sep 1944
Captain David Harries 1944 1945[2]
Captain Herbert Buchanan DSO 1945 Oct 1946[3][4]
Captain Henry Burrell 1946 Oct 1948 Oct
Captain Galfry Gatacre DSC & Bar 1948 Oct 1951[5]
Captain Alan McNicoll GM 1951 Oct 1952[6]
Captain Otto Becher DSO, DSC & Bar 1952 1954[4]
Captain Henry Burrell 1954 1954
Rear Admiral Jack Mesley LVO, DSC 1955 1957[2]
Rear Admiral Galfry Gatacre DSO, DSC & Bar 1957 Jan 1959 Jan[5]
Rear Admiral Otto Becher CBE, DSO, DSC & Bar 1959 Jan 1962[4]
Rear Admiral Thomas Morrison CBE, DSC 1962 1964[2]
Rear Admiral Richard Peek OBE, DSC 1965 1967
Rear Admiral Victor Smith CBE, DSC 1967 1968 Apr
Rear Admiral David Stevenson CBE 1968 1970
Rear Admiral David Wells CBE 1970 1971[7]
Rear Admiral Anthony Synnot CBE 1972 1973
Rear Admiral William Dovers CBE, DSC 1973 1975[4][8][9]
Rear Admiral Geoffrey Gladstone AO, DSC & Bar 1974[9] 1975[2]
Rear Admiral Brian Murray 1975 1978[2]
Rear Admiral Neil McDonald AO 1978 1979[2]
Rear Admiral John Stevens 1979 1981[7]
Rear Admiral Peter Doyle AO, OBE 1981 1982[4]
Rear Admiral Geoffrey Woolrych AO 1982 1983[7]
Rear Admiral Ian Richards AO 1983 1984[7]
Rear Admiral Ian Knox 1984 1984
Rear Admiral Neil Ralph AO, DSC 1985 1989[10][11]
Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair AO 1989 1989
Rear Admiral Ken Doolan 1989 1990[4]
Rear Admiral Ian MacDougall 1990 Jul 1991 Mar
Rear Admiral Robert Walls AM 1991 1991
Rear Admiral Rodney Taylor AO 1991 Nov 1994
Rear Admiral David Campbell AM 1994 1995[4]
Rear Admiral Chris Barrie AO 1996 May 1997 Jun
Deputy Chief of Navy
Rear Admiral Chris Oxenbould AO 1997 1999[7]
Rear Admiral Chris Ritchie AO 1999 1999[12]
Rear Admiral Geoffrey Smith AM 1999 2000[7]
Rear Admiral Brian Adams AM 2000 Jun 2002 Jun [4]
Rear Admiral Rowan Moffitt AM 2002 Jun 2004 Jun [2]
Rear Admiral Max Hancock AM 2004 Jun 2006 Jun [2]
Rear Admiral Russ Crane AM, CSM 2006 Jun 2008 Jun
Rear Admiral Davyd Thomas AO, CSC 2008 Jun 2011 Feb
Rear Admiral Trevor Jones AM, CSC 2011 Feb 2013
Rear Admiral Michael van Balen AO 2013 28 January 2016
Rear Admiral Michael Noonan AM 28 January 2016 23 March 2018
Rear Admiral Mark Hammond AM 23 March 2018 Incumbent


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DCN may refer to:

Daily Commercial News, an Australian shipping newspaper first published in 1891

Decorin, a member of the proteoglycan family proteins

Deputy Chief of Navy, Australia

Direction des Constructions Navales, French shipbuilder

Dorsal cochlear nucleus, a structure located on the brainstem

Dynamic circuit network, a high performance computer network technology

William Dovers

William Dovers may refer to:

William Anthony George Dovers (born 1951), Australian Rear Admiral

William John Dovers (born 1918), Australian Rear Admiral, Deputy Chief of Navy (Australia) ca. 1973

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Australian Defence Force
Royal Australian Navy
Australian Army
Royal Australian Air Force
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